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artist: jorge cumbo
title: Sur
En concierto , Japon 2002, guitarra Horacio Burgos.//In concert, Japan 2002, guitar Horacio Burgos.
A beautiful acoustic guitar duet...... Dedicated to my friend Terri Benning whose kind words inspired me to c
artist: Maurizio
Not really a Tango, is it? Name sounded cool and the picture....
I always liked this one.
Frank Zappa did live lp about a tango and he referred to it as THE DANCE OF PASSION. so I used that name!
artist: Oscar Silva
This song aims to redeem one of the strongest moments of life. When we're not all for the one we love. Este te
artist: Jean Custeau
Traditional tango lead by accordion performed by Didier Dumoutier & violin performed by Isabelle Lessard, back
artist: Mr WooWoo
Fill two the top.
Solo instrumental guitar
artist: Klementiya
Tango - secret, which dance two. Borches has named a tango 'vertical expression of horizontal desire'.
The Unbeatables
Instrumentals :: Instrumentals with Hooks
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THE MORNING AFTER /// (7/12/15)
Jazzy Beats
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The seventies are back!: If you are already high, stay home. Do not go out ANYWHERE and try to talk to me. Stay home. Pot! The stay home drug. Make this your mantra.
yes: Watching Yes play at Montreux.. An observation; it is not Yes unless Jon Anderson AND Steve Howe are there. The other band members are , in fact, integral to their performance, but Jon and Steve are critical. I maintain that Awaken is in fact the best COMPOSITION ever written. A song has 2 verses, a chorus, a verse, a chorus, fade out! This is a composition, not an attempt at a pop song! Depending on which version you are watching...... at approx. 15 minutes into it, Steve Howe will be VISIBLY amazed at what he is hearing/playing. I agree with him!...
Gilligan: We called Jimmy McCaff Gilligan. He died way to young. There was not one person in this world that disliked him. He had that sh** eating grin, like Larry Ehlers, and was a person you wanted to be with. If you watch the Netflix show "Spartacus" you will see young Gilligan. In the show. His name is "GANNICUS". If you knew Jimmy you will see him there, grinning as always! Life lived to the fullest, and IN THE FAST LANE! Season two E 01 A private note to his brother.....UGLY BABY!...
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