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A SoundClick #1!! Second of 2 acoustic variations of my song "Heavee Meddle Karma Sutra" done in a Latin slow-
artist: matador
Za za Za this is a remix a pumas version just listen to it, escuchelan. es remix version pumas los pumas, pum
Bachata #1 on Sound Click Latin Charts. Download Here Free! #1 European Latin Charts Hit in 2007 for 15 weeks
artist: Dj-SalvaEcua
Thiz Be Yo Boy Jay.aka.Dj SalvaEcua...........Let Me Tell you One Thing I Herd Dj Mingo┬┤s Shit And Went Crazy
artist: Mamajuana
title: Mamasota
First mamajuana's single... Also included in the soundtrack of the Hollywood comedy movie: "Loco Love"
title: Los Mamberos
Dedicado para todas las persnas que viven criticando a los mamberos
title: ~MIRAGE~
Wandering in the desert, the sun beating down, so hot, thirst so great, just a drop of water would be heavenly
Pablo Antonio y La Firma - Mujer Malvada
artist: Oscar Silva
Original theme by the mexican composer Enrique Guzman. This song has been performed previously by Pepe Aguilar
artist: Tigre Fino
title: I'm A Freak
This is a Merengue Electronico in English. So if you like the Party Life, if you are a Freak All Day, or if yo
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What else: The Cubs are doing it again! Obama, the lying b*** , is lying again! Did you ever notice how he has to "boogie" the last step to the podium? "I am the king of the Walmart". Look up how much SS takes in per week and how much it pays out! SS pays for itself and obama steals the rest. Look it up before you embarras yourself!
RUN FOREST RUN!: The cubs are sucking more than usual this year. They have a 150 million payroll and are playing like a minor league team. New owners too! I think the new owners are afraid to make too many changes as they might lose fans. Well how is that working so far? Their attendance is down 5,000 per game. Alfonso Soriano ( Alfonzo Sorry A-hole ) is making 18 million and batting .258, and will not run! Will not run anywhere/anytime. When he hits a ball and trots to first base... all the fans should scream Run Forest Run!...
Su Su Sudio Google the carpet crawlre: There is lambswool under my naked feet.The wool is soft and warm,-gives off some kind of heat.A salamander scurries into flame to be destroyed.Imaginary creatures are trapped in birth on celluloid.The fleas cling to the golden fleece,Hoping they'll find peace.Each thought and gesture are caught in celluloid.There's no hiding in my memory.There's no room to void.The crawlers cover the floor in the red ochre corridor.For my second sight of people, they've more lifeblood than before. They're moving in time to a heavy wooden door,Where the needle's eye is winking, closing in on the poor.The carpet...
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