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bachata romantica by pablo trovador
artist: Seby F
title: Mira Mira
Slamming salsa version featuring Seby F-vocals, Bob Tinker-trumpet, Jason Quadros-keyboards and Colin D'Cruz u
Track Produced by Ed Tunz. Skillfulgil on Vocals
title: Cucurucu
Popular Konkani song gets a salsa twist.
Latin beat, American song. If you can't dance, tap your feet double-time.
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Sin V Style
Instrumentals :: Dirty South
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Expert pt 2: So how does one become an expert? Who is one? Can you be one and not know it? It is said that an expert is a person that has ten thousand hours doing the same thing. Idle time does not count, only the actual doing part counts. For example; I’ve been painting as an artist now for nine months, averaging seven hours a day after lunch breaks and other necessary ones. Thus giving me a total of around one thousand, six hundred hours. If I continued painting at this same rate, I would be an expert at it within about four and a half years. You could be an expert as well, if you have done somethi...
High End: Don't quite know in which direction I want to go musically for the month of March yet. I suppose I'll just let my creativity take control of that. I did manage to upload my latest jazz composition called High End. I've been on edge to do something fairly complex for my own sanity. It doesn't get much more complex than this I suppose. This has a long intro with drums doing a 12/8 time to a 3/4 meter no bass just electric piano and a soft pad in the background. A soprano sax does a few very short licks giving it an eery feel. When the chorus comes in so does the fretless bass doing a Lati...
New Hip Hop Music Revolution: New Music Revolution (Opinion) By: $antiago March, 2008 Are You Tired of Watching Rappers, Rap over a CD player and Call It a Show? I am. I'm sick and tired of it. My name's $antiago, also known as Nutty Ago, 1 half of Se7en17 and owner of Knockinationz Media, LLC. I've been writing and rapping since I was 15, been recording since I was 17. I have somewhere around, 50-60 songs (solo and featuring me) under my ...
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