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Hip Hop
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artist: John Bowen
title: Maze
Produced in Sonar X3 Studio Features Toontrack EZ Drummer & EZ Keys Horns by Garritan Jazz & Big Band 3 Trilli
title: Reach Out
Fusion Blended With Funk
Written & played by Guido Kaemmerling & The Guido K. Group. Copyright 2017. All rights reserved. Visit The GKG
artist: Frank Axtell
Music by Frank Axtell. Frank Axtell 2017 All Rights Reserved WARNING : Unauthorized distribution is a violati
A few jams from 1985 when Joey Larsen was at his peak on guitar, and I only had an Amiga with a Roland MT32
Tenor sax by Sparky Allen Mcgillicuddy....................................................... drums by Toon Tr
artist: JamBits
All Instruments - Glennbo
artist: Glennbo
title: Snowflake
(Bass, Guitar, Drums, Orchestra, Horns - Glennbo) (Guitars/Solo Guitars -Polymod)
title: Horn Dog
A quick test of my newly devised virtual horn section
artist: Lee Shapiro
title: Swunky Trump
A funky jam-progessive-jazz-rock song about Trump.
Written & played by Guido Kaemmerling (grand piano). Copyright 2016. All rights reserved. Visit The GKG on Fac
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Hip Hop
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Keith Mitchell
Jazz Fusion
"Reach Out"
Fusion Blended With Funk
Dave E. Jones
How we invented Global Warming (Part 2): Once the swimming/floating was finished, we’d sometimes get out an acoustic guitar and have a bash at writing a song or two. ‘Revelation’ was the first to be composed on our wee private island. This was, and still is, one of the strangest tunes ever conceived in that it refuses to be shoehorned into any known musical genre. Two separate melodies for the vocals and several sets of lyrics were written and attempts were made at singing these by three different female vocalists. All of them were appalling. It’s not that these girls couldn’t sing, you understand – they just couldn’t sing ‘Revelatio...
Holidays are over, but New Year is comming...: This year we went through a very nice, christmas with a fair balance between family events and relaxations. We've been together, but haven't stressed. I really can recommend it. New Year is closing in and it is time to evaluate the past year. What can one say: Lot's of things could have been different, but in general the things that didn't work out as planned, still worked out - and even pretty good so I have no reason to complaint. I have a lovely family who understand and gives me time to make music, and even also participates in it. That will not change in 2008. For a start I will work ...
Radiant Studio Production
Mixing while being sleepy..: Sometimes I spend too much time over analyzing the mix. I caught myself sleeping while listening over and over again through the headphones and alternating through the monitors. I love doing mixing but I just can't do it for long stretches at a time.. lots of frequencies to divide and conquer but it's hard on the ears. Time to take a break.. It's chinese new year too and they're setting off firecrackers.. let's hope it doesn't last that long Have a great night to all friends who are reading this.....
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