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title: AMORE
There are more than 80 ways to write Love in World languages. For this Latin Jazz song, AMORE seemed appropri
artist: Victor Pez
Que brote que salga la intencion
artist: mrpeebee
Recorded with backing track and Samson USB mic in August 2016. Played on a 1950's Otto link Florida no USA 10*
artist: mrpeebee
Recorded with backing track and Samson USB mic in August 2016. Played on a 1950's Otto link Florida no USA 10*
title: Playa Linda
A summery island groove
artist: Victor Pez
title: Gravedad
How hard is to be lost in the space when the earth has gravity
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can't get a break: Got the replacement flugel the other day but didn't have a chance to check it out until yesterday. It too has to go back. Someone either from Musician's Friend or the manufacturer installed a third valve in place of the second rendering the horn useless....unplayable. Each valve is specific and is stamped so that a player can't mix them up altho it's easy to do if you're not paying attention especially to the hidden stamps. The first valve will fit any other 2 but won't be aligned with the tubes hence the air won't pass thru the valve. So instead it having the numbered valves as 1-2-3 mine cam...
get the pillow: one of my fans for quite some time now, asked me the other day after listening to my latest upload "Get The Pillow"...."Jazz me! hehe... Loving your playing in this, and overall such an inviting listen~ shades of sensual without a doubt. Through the years, now I ask~ Just how many songs have you created? Tune after tune, of such excellence!!" This year, so far 48. From the time I began writing, which goes back to around 1967, I have written over 1,200 songs. Once I complete a tune I'm on to the next. My ideas usually come to me while working on a preceding tune so I've always got ideas wha...
Time: As the song goes; "time keeps on slipping, slipping in to the future". What is it about time lately? We just don't seem to have enough of it. Have the days, weeks and months become shorter? Don't we have 24 hr days , 7 day weeks, 12 month years anymore? Even with more daylight in the summer months just doesn't seem to fit the bill anymore. Is it that we have become so engulfed in all of the electronic gadgets and the internet that we lose track of time totally? We spend hours and hours, twittering and keeping in touch with friends on Face Book and MySpace and other social sites that we find...
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