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Bachata #1 on Sound Click Latin Charts. Download Here Free! #1 European Latin Charts Hit in 2007 for 15 weeks
title: ~MIRAGE~
Wandering in the desert, the sun beating down, so hot, thirst so great, just a drop of water would be heavenly
title: Atrevete
Se trata de uno de los conceptos musicales mas enriquecedores que pudiera lanzarse en estos tiempos en que nue
artist: Legran
Arranged based 'El Merengué' 2007©Legran. Track without melody guide composed for orchestra. Bonus Track in th
artist: Dj-SalvaEcua
Thiz Be Yo Boy Jay.aka.Dj SalvaEcua...........Let Me Tell you One Thing I Herd Dj Mingo´s Shit And Went Crazy
Pablo Antonio y La Firma - Mujer Malvada
went straight to #1 (TY friends) and a tasty gem written and recorded on the fly in one take. Don't ask how...
title: si el pecado
grabado en vivo 2015 por dj proco
artist: Beto Jara
Melisa Funes y Norberto Jara, Tan solo tu , ritmo merengue pa bailar
artist: Tigre Fino
title: I'm A Freak
This is a Merengue Electronico in English. So if you like the Party Life, if you are a Freak All Day, or if yo
title: Mentiras
un tema chevere
artist: Maurizio
title: Seville
Happy upbeat Latin jazz.
artist: eldoggy
title: pullanquea
merengue de calle y manbo
DJ UT Sonido Ultimo Trueno
artist: Mi Pana1
Ft( Black Bulls) beat echo por ( El Maton ) Y como lo digo en el numero pa las latinas americanas las Norte ,
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cabin in the woods pt 1: I was heading south east on highway 41. I wasn’t too far from L’Anse Bay which is located at the bottom of Keweenaw Bay. There was also an Indian reservation just to the left. I had discovered my Michigan Atlas/Gazetteer which shows the entire state in detail, like Google maps, in a compartment behind the back seats in my truck and decided to utilize it for the rest of my trek. The atlas showed about four waterfalls all nearby so I decided to check them out providing there weren’t a lot of tourists. None of them had anyone around as the falls weren’t that big of a deal anyway. At the fourth fa...
The Junch EP: The Junch flooded the streets of Boston with the 'Lost in Boston' mixtape in 2006. He then hit the streets of Manhattan with the 'Made in New York City' mixtape in 2007. The Junch is back in 2008 with 'The Junch EP' to give you a taste of the anticipated LP planned to be released in 2009. The EP consists of 'Renaissance,' 'Another Saturday Night' & 'No More Compromise feat. Suzie' produced by Hypnotiq and 'Be a Man' produced by The Junch, with The Junch himself playing the guitar. If you're tired of the same ol' music on the radio, it's time to explore the world of independent music. Visit ...
filtering and deleting: I will be filtering and deleting many of my tunes on this site, as I've done in the last 9+ yrs. around this time of year. I like starting with fresh material each year. Done and done!
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