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Tropical Transit Radio from Bali. http://tropicaltransit.net Tropical World music from Bali...
title: FLASHIN..
I had to blaze another one.. need that stuff.. call it metal jazz funk.. cheers..
Valerio Cantori & Scott Klarman
title: TIP TOES
I just found this lost song that was recorded in 2004. So obscure, Gary didn't even remember playing it. It's
"There is nothing new under the Sun". JBBQ wonders if this is really true? E.G., recently we were playin'rou
artist: Ascenzion
The upright bass delivers the groove
artist: Frank Axtell
© 2008 FrankAxtell ® All Rights Reserved.
artist: Jazzjet
title: Feel So Free
From my new CD 'Birth Of The Lowdown'. A sensual funky groove that hits the spot!
Written, performed, programmed by Alexis VAN EECKHOUT. Tenor SAX's melodies and impros: Alexis VAN EECKHOUT. K
artist: bobbywayne
title: Grand Canyon
Dark, edgy(no pun), jazz rock soundscape. Went for a LARGE sound to justify this most awesome region in Colora
Written, arranged, produced, recorded and entirely performed by !hype
artist: 7 Wheels
title: Mindshift
Funky and chilled track, marrying tight drums, slap bass guitar, synth leads and choppy filter-swept electroni
artist: OrBeat
title: The Puff
A soulful groovy with the twisted flute along the line. Although still a work on progress.
title: Beezelbaum
All original
artist: Alan L Cole
title: Sinusoidal
Concept, Content, Arrangement, Music & Keyboards by Alan L Cole.
artist: ToneZappa
Solos 1,2 & 4 are Played on a MATON JBX6 Guitar. Solo 3 was a J J Hucke Custom Guitar. All guitar sounds come
DANCE!! DANCE!! DANCE!! This mid tempo instrumental is powered by a brass section that sets the pulse for this
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U-G Records
Seth AKA SonShyne: We are working on a fresh episode. The interview is complete just a few last touches and it will be complete.
renata baszun
New Season In Theater : New season 07/08 in the Theater Of The Polish Radio has started for good. It is a busy time for me. A lot of work, but also a lot of satisfaction. And unfortunately, little less time for spending on Soundclick...
bob bruno
Pigeon Holed , Already: Gee , I just found this site . It did look interesting and , I mean , how can you tell what is what till you take a step . I took a step and suddenly I was being classified and put into a little tiny box just like this tiny box I am writing in right now . I can hardly see it much less see how many mistakes I am making as I type . I coudn't see enough to start signing the contract with this place . I mean , where the hell am I ? I remember a lawyer in New York in 1967 that was supposed to be acting on my behalf ( another questionable possition ) and in his waiting room was a statue of a...
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