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Darrell Taylor - drums Kirk Hanser - vocal Joel Edwards - bass Matthew Scott - keyboards John Pfeifer - nylon
A romantic love song.....Amare - A deep and abiding love.....
instrumental flamenco version with percussion, nice deep double bass, reminds a bit to gypsy kings, original v
artist: spinaceto
For the Clickers Club "Summer Challenge" June 2014!!
artist: Gypsy Rumba
Originally Played by the Gipsy kings, But we've redone it our style... *#1 SoundClick Flamenco Song* (9/30/06
title: Flamenco
Believe it or not the Tweak can play guitar. This piece was done with my La Patrie Etude Clasical Guitar
title: Zambra
recorded live from Solo Guitar Recital "Diyes Kwerdas"
artist: Riwin
title: Cool
A pulsating energetic electro-latin track with a slight Flamenco touch. Featuring flute solos by Ardiansyah an
artist: REOS vs Eve
title: Remix RUMBA
artist: alin rogoz 1
Sevillana written for my mother, whom I love to tears
title: Viva
Latin song with the Flamenco chord progression. Song contains six seperate tracks containing five guitars and
When I want to be passionate, I improv Flamenco guitar music. As an instrumentalist, I get ask at shows to pla
artist: Alin Rogoz
title: Joy Ride
A light flamenco in 3/4
artist: Hanna Madbak
title: Fuego
“Fuego” (fire in Spanish) is a Rumba Flamenco style combined with Tony Gomez’s Latin conga rhythms and Indian
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Sin V Style
Instrumentals :: New School
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Claes Norden
Apéritif No 1: Hello everyone, I have posted a new song - Aperitif No 1 - on my music page. It's only a minute or so long because I don't know how to finish it yet. Do you have any ideas? Please let me know!
sophistication: is another soul jazz tune with Hammond B3 organ, drums and guitar. The organ does the rhythm and bass (pedals). The guitar is once again featured as it does the lead using various styles including octaves and chord soloing. Chord soloing is quite difficult to execute and perhaps a lost art with most modern jazz guitar players. I decided to get back to doing more of the chord soloing even if it's just an occasional riff just to keep me from forgetting it. As I stated the execution of chord soloing can be quite difficult considering one has to change the chord on every beat. Sometimes th...
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