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artist: Evan Paul
A jazz song about a heart broken girl. Kara delivers the goods on this, what a voice, she's incredible, be su
title: SATISFY
A story of my spiritual journey. Written, lived and VOCALLY Produced by Wayne Pascall. VIDEO AVAILABLE! High
artist: Sanya Budna
title: Sister
A haunting horn solo sets a sophisticated, dark, eastern-flavoured groove off under Sanya's hymn to her sister
artist: Jay Droz
Rev. 3:20 Listen! I am standing at the door, knocking; if you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in
Voice and Piano. A classic American Standard, Live from NYC
A song about the protection and the loss of innocence. Matt Tyson is featured with an incredible vocal perform
piano, bass and vocals by Sandor Rheinhart, violin by Jossche Monitzs
title: Soul Train
We be riding this train. We be swinging by for you. PS: There Is No Stephen Hawking
artist: Twinner
One just for my Twinner. x
A jazzy kind of song.. :)
In humble homage to the late great Louis Armstrong.
#2 on SoundClick.com's Alternative Emo & #2 on Rock Unplugged Charts. Another great song of balance - just for
Different than I usually do, because I do not usually let others hear this side of me. I wrote it, sang all vo
artist: Solid E
The end of a love affair-
Smooth and romantic, with sweet vocals over jazzy piano, and Laura J herself guesting on acoustic guitar in th
One of my very first recordings. Fall 2003. Piano- Amanda Addleman
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John R. Jackson
Jazz Vocals
"Anytime I Think Of You"
"Anytime I Think Of You"
Solid E
Genome Blues: the front page of the morning star tells a story of just how far man has come from his days in a cave the government took some scholars locked them in a lab for a trillion hours now they say they've found why my hair turns gray I've got those genome blues a million cells found in a grape a set of twins no mother could make all for a paltry billion dollars there are pros and there are cons do they know what they have done their fooling 'round with mother nature I've got those genome blues I have myself a decent life I got struggle I got strife but my daddy died with ...
U-G Records
Seth AKA SonShyne: We are working on a fresh episode. The interview is complete just a few last touches and it will be complete.
Walkin' the Dog: ...got back to playing some traditional style jazz again with some of the guys. Traditional jazz always seem to get the brain in gear, lubricate the chops and makes ya think. It was tough to play for me as the fingers locked up twice on me. Fortunately the bass, piano and drums kicked in and did solos to cover up. The tune was supposed to be all about the guitar but in the end it worked out quite well. Check out "Walkin' the Dog"...
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