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artist: Alice Jean
Is she buying it? No way!! She's too smart, too carefull, too busy. Sit back, and let this blues/jazz effort t
artist: Evan Paul
A jazz song about a heart broken girl. Kara delivers the goods on this, what a voice, she's incredible, be su
A jazzy kind of song.. :)
title: SATISFY
A story of my spiritual journey. Written, lived and VOCALLY Produced by Wayne Pascall. VIDEO AVAILABLE! High
Different than I usually do, because I do not usually let others hear this side of me. I wrote it, sang all vo
title: Jimmy
A song about those we lose along the way through their own actions and how it cuts deeply to scar the hidden p
Smooth and romantic, with sweet vocals over jazzy piano, and Laura J herself guesting on acoustic guitar in th
artist: Jay Droz
A great old African-American Spiritual "O Mary Don't You Weep". Polish Vocals and Sequencing by Jay Droz, at h
Voice and Piano. A classic American Standard, Live from NYC
title: Fugitive
Gray Martin all music, Kathy Reynolds Vocals
title: Mr. Blues!
Single from my latest CD titled, What A Woman Wants. Visit my official website at: Http://www.MariaJohnston.
Spontaneous Song Blog!!! Whatever We are "OPEN" to will have it's way with US, regardless of the quality! So
artist: Barb Jungr
A song I originally wrote for odetta. I loved it so much I decided to keep it. It is on my walking In The Sun
piano, bass and vocals by Sandor Rheinhart, violin by Jossche Monitzs
A very quick affair.
Denise JAnnah - CvH Orchestra Arranged and conducted by Christiaan van Hemert
artist: Bipolar
title: How long
Piano trio type vibe.
This cool old jazz standard is should touch your heart.
artist: Susan Rocha
title: Molbailo Dou
Swinging version featuring Oleg Kasper on saxophone, Jason Quadros on keyboards and Colin D'Cruz on double bas
Jazz standard featuring Bob Tinker-trumpet, Gerard Machado-guitar, Tommy Menezes-piano and Colin D'Cruz-bass.
title: Jawa Jive
Conducted by Edlyn De Souza
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Rooney Tunes
Jazz General
"Michelle - buy here or @"
Rooney Tunes is a refreshing and sophisticated fusion of JazzRockPop. Enjoy!
Keith Mitchell
Smooth Jazz
A very personal song.
Smooth Jazz
"Midnight Oasis"
Al Massey Alto sax Synth & Moog bass
Jazz Fusion
"Neon Dancer"
To See You Again: I hope you enjoy my paintings. Every now and then I do nudes. I think I paint them when I'm a little sad. Listening to a blues/jazzy tune and painting - now that's a treat.
Dave E. Jones
Kaiser Wull returns with his prediction for Brazil 2007 (PART 1): Alonso turns up at the circuit to find that his engine has, after all, been changed.......................for an old tractor engine bought by Ron Dennis from a local farmer. This attempted sleight of hand backfires when Alonso reports that his car is up on power compared to previous races. Qualifying goes badly, though, when he is relegated to the back of the grid as a result of allegations that his eyebrows are moveable aerodynamic aids. The Alonso camp make a quick phone call to Seville and arrange for a barber to catch the 'red eye' to Sao Paolo. Sir Lewis Hamilton OBE, KG, WD40 (all honour...
Do Something Romantic! Valentine's Day thoughts for the Hopeless...: Valentine's day is not just another day created by the Hallmark Company to sell more cards and chocolates; it's a day where romantics are given the opportunity to do the amazing to prove their love to one another.When men are confronted with being romantic some (not all of them) tend to side with material items and equate love to a price tag. Woman on the other hand prefer more spontaneous and extraordinary moments that they can share with their loved one. So how do we get these two perspectives to meet? Men need to understand that it's not how deep your pocket is, it's how deep your kisses...
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