Zeros (Future type beat)
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A song of intrigue and romance: A shy, lonely Latino encounters a wild, vivacious Latina...with unintended dra
artist: Victor Pez
Wake up my soul and shine
artist: Victor Pez
title: Gravedad
How hard is to be lost in the space when the earth has gravity
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Instrumentals :: Funk
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I Wish part 3: My biggest problem in playing music was the formal training aspect in college. It wasn't the learning of scales and theory but playing the piano part. You see most teachers stick to having you play only classical styles and not what you really need to succeed in the modern scheme of things. There's nothing wrong with learning the classics for technique or the fundamentals but because of the regimented one minded mentality of most teachers, it sucked the creativity right out of me. I wanted to be a little creative with the playing but the teacher wanted me to stick to playing only notes. She ju...
metamorph: It's been a while since I did anything on piano as pounding on it is so hard on the hands...but it good to know I can still do it every so often. Slide guitar is something I started messing around with a couple of years ago but dropped it for some reason so I decided to do a song with both. The piano is heard throughout on Metamorph while slide guitar does a solo for a few bars followed by a piano solo. I also do a tenor sax solo in there after a while. The background is all done to a Southern rock beat in flavor of Lynyrd Skynyrd. So if u can dig his music then check out Metamorph which ca...
fun in the big city: so the other day my fishing buddy Bill and I decided to drive into town. We were going to attend a spot fishing and travel exhibition at a convention center. Soon after walking around the exhibits, we discovered that the show was nothing like it had been in the past years. It totally sucked and we decided to get the hell out of there and do something else. After getting out of the building we saw one of Chicago's finest writing out a parking ticket, so I approached him with my hand still wrapped up with bandages from my last weeks episode with the table saw. I said " how about giving a seni...
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