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A sort-of "Fandango from Saturn," this is a bittersweet, imagery-filled song of love-that-could-have-been. Jo
artist: spinaceto
For the Clickers Club "Summer Challenge" June 2014!!
A romantic love song.....Amare - A deep and abiding love.....
artist: Gypsy Rumba
A Gypsy Rumba Original Flamenco Pop Song "Gypsy passion" *Now updated* 2/03/06
artist: Hanna Madbak
title: Fuego
“Fuego” (fire in Spanish) is a Rumba Flamenco style combined with Tony Gomez’s Latin conga rhythms and Indian
title: Flamenco
Believe it or not the Tweak can play guitar. This piece was done with my La Patrie Etude Clasical Guitar
title: Soleares
Soleares, written by Allan Alexander and is part of the book/cd collection "Flamenco Music for Guitar"
artist: FireFingers
title: FireFingers
Michael Olsen "FireFingers" performs flamenco guitar with Ramesh Kumar on Tabla.
instrumental flamenco version with percussion, nice deep double bass, reminds a bit to gypsy kings, original v
A quick test of my new ukulele. 2 backing tracks, 1 finger picking track and one lead track and a classical gu
artist: Joe Levis
This begins as a slow, creepy bulerias with copious falsetas and turns into a groovy tune with soulful lyrics.
Joe playing a flamenco rumba on guitar with Brian on harmonica.
When I want to be passionate, I improv Flamenco guitar music. As an instrumentalist, I get ask at shows to pla
artist: Brian Hoeche
Album-Lydian Dream-2000- Brian Hoeche-All Instruments. Nominated 'Best Instrumental song of the year' 2001 J
artist: bikerdad
Flamenco Freestyling on my old acoustic jazz guitar{ with an add on electric pickup}
artist: Nigel Cuff
An instrumental guitar track in the style of the Gipsy Kings. Just a bit of fun.
Top 10 Latin Dance Charts - Latino Unidas! A great mix of rockin' Flamenco!
artist: De Face
Isabelita is going to make you dance
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INDIOS BIO: Born and raised in New York in the barrio 110 street Madison ave as a young boy. Living there on hot summer days in the streets hearing the sounds of rumbas loud congas and bongos.Also the beautiful sound of coro & soneos. El Indio at the age of seven at home listening to his father singing while playing the guitar, acompaning him with a home made pair of bongo made of tin cans his grandfather made him. On his 8th birthday his mother gave him a real pair of bongos. At the age of 16 his father passed away. His mother decided to move back to her home town San Juan Puerto Rico. There his uncle an...
no time to lose: my left hand fingers have been really bothering me a lot lately. It's been extremely difficult to play even with pain killers but I did manage to finish a couple of older tunes and upload them. Both are from 2008 and originally were bossa novas. We decided to make a few style changes to them and re-record them. The tunes in question are of course No Time To Lose and EZ Does It. No Time To Lose is a combination of Wes Montgomery and George Benson, both of whom has been a huge influence in my guitar playing. There have been many others such as Kenny Burrell, Howie Roberts, Jim Hall, Joe...
It's Gone: The desire is gone after 5+ decades! I can't ever remember me not wanting to play and create something new musically. But, it's happened, I have no desire left in me. I've heard it happen to many of my colleagues and for some of them it lasted for a few weeks while others years. It is a strange feeling and I haven't quite figured out why now, after all these years. There were times when music took precedence over everything else. For me creativity was what kept me going, it's who I was. It didn't matter where or how sick I was, my mind was always creating and the melodies and ideas just ...
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