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Drummer, Dave Goode and guitarist, Gary Skopick join forces on a heavy chugging, arp fest. GOODE/SKOPICK PROJ
#2 on's Doom Metal & #3 on Grunge Alternative Charts. This is so Rockin, with a great song stru
artist: Doomtrain
The end of the human race ! Inspired by the game DOOM and the film Terminator 2 Well the new song titled "CYBE
Written and recorded by: John Barbee, Daniel Bergonzoni, Tru Walters
artist: Metalrob4662
Dropped C Tuning with Dark Lyrics and lead guitar..Thinking about Norway and world events
chemicals,media,fake wars,debt,disinfo,tyrants,poison food,water,meds
Just a little experimentation with the dangerous noise of it (very high frequencies 7-8db sometimes!!! The 1st
artist: Jimi Sweeney
title: Myth & Lies
Sludgy, nearly funeral doom metal. dirgy rhythm guitar, a doomy lead, deep bass & foreboding drums. Double-tra
artist: Szar
title: Martyr
Slow doom
artist: Abandonment
Sorry for any bad trandsitions/edits as I cut and paste the song to make this. Check the main Abandonment page
Music: Timj Lyrics and Vocals : Travis Watkins
Real Demon Possessed audio tracks set to necro doom metal
artist: ChristAXX
title: His Cell
Christian Doom Metal
artist: Riffmagus
title: New Tone
Just a new tone I am working on with my 11R. Gasp! The gain has come down, no Maxon used as a boost and I'm tr
"Lost of the Lie" an original song by: "Order of the Jackal" 2010
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The TrendsetterZ
*FIRE* - THOTTIE$ (Prod. by Digital Beatz)
West Coast
The Hottest HipHop Instrumentals Online. Period. New beats every 48hrs. - Mobile users visit to purchase.
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Fractured Spine
Doom Metal
Atmospheric, melodic deathdoom metal from Hameenlinna, Finland.
]AHAM AHAM let me clear mA throat Well EM BIZNS TYCOON ND RAPPER FRM DE STREETS of AMBALA CNT!!!MA LYF IZ SUPERIOR than beautiful every thang iz presentd by god to live peacefully .i neVA chase gurls nd money !!! M happy go lucky kinda personality .the only thang in ma mind always iz SMALL AIM IZ A BIG CRIME BUT I M NOT A CRIMINAL GUYZ!!! HA HA I knw ma powerz n ma tremendous supremacy that makes me NO.1 olwayz!!! .straight funda to live peacefully don’t think abt ny thing nd stay cool live it full thatz life gud . biggest tension of ma life iz I nevA get engaged in ny tension .i luv to talk w...
The Universe Surrounds Us: It takes so freaking long to upload stuff onto this page. Very soon...But till then, nothing. Riight now it's time for dreams.
New tracks uploaded/existing tracks revised 5/14: check out my new track "digifix". If you need a fix of digital freakin weirdness... this is it! also re-posted "Road Apple Regurgitation" and Revised "Immaculate Deception".
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