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"Four Crying Eyes"
written recorded by Michael James Maroon 2015
Changing Spanish Radio: It's hard to believe that songwriting was not production's original chosen field. In fact, there is more to this songwriter than meets the ear; he is also a singer and producer. Growing up in The San Fernando Valley, California, did your hometown influence your craft? I grew up in a humble place, in the 'hood. The City was infested with drugs and gangs, but the challenge was necessry, because I learned at an early age that the consequences for making bad choices are jail and death. I was really introduced to music by my high school homeboy and now music partner Jose "Montana" Mendoza. ...
WHY nobama is a petty ass wipe: They fought world war 2 and flew in at dawn from Mississippi, so a few barricades provoked little more than shrugs from the 91 World War II veterans who crossed political lines Tuesday to walk and wheelchair around their memorial on the historic National Mall in Washington. The vets in three buses pulled up to the Memorial at 11:20 am and were greeted by a group of congressmen who said they were determined to ensure the vets from the Mississippi Gulf Coast Honor Flight would have the full experience of the monument. With the vets in their red shirts and medal-bedecked caps lined up at the ba...
Bears (Coaches, fans, and QB) lose: The Bears lose to the lions and fail to score 4 times after 70 yard drives!!! Coach, Canadian coach, You are lying to us. Jay was unable to LEAD the team. He lied to you and you fell for it. The truth is, Jay should never have played. You must remember YOU ARE THE BOSS. You MUST assert your authority and not be bullied by a lame Qb that is afraid to loose his job. He LIED TO YOU. You let FIRST place slip away because you believed a Qb that saw his job slipping away. More Ditka, Less Dave Wanstadt. You are getting paid to be the boss! This game was lost due to our retarded coaches believing th...
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