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Tropical Transit Radio from Bali. Tropical World music from Bali...
title: TIP TOES
I just found this lost song that was recorded in 2004. So obscure, Gary didn't even remember playing it. It's
artist: Carlo D'Anna
A bit of late 60's groovy atmosphere.
title: FLASHIN..
I had to blaze another one.. need that stuff.. call it metal jazz funk.. cheers..
artist: Greg Boone
Universal Change written, arranged, and performed by Greg Boone for GregBooneMusic copyright 2017. (Dedicated
artist: Carl Eichman
2001 internet collaboration w/ Filippo Bertacche on drums
artist: Ascenzion
Al Massey: synth, soprano sax, production. Jr Burney: Guitar solo.
A mix of acoustic piano, electric bass, percussion and MiniMoog synthesizer in this slow and poetic nujazz ins
title: Star Rise
Nu Jazz, Jazz (RMX)
artist: Jazzjet
title: Code Red
NEW!!! Atmospheric and trippy. Future sounds.
NuUrbanJazz with a Dash of Funk!!!
artist: Riwin
title: Jazz Loop
World music by Balinese guitarist Riwin from EP "Voyages"
artist: Brutal Bass
Rhodes,Bass,Flute,Sax and more.. Easy listening 90 BPM.. ** SoundClick Top 50 Song **
title: Sex Drive
Funky Beat, Driving Bass, and Funky Lead Bass
artist: Bub Roberts
Solos 1,2 & 4 are Played on a MATON JBX6 Guitar. Solo 3 was a J J Hucke Custom Guitar. All guitar sounds come
Written, performed, programmed by Alexis VAN EECKHOUT. Tenor SAX's melodies and impros: Alexis VAN EECKHOUT. P
artist: Alien Elixir
title: Hwy 117
Track 3, Hwy 117-3 is Toto-ish, with tasty licks and a ferocious middle.
artist: Faunaserene
Its Easter time...the time for Spring..bunnies and little eggs hatching.....
title: PLIGHT!
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Make It Worthwhile (PARTYNEXTDOOR x Kehlani)
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Rooney Tunes
Jazz General
"Michelle - buy here or @"
Rooney Tunes is a refreshing and sophisticated fusion of JazzRockPop. Enjoy!
Keith Mitchell
Jazz Fusion
"Reach Out"
Fusion Blended With Funk
shet happens conclusion: It was pretty tight under there but he somehow managed to get it to a spot and he started jacking it up. Well the first thing came into my mind was that the trailer was going to start rolling down the hill we on, without something behind the trailer tires. Luckily I found some pieces of wood and shoved them behind both tires as traffic flew by us. The only thing separating us was a white line. We couldn't get any further to the right due to another barrier so we were just a couple of feet from moving traffic, high speed that is. After jacking the trailer high enough,we were able to rotate t...
tom king
Somethings Coming: Well,If you have read my previous blogs,you know how I feel about World Unity.We have stop the wars,the killings,Rapes,Kidnappings,Suicides,theirs no peace and love.This planet was given to us by God and His wisdom .Unexplainable things are happening,Dead birds,fish.I told you before,God Is angry because we are not pulling together. Loe and Peace Is the Key,but still we continue to disregard whats around us.The weather: floods,Earthquakes,Snow. later we will have to depend on each other to survive. Lets hope It's not to late.Warnings are just what they are,Warnings,so take heed...Tom King...
Ariadawna Willowsweet
Ive done a backer of Stephen Scorzos once again...:): Well, my nephew Stephen Scorzo and I have put together another song.....It was a backer merely and I added keys to it....but my nephew Stephen is playing electric guitar and also manually drumming on the keyboard....pretty impressive to me.....His song had the title 8, but I have changed it for this version and titled it HER CLOAK OF SAPPHIRE....I found the song highly expressive and enchanting between the picture I kept on staring at and the song I then knew what I wanted for its title....THe picture is a wallpaper. from a website... it is not my artwork.....Its quite lovely to me........
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