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title: Huaynot
"Huayno" is an andean rythm.
Una melodia que fui improvizando con mi antara en La menor y que quedo plasmado en esta zamba, durante las pre
In July 2015, JBBQ recorded songs in Malaga, Spain. Fortuitously, SIR ELTON JOHN gave a concert in Malaga on
artist: Joao guitar
my old record 1965
artist: Barnflair
title: Right On
Another latin vibe
Written performed and programmed by Robert Jan . Tenor SAX melodies and impros: Alexis Van Eeckhout .
artist: ...EH?
title: Comanch'Erow
Latin divertissement. Drum Programming: Riccardo Rossi - Bass: Ian Harrison - Piano: Giovanni Arrigoni - All V
Pianist-Composer: JH. Limeretz. Tenor SAX's melodies, riffs and impros: Alexis Van Eeckhout.
artist: ...EH?
title: Bay Sinho
Latin? Maybe. Drums and Drum Programming: Riccardo Rossi - Hammond Organ: Giovanni Arrigoni - Bass: Ian Harris
Merengue Funk- Is a Latin song that features a 18 piece band. Its is a mix between Pick Up To Pieces by AWB an
artist: Victor Pez
title: By the light
been part of the stars shining light
Latin-jazz featuring Manuel Gomes-saxophone, Gerard Machado-guitar, Tommy Menezes-piano and Colin D'Cruz-bass.
artist: Victor Pez
title: Como ave
Como ave viendo las cosas de arriba
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