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Darrell Taylor - drums Kirk Hanser - vocal Joel Edwards - bass Matthew Scott - keyboards John Pfeifer - nylon
otra grabacion en este ano del 2014
de las ultimas grabaciones en este a;o 2014
artist: jorge cumbo
title: Sur
En concierto , Japon 2002, guitarra Horacio Burgos.//In concert, Japan 2002, guitar Horacio Burgos.
artist: jorge cumbo
Un clasico argentino// Un classique argentin//La guitarra de Miguel Ortiz y mi voz//La guitarre de Miguel Orti
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Noiz Gate Productions
"Tiempos De Ayer (Reggaeton)"
I go by the name of Napo Leon.I'm a producerwriter from the east coast USA specializing in Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Trap and Electro House. Check out
The Cubs DUH!!!: The Cubs continue their lackadaisical playing style. Outfielders trotting to find the ball, batters trotting towards the bases, and the team giving the fans the trots. This will be the 103rd year of suck! You have to blame the coaching staff. The older guys are cashing their checks and the newer guys learning from the older guys. To hear “let’s go Yankees in wrigley“ should make your blood boil! What is a Yankee? It’s like a quickie, only you do it yourself! Tonight’s game (06/19/11) is a special embarrassment. L.F. Soriasshole is a big waste of time. Bears fans will remember W...
WHY nobama is a petty ass wipe: They fought world war 2 and flew in at dawn from Mississippi, so a few barricades provoked little more than shrugs from the 91 World War II veterans who crossed political lines Tuesday to walk and wheelchair around their memorial on the historic National Mall in Washington. The vets in three buses pulled up to the Memorial at 11:20 am and were greeted by a group of congressmen who said they were determined to ensure the vets from the Mississippi Gulf Coast Honor Flight would have the full experience of the monument. With the vets in their red shirts and medal-bedecked caps lined up at the ba...
Hearing impared: I thought I was going deaf! Then a girl I know asked if she could .......... I heard her perfectly!!! Just a joke people!
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