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VESNA Z - To Vesna Zafirovic
A Sax Solo Jazz Lounge Song dedicated to VESNA ZAFIROVIC - a great Musician, Humanist, & Animal Lover. She has acclaimed success in Music from famed "Du Du A" of Serbia to "Evotica" on SoundClick to Facebook, Myspace, Other, e.g., Art & Photography.
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Tropical Transit Radio from Bali. http://tropicaltransit.net Tropical World music from Bali...
title: TIP TOES
I just found this lost song that was recorded in 2004. So obscure, Gary didn't even remember playing it. It's
Written, arranged, produced, recorded and entirely performed by !hype
title: FLASHIN..
I had to blaze another one.. need that stuff.. call it metal jazz funk.. cheers..
artist: Ascenzion
A lively little gust of lite jazz sprinkled with a touch of urbanized fun.
#4 on SoundClick.com's Pop General Charts. You loved this rock hit last year, now lean back in that "barco-lou
artist: ramboamadeus
title: Predrasude
An Original Neo-Soul Jazz Hip Hop Song I'd written, arranged and sing.
A jazzy little laid back groove
Valerio Cantori & Scott Klarman
artist: Carlo D'Anna
Considering the concept of evolving an Afterlife. Jazzy Acoustic guitar riffs with Improv like vocals and ins
Light melodic jazz with a twist.
artist: Brutal Bass
Rhodes,Bass,Flute,Sax and more.. Easy listening 90 BPM.. ** SoundClick Top 50 Song **
artist: Mhdb
title: AdamRieseRag
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Smooth Jazz
"I'm So Glad V by Cheeseburger & Cd'A"
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Rooney Tunes
Jazz General
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Rooney Tunes is a refreshing and sophisticated fusion of JazzRockPop. Enjoy!
Jazz General
An improvisation
John R. Jackson
Jazz Vocals
"Anytime I Think Of You"
"Anytime I Think Of You"
Solid E
Two Percent Freak: ooh baby you're kisses are incredible now I need to rap to you you hypnotize with those sexy eyes give me what I need I'll be your boo I need a guy that's two percent freak the other ninety eight's a gentleman I need a guy that's two percent freak who'll never ever try to play me I want a man who says ladies first who likes to open all my doors don't forget when you take me home sometimes I like to get it on the floor (repeat chorus) outdoors we can do this by the shore we can do this in the car my Jaguar under stars we can do this hold me tight we can do this all ni...
Piergiorgio Lucidi
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    david floodstrand
    Wallstreet and the Henhouse.: I have been thinking about this whole wallstreet thing today, and I must admit I am a little confused by the whole thing. Did you ever hear about the wolf in the hen house? This is what I think of this whole thing as it stands today. The farmer goes to the hen house and finds that his hens are missing. He asks the wolf "Do you know what happened to the hens?' Wolf: "Nope" Farmer: Well...you spent some time in here, you probably know a little something about hens. Tell you what..you help me figure out what happened the hens and I'll pay you." Wolf: "o.k." Farmer: "Look...
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