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title: ~MIRAGE~
Wandering in the desert, the sun beating down, so hot, thirst so great, just a drop of water would be heavenly
title: Atrevete
Se trata de uno de los conceptos musicales mas enriquecedores que pudiera lanzarse en estos tiempos en que nue
Sound Click #1 Song. Download Here Free! #1 Merengue song in Venezuela. Anubis ft. MC Puppet, Tremendo Mer
artist: Mamajuana
title: Mamasota
First mamajuana's single... Also included in the soundtrack of the Hollywood comedy movie: "Loco Love"
went straight to #1 (TY friends) and a tasty gem written and recorded on the fly in one take. Don't ask how...
artist: Tigre Fino
title: I'm A Freak
This is a Merengue Electronico in English. So if you like the Party Life, if you are a Freak All Day, or if yo
artist: Joel Rojas
Tema musical para el Reality - Cantando por un sueno - Merengue Version
title: Mentiras
un tema chevere
Pablo Antonio y La Firma - Mi Princesa
artist: Legran
Arranged based 'El Merengué' 2007©Legran. Track without melody guide composed for orchestra. Bonus Track in th
artist: eldoggy
title: pullanquea
merengue de calle y manbo
artist: FuNMoNsTeR
A Bouncy, ass swaying track : ) A song i wrote around 2001/02 which i never released...
artist: Born2BFamous
title: Antes de Hoy
old song. not mixed
artist: La Leyenda
title: Beso
TU quiere un beso yo te voy a dar un beso!
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Sin V Style
Instrumentals :: Dirty South
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epifania: story of ma life..part1 Current mood: crushed Category: wit out purpose Life it hurts 2 see ya hurt i tot id b over it.. not apparently , all ta tings u did, all ta sh** u said, still playin in ma mind, can tell ya i forgot, why not? cuz lov can never b forgoten... she hurt u bad, like u broke ma heart,.. feels bad, don it? i knew karma would come back around i nver wished u no harm,.. buh lies can charm... u never took ta time, she never even cared... u hurt ma pride, buh she f*** ed up ur mind... let me tell u, u didnt apre...
a study part 1: When I was a little kid starting off learning to play the accordion, yes that was my very first musical instrument, I hated to practice. I wanted to play the guitar but my parents insisted that I learn to play the accordion. I can still remember the times where my dad sat next to me every day making sure that I practiced for a half an hour every day. Today I'm grateful for his patience even tho my heart wasn't into playing the accordion. I didn't know at the time that learning to play the thing would open several new doors for me later in life. Becoming a professional jazz keyboardist, piano a...
a letter: Hi sis, I’m at the house in the Hts sitting on one of the rocking chairs I built for your outdoor table and chair set, writing this letter. They are all completed and I have to admit, they look pretty darn good and comfy. I’m glad that you’re finally beginning to live a little rather than hiding in the house. There’s a whole world of amazing sites out there yet to be discovered. Not only that but it’s great for the soul. We all need something to do, places to go and things to look forwards to, otherwise we just sit there waiting to die. Creativity, whether artistic, musical or other sup...
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