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artist: Jimi Sweeney
title: Mystical
Lots of sustained, warped guitars, a throbbing bass and deep, pounding drums. Ambient, progressive doom metal.
Vocals added as a test to see about melody and FX. Made up syllables without meaning. Resemblance to actual wo
artist: Exalted Dirt
Original video game music inspired by Castlevania Symphony of the Night.
title: The Waves
TOR MARROCK The Waves from the album DESTROY THE SOUL
a gothic metal song about Paris Hilton meeting Godzilla....darkly funny!!!! Enjoy the hard core rhythms....
artist: Sick of Me
title: bad for you
finally working on vocals. will update this song soon.
title: Suicide Girl
about a gothic metal girl who lives on a razor blade....
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Club Bangas
Beat produced by SUPA PROD NYCE & Kajmir Royale. Contact ELITEBEATMAKERS@GMAIL.COM for exclusive rights info. Credentials include B.O.B THE GAME, TYGA AND MORE!
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Heavy Metal
"Uncaught Exception by Guitarboy.mp3"
Order the Guitarboy Blues & Rock Guitar Workshop Instructional DVD TODAY at**Download Guitarboy songs on iTunes****Buy the new Guitarboy CD Disruptive Behavior today at
Heavy Metal
"Get Out"
Progressive metal from Bergen, Norway. "... this is in fact what Metallica would have sounded like had they taken any risks in the last 15 years ..." PlanetCat. Progressive Rock Track of the Week (5Nov07) and Metal Track of the Day on
Thrash Metal
"Uncaught Exception by Guitarboy"
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Fractured Spine
Doom Metal
Atmospheric, melodic deathdoom metal from Hameenlinna, Finland.
Kelly McKee
Heavy Metal
"Cities' Metamorphosis"
hannibal lecter
The Tarkus Project: For Progressive Classic Rock check out my stuff with the Tarkus Project...classic tunes by Led Zeppelin, ELP, Yes, Camel Pink Floyd and a grip of others...this is stuff I grew up on and have played through the years...also feauturing a few progressive fusion rock-jazz tunes, like Herbie Hancocks "Chameleon" and some stuff by Billy Cobham... .this stuff is ancient stuff from the 70's and 80's so enjoy your journey...I give you The Tarkus Project
One Thing That Bothers Me The Most: I REALLY hate it when people underestimate my knowledge and maturity just because I am only sixteen, as if three or four or five years matter oh so very much. I'm not just some silly kid, I am dead serious about my goals, I'm not a genius, I'm not a great student, I'm not the sweetest person, but I am polite, and I do respect others' views, I can only hope they do the same. Enough said....
FROZEN TEARS (Chile): Frozen Tears (Chile) born in december 2001. -the first demo: "WINDS OF SADNESS AND DARKNESS" demo 2002, with two songs: - FROZEN TEARS (IN MY EYES) - OMEGA -our second demo: "MIDNIGHT MISTS" demo 2003, with three songs + intro: -INTRO -THE TREE -AT THE END OF MY DAYS -DREAMS OF SORROW Contact: Frozen Tears are: -Freddy Balcazar: lead & rhythm guitar & vocals. -Ernesto Fernandez: bass guitar & vocals. -Pamela Barril: violin & vocals. -Hector Beiza: lead, rhythm & atmospheric guitar. -Ignacio Carvajal: rhythm guitar. -Richard Smoje: drums....
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