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artist: Jim Best
Sort of Le Blues du businessman if it had been written by Leonard Cohen
artist: ZSnake
title: Stabber
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title: Ritmo Lady
Sebastian "The Great" Aguirre (Keyboards) and Jason Aguirre "Whitehawk" (Drums and Percussion).
It is time again to herald another Spring....the prime time of the year for renewal of Body and Soul; & the Ea
artist: Seby F
Featuring Oleg Kasper on saxophone and Gerard Machado on guitar.
Written, performed, programmed by Roine Sangenberg. Tenor SAX melodies and impros: Alexis Van Eeckhout
artist: Victor Pez
Aliento vientos esta dentro, me llena esa fuerza vitamina, esa esencia Divina.
title: MamboJambo
Carnival inspired piece not very tight ,just a bit of fun. for me anyway lol
artist: Jim Best
Words by Malcolm Reid; vocal by Tricia Pope
artist: LaFa
written by Konstantin Glouzman
artist: LaFa
title: Latino Blues
written by Konstantin Glouzman
title: blue bossa
Trying to up the workload but not easy with all the distractions. holidays etc
artist: Victor Pez
In the day of the dead "Dia de los muertos" what a better way to forget "Halloween" making music jam for the s
artist: Victor Pez
The treasure discover in America, gift for the human kind.
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Sin V Style
Instrumentals :: Gangsta
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sax you: I would have never thought that I would be playing with a band again no matter what caliber after all these years, especially with the health issues and arthritis I've dealt with for many years. When some of my old musician buds contacted me and insisted that I give it go I had my doubts. I still have problems playing now and then and the guys know it but they keep encouraging me to keep going. We get together every so often when ever I'm feeling up to it and work on some new material. There's no hurry, besides they're all signed and have other obligations. They're just wanting me to do som...
Overdrive: Overdrive was a jam I did on another site back back in 2006 which was called World Wide Jam and then became Jam in Overdrive. Today it's simply Overdrive. It had about 17 artists on it who were spread around the globe all doing various parts, from solos to the backing track. The concept was mine and so was the basic design and chords but the jam took on its own form as the individual musicians created their parts. It took me a year to complete. The original jam ended up being 90 minutes in length and too long for any given site. It would simply take forever to download not to mention the want ...
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