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*FEEL GOOD MUSIC* Drake/Ambient Type Beat
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artist: Mamajuana
Enjoy the new style: Electro-Mambo by Mamajuana ft. Soto Kilate and Zunny la bellaquera.
artist: Oscar Silva
Original theme by the mexican composer Enrique Guzman. This song has been performed previously by Pepe Aguilar
title: ~MIRAGE~
Wandering in the desert, the sun beating down, so hot, thirst so great, just a drop of water would be heavenly
A SoundClick #1!! Second of 2 acoustic variations of my song "Heavee Meddle Karma Sutra" done in a Latin slow-
artist: Legran
Arranged based 'El Merengué' 2007©Legran. Track without melody guide composed for orchestra. Bonus Track in th
Sound Click #1 Song. Download Here Free! #1 Merengue song in Venezuela. Anubis ft. MC Puppet, Tremendo Mer
title: Que te paso
Merengue de calle con mucho mambo
artist: BigLatinPapi
This is a Merengue Hiphop that I did just having fun. I hope you enjoy it....(BigLatinPapi-El Padrino)
artist: Joel Rojas
Tema musical para el Reality - Cantando por un sueno - Merengue Version
se trata de uno de los conceptos musicales mas enriquecedores que pudiera lanzarse en estos tiempos en que nue
title: Mentiras
un tema chevere
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Mind Blown Beatz
Instrumentals :: Beats General
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Su Su Sudio Google the carpet crawlre: There is lambswool under my naked feet.The wool is soft and warm,-gives off some kind of heat.A salamander scurries into flame to be destroyed.Imaginary creatures are trapped in birth on celluloid.The fleas cling to the golden fleece,Hoping they'll find peace.Each thought and gesture are caught in celluloid.There's no hiding in my memory.There's no room to void.The crawlers cover the floor in the red ochre corridor.For my second sight of people, they've more lifeblood than before. They're moving in time to a heavy wooden door,Where the needle's eye is winking, closing in on the poor.The carpet...
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