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A sort-of "Fandango from Saturn," this is a bittersweet, imagery-filled song of love-that-could-have-been. Jo
instrumental flamenco version with percussion, nice deep double bass, reminds a bit to gypsy kings, original v
artist: Gypsy Rumba
A Gypsy Rumba Original Flamenco Pop Song "Gypsy passion" *Now updated* 2/03/06
artist: spinaceto
For the Clickers Club "Summer Challenge" June 2014!!
A romantic love song.....Amare - A deep and abiding love.....
title: El Vito
From the book/cd collection "Flamenco Music for Guitar"
Top 10 Latin Dance Charts - Latino Unidas! A great mix of rockin' Flamenco!
artist: Oscar Silva
Five minutes dancing. A man in love with a "bailaora" (flamenco dancer). He sees her walking down a street bef
artist: Liona Boyd
(with Al Di Meola)
artist: ZORONGO
Del CD de ZORONGO 'El jardín de Yayyán' (2006). En este tema colabora Jorge Pardo, máximo exponente del Flam
artist: Luc Sterckx
artist: AJH Solo
title: La Gitana
Latin flavor like the gypsi kings style
artist: Legran
'La Gracia de Dios' 2008©Legran Orchestra 'Pasodobles de España' Ramon Berenguer para Legran Studio. Versión A
artist: koella
I was inspired by Paco Pena. Just foolin around !
title: Flamenco
Believe it or not the Tweak can play guitar. This piece was done with my La Patrie Etude Clasical Guitar
artist: Chiquor
Recorded live
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part two: Nobody there knew who the two LOVERS WERE! To help them SEE that it was not a good thing to commandeer a bed in a house that you DID NOT BUY, I took the magic marker and WROTE ON HER UPPER, REALLY UPPER,,,,,,,, THIGH, Think Vajayjay, THANK YOU FROM THE GUYS, SIGNED Tom, Bruce, and 8 others. The were what? They were crude!
Double Parking: Myspace has made it too much like work to be a member. They are trying to cut costs as they are going downhill. They are going downhill because they are cutting costs and making it way too much like work to go there. I am done. I will have to abandon some pics and vids. My fault for not saving them for me! Soundclick will probably follow that business plan soon. "we need 12 year olds to love us" MEANING THEY DO NOT CARE IF YOU ARE OVER 21 AND PISSED! 3 x blah. Suck it Justin Timberlake......AND TREBECK!!!!...
Destino y Leon
Destino y Leon Pa !!!!!!! : Destino( desapears slowly) the singer of the has a wide back ground you also now that he 's capable of doin all kind of song From Reggeaton to Pop ...... That's one thing but he's also in progress with himself he's has suck a nice voice when he's capable of controlling it... Leon ( The Lion) The Rapper is also Confronting everything That comes in his way he and his Soulmate (Destino) are two of the weird's combination's but it is working perfeclty .... the Rappers has Two Faces a Face of a up coming Producer and a upcoming rapper ... but he does not works alone he let's (Destino) inspire...
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