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bachata romantica by pablo trovador
artist: Seby F
title: Mira Mira
Slamming salsa version featuring Seby F-vocals, Bob Tinker-trumpet, Jason Quadros-keyboards and Colin D'Cruz u
Track Produced by Ed Tunz. Skillfulgil on Vocals
title: Cucurucu
Popular Konkani song gets a salsa twist.
Latin beat, American song. If you can't dance, tap your feet double-time.
artist: Doug Buche
Cancion feliz sobre mi abuelo
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Sin V Style
Instrumentals :: West Coast
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socked with snow: well that background image pretty much says it all as we are getting socked with snow and a deep freeze with some serious wind chills. Were getting another 10-12 inches of snow on top of what we already have. It'll be days before we dig ourselves out. I plan on working on my guitar.
deer pt 2: My idea was pretty simple; push the fawn backwards and it will become free. I moved over to the fawn and began pushing but it kept wanting to go forwards. It didn’t know any better, poor thing. I had another idea and tried to lift it out but she just began bucking. She wasn’t that big and heavy so if she just could keep still, I could easily lift her to freedom. I began talking to momma trying to get her closer so the fawn would settle down. After a few moments, the momma walked over to her baby and touched noses as if telling it that it’s okay I’m there to free it. The fawn settled down and w...
One More For the Road: The tune is finally done and uploaded to my Aksess page. It was a lot of work not only on my behalf but on the musicians as well. Pete does a superb job on the tenor sax, both on his solos and the duplicated melody parts. A big thanks goes out to Krystal and Sarah who have been so gracious to help in creating the sound. Good luck on your tour ladies!
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