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"There is nothing new under the Sun". JBBQ wonders if this is really true? E.G., recently we were playin'rou
artist: DRTownsend
2 stage developmental resuscitation. Experimental.
artist: Alan L Cole
title: Sinusoidal
Concept, Content, Arrangement, Music & Keyboards by Alan L Cole.
title: FEEL GOOD
Written, performed, programmed by Robert Jan. Keyboards, Synth, Fender piano, Bass vsti, Drums vsti, Perc vsti
artist: DRTownsend
Produced by Laboratory iv Composed by D R Townsend
artist: Alan L Cole
title: Multiplexer
Concept, Content, Arrangement, Music & Keyboards by Alan L Cole
A Nu Jazz song of mixed sounds ranging from traditional Spanish Castanets to Sax Solo to Bass, Guitars, Drums,
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SMOOTH JAZZ DAILY - Electric Breezz 2010!: Ufa, Russia, born Artur Bayramgalin is an in-demand guitarist on the Russian music scene and performed with many top-notch Russian musicians . Last year he started his solo career with the debut album Interro Island receiving rave reviews and high acclaims by some of the major Smooth Jazz Internet sites. The combination of local music with the smooth jazz style makes Artur Bayramgalin's debut album Interro Island unique and unforgettable. With the sophomore album Electric Breezz Artur makes the second step to the American market. Artur categorizes his new album: a€쳌Funk, Nu Jazz, Smooth ...
david floodstrand
LDS: I am sure most of you know, or have heard of the events in Texas regarding members of the FLDS. It is of course an off-shoot of the LDS, and embraces the original ideas of Joeseph Smith the founder of LDS. What few people realize is that the Salt Lake City Mormans were persecuted into abolishing polygamy by a series of events including "The Morman Massacre" in 1857. A group of men -- variously described as Southern Paiute Indians, Mormons dressed as Natives, or a combination of Natives and Mormons -- deceived and attacked a group of 137 pioneers whose wagon train was traveling from Arkansa...
Paul Mcilwaine
Love Radio: is a collection of my favourite songs created here through songwriting collaborations on Soundclick. It features songs by Anna Lang, jolee, Shelia Sikes, Lexie Green, Fran Carr, Bryan from B Minor Studio's and Mike Dean - This album showcases 12 tracks from a variety of genres ranging from ambient to country rock; this collection deserves a serious listen. Backing tracks recorded here in Ireland with additional recordings made in England, Canada and USA....
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