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artist: Barnflair
title: Right On
Another latin vibe
Written performed and programmed by Robert Jan . Tenor SAX melodies and impros: Alexis Van Eeckhout .
artist: ...EH?
title: Comanch'Erow
Latin divertissement. Drum Programming: Riccardo Rossi - Bass: Ian Harrison - Piano: Giovanni Arrigoni - All V
Pianist-Composer: JH. Limeretz. Tenor SAX's melodies, riffs and impros: Alexis Van Eeckhout.
artist: ...EH?
title: Bay Sinho
Latin? Maybe. Drums and Drum Programming: Riccardo Rossi - Hammond Organ: Giovanni Arrigoni - Bass: Ian Harris
artist: Victor Pez
title: By the light
been part of the stars shining light
Latin-jazz featuring Manuel Gomes-saxophone, Gerard Machado-guitar, Tommy Menezes-piano and Colin D'Cruz-bass.
artist: Victor Pez
title: Como ave
Como ave viendo las cosas de arriba
Latin-jazz standard featuring Gerard Machado on guitar.
artist: Victor Pez
Opening for a Radio show
Brazilian Samba Beat
title: Triste
Latin-jazz vocals
Happy New Year! 2015!!!
title: Charlene
Charlene is a Cuban Gal who likes to dance to Cuban Salsa with a Jazz flavor
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Rock On Songs
"Reaching for the Flame (Solo)"
Rock On Song's with 12.6 million plus plays, is the best kept rock duo secret on the web. All songs are played live in one "unedited" take. Actual real music played the way Dad liked. Enjoy all of our songs for free, and "take it with you!"
"Four Crying Eyes"
written recorded by Michael James Maroon 2015
Bobblehead?: Wednesday, at Wrigley Field, It is Ryan Dempster bobblehead day. Is no one paying attention in their marketing department? It should be Ryan Dempster bobble-HAND day. Wake up Cubbies. This is a no-brainer!
The Cubs DUH!!!: The Cubs continue their lackadaisical playing style. Outfielders trotting to find the ball, batters trotting towards the bases, and the team giving the fans the trots. This will be the 103rd year of suck! You have to blame the coaching staff. The older guys are cashing their checks and the newer guys learning from the older guys. To hear “let’s go Yankees in wrigley“ should make your blood boil! What is a Yankee? It’s like a quickie, only you do it yourself! Tonight’s game (06/19/11) is a special embarrassment. L.F. Soriasshole is a big waste of time. Bears fans will remember W...
Destino y Leon
Destino y Leon Pa !!!!!!! : Destino( desapears slowly) the singer of the has a wide back ground you also now that he 's capable of doin all kind of song From Reggeaton to Pop ...... That's one thing but he's also in progress with himself he's has suck a nice voice when he's capable of controlling it... Leon ( The Lion) The Rapper is also Confronting everything That comes in his way he and his Soulmate (Destino) are two of the weird's combination's but it is working perfeclty .... the Rappers has Two Faces a Face of a up coming Producer and a upcoming rapper ... but he does not works alone he let's (Destino) inspire...
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