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Featuring Gerard Machado-guitar, Jason Quadros-piano, Colin D'Cruz-bass and Allan Moraes-drums.
a merengue track with a twist
artist: Musan Dera
Medellin, Colombia. City with millions of citizens. Has been under control of drugskartels (Pablo Escobar), te
Darte un beso performed by Mike The King featuring O-S-K-R. (C) 2016 Gold Scorpion Productions | Grego Records
artist: Jim Best
Sort of Le Blues du businessman if it had been written by Leonard Cohen
Union Secreta Presenta Titeres Plan
artist: Markku
and now for something completely different, a samba on my nylon string guitar
Angeles Blancos INC alabanzas angelicales prod.yomaximo
artist: sudoplatov
title: Wisteria
A light-hearted rumba Revised
Smooth Piano-Bass-Drums Bossa Nova Jazz WAVE into THE LOOK OF LOVE.
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Instrumentals :: Rock
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Onwards: I suppose that it’s time for me to get things organized musically again. Since I have such diversity in styles, I need to get them in place with the appropriate bands. Most of you may have visited and listened to one of my bands and styles. You may even have made certain decisions regarding my music. But unless you have listened to a few tunes from each of the bands, most people really don’t know me or about what I’m all about. With each band, I do a different style. Many of them aren’t even on the site. Some of them on the site have been categorized with different styles while others have to ...
surprise!: It's been a long time coming as I've come up with a new guitar tune, Yup I said a new guitar tune and it's called "White Chameleon". It has a brass section where I play my horn also as part of the brass section thing. An old friend dropped by to help out the vibe parts and the old band came by to the studio. We were going to just jam and ended up doing this recording in the process. It felt good to play the guitar altho plenty of pain killers were downed just to get thru the sessions. It was great to see the old gang again after we split up....
Beat Makers!: Normally I wouldn't think of using beats in my compositions as I've never had any use for them. I can always sit behind my drum sets, standard and electronic and create what I need. But I thought that I need to be a little more open minded and see what might be possible using other folks beats. I'm working on a new tune using my nylon string guitar and want to try using some beats with if any of you beat makers are interested in doing a collab hit me up now!...
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