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Drummer, Dave Goode and guitarist, Gary Skopick join forces on a heavy chugging, arp fest. GOODE/SKOPICK PROJ
#2 on's Doom Metal & #3 on Grunge Alternative Charts. This is so Rockin, with a great song stru
artist: Doomtrain
The end of the human race ! Inspired by the game DOOM and the film Terminator 2 Well the new song titled "CYBE
chemicals,media,fake wars,debt,disinfo,tyrants,poison food,water,meds
Just a little experimentation with the dangerous noise of it (very high frequencies 7-8db sometimes!!! The 1st
artist: Jimi Sweeney
title: Myth & Lies
Sludgy, nearly funeral doom metal. dirgy rhythm guitar, a doomy lead, deep bass & foreboding drums. Double-tra
artist: Metalrob4662
My Epic Halloween Song for this Halloween season, All instruments and vocals by me..enjoy Happy Halloween ( F
artist: Szar
title: Martyr
Slow doom
artist: Mettaya X
title: The Harness
After a long recover from our equipment meltdown last year, the epic 'f*ck work' sludge anthem gets a proper m
Tripped out Psycho-dellic Doominess in the vein of Sabbath,St.Vitus,The Sword or Electric Wizard smoke some gr
Written and recorded by: John Barbee, Daniel Bergonzoni, Tru Walters
Real Demon Possessed audio tracks set to necro doom metal
artist: ChristAXX
title: His Cell
Christian Doom Metal
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Fractured Spine
Doom Metal
Atmospheric, melodic deathdoom metal from Hameenlinna, Finland.
Sister Love Midnight: What is it brings you here alone, Sister Love Midnight? What magic do you think I own, what sacred kiss or bite? All the rumors you have heard, you see, are just half true. What is it that you want from me? What can I give to you? I see you're into predators, well stalk them in the sun. For when the shade devours the day there'll be no way, or no place you can run. You're tethered just beyond my reach, Sister Love Midnight. We're a hanged man falling break-neck speed to when the rope gets tight. Like a vision just beyond the gates - a ghost without a tomb, there is a reas...
Not without a fight: In the next few week ill be going back to Quantico, Va. The second and final phase of my training and screening. What makes the Marines so tough is how they train. They put themselves through tougher situations than what the enemy ever would. An honorable Marine is a man who stands up, no, a man who fights for the USMC core values even in the face of the Marine Corps itself. On a softer note: In my quest for connection and community its this alternative nation of Maries I seek to be fulfilled in. Those who know me know I have lived for too long alone. Too long disconnected from something o...
Tripm C
Sorry, to all. My 2 new Songs didn't appear in my SongPlayerList. That's why I post it here. Enjoy and response. T.Cosmic Go to bed, on the roof, at 8 AM. lo-fi URL: hi-fi URL: Go to bed, on the roof, at 8 AM. Part 2. lo-fi URL: hi-fi URL:
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