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Latin beat, American song. If you can't dance, tap your feet double-time.
artist: Doug Buche
Cancion feliz sobre mi abuelo
artist: BigLatinPapi
Okay esta cancion es para mi esposa "Mi Negra Linda" y al mismo tiempo es un tributo a mi Salsero Favorito el
PUERTO RICO AMOR es un canto que honra a la patria querida, que eclipsa al mundo en su alto vuelo, y como gavi
artist: R4 Salsa
Second theme from R4
artist: R4 Salsa
Tribute to Victor e Shire with Te felicito en salsa.
artist: R4 Salsa
Original song from R4
artist: R4 Salsa
A man giving excuses to people and he doesn't know why
artist: R4 Salsa
Tribute to Johnny Ventura
artist: Le Bassiste
I came up with this salsa tune in E major, remembering my uncle Christo!
Henry Mendez ft. Kid Afrika & OPB - Urbano (Official Remix 'Cut Version') prod. by Milenium Music '2010'
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Lucky me: I married an 18 year old girl, She will be 35 this month. Perhaps a little older. Looking good Grammy! I hit the babe lottery! in 1973!
Bend over and smile.: The house of representatives screwed us again in the name of compromise. They voted on a bill they did not have time to read, then scattered like someone kicked a fire ant (Capitol) hill. Will the senate do the same? TEA party: Taxed Enough Already. Read it, mean it! Those Congressional lightweights sold us down the river for future budget cuts over the next few years. Did that ever happen? One out of 7 American workers are employed by the Govmt. Almost 50 MILLION people with fantastic pay, vacations, super health care, and benefits you can only dream about. SIX of us pay for one of th...
Ron White AKA Blue collar comedy: Parahrasing here! I have a large Bulldog! He poops LARGE! I went out in the yard and there was a GIANT dog turd! I started to pick it up and I thought I saw letters on it! I went to get my glasses because ...I can't read sh** without my glasses.....
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