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Tropical Transit Radio from Bali. http://tropicaltransit.net Tropical World music from Bali...
title: TIP TOES
I just found this lost song that was recorded in 2004. So obscure, Gary didn't even remember playing it. It's
artist: Ascenzion
Al Massey: synth, soprano sax, production. Jr Burney: Guitar solo.
title: FLASHIN..
I had to blaze another one.. need that stuff.. call it metal jazz funk.. cheers..
Written, performed, programmed by Alexis VAN EECKHOUT. Tenor SAX: Alexis VAN EECKHOUT. Bass vsti themes and so
artist: Deborah Gray
cool beats and jazz vocals by Deborah Gray original song written in New York and produced in 2 cities, Manhatt
Mike Bennett provided the superb Jazz rhythm section, with MD on vox scat, brass section & guitar solos.
title: Star Rise
Nu Jazz, Jazz (RMX)
Light melodic jazz with a twist.
title: Up 'N There
NuUrbanJazz with a Dash of Funk!!
artist: Mhdb
title: SeppelSamba
Instrumental, 3/4
title: A New Day
Original Composition
A tribute to Roy Ayers.
artist: Bub Roberts
Solos 1,2 & 4 are Played on a MATON JBX6 Guitar. Solo 3 was a J J Hucke Custom Guitar. All guitar sounds come
artist: Frank Axtell
title: Epiphany
© 2007 FrankAxtell ® All Rights Reserved.
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Rooney Tunes
Jazz General
"Michelle - buy here or @ rooneytunesmusic.com"
Rooney Tunes is a refreshing and sophisticated fusion of JazzRockPop. Enjoy!
Keith Mitchell
Jazz Fusion
"Reach Out"
Fusion Blended With Funk
Poems as you never heard before: Depressive Cry To comb your hair Feels as if you were to climb the highest stairs. To have a bath Feels as if you were to die for a while. To get out of that door, That distant portal Into some strange world. You didn't ask for this. I didn't ask for you. Here we are, To make amends Here we go to revive our souls. Shadow Tall i walk away from the darkness of my mind. yes, i walked away from the darkness, i was blind. i tried to slit my wrists, and this shadow tall tried to take me in but i stood up for mysel...
Choices, choices: Well, back to guitar for a while. Sometimes it's just difficult to choose which of the several instruments I play to feature. So I guess I've resorted to rotation. I love playing them all and would probably do even more if I had the instruments. Back in music college as I learned to play all instruments, I used to take them to my local jazz club on jam nights and play them with the trio. Bassoon was probably the weirdest instrument I ever took and I'm sure that no one has ever done that prior to or even after. Too bad I don't have a bassoon, it would probably be quite interesting to see wha...
PLATEAU: this is a live practice...its a group i was in called plateau in 1985..other members were Ian Rowwell ...bass Frank Hall .....drums Steve Altringham...keyboards Brian Hodgson guitar and vocals Buzz Elliot has kindly done the video for it and added vocals over the top cos the wernt really clear..it was recorded on a tape deck using the internal mic Brian and Buzz are still playing in great band called Hammerhead...check them out ...
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