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McKnight(Travis Scott Type Beat)(BUY 1 GET 2 FREE)
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artist: Chico Star
Hip Hop/Pop Instrumental w/ Hook
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Late Night (PnB Rock Type Beat)
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"808 Science"
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"Parallel Universe 2017 by Guitarboy"
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getback entertainment
Hip Hop
"2010 beat"
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Da Cypha Beats
Hip Hop
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pay attention: i gotta a song on my page called war on me i noticed to many people aint listen to it what it aint commerical enough , f*** that its to speak on police brutaility going on in the us and to make yal aware and to stand up and say we aint gon take it . i can make a millon party like a rockstar songs but im on that real sh** we all need to party and chill but we need to know whats going on war on me is bascially saying this country has declared war on me, you and everybody being mistreated , check it out yal let me know what you think im on the come up ONE!...
Irriplacable {Retard Mix}: To the public to the public to the public to the public (mm nasty) to the public tothe public go ahead and use the public one yes don't use mine you made it stink smelled so bad like an old molded drink keep sayin you'll mess it up you will see how bad it stinks, yeah i couldn't use mine for a day smeeled so bad like eggs thrown away looking at me like it wasn't tha___t bad but you'll see how much it really stinks now i'm gonna say you can't use my toilet again you can't use my toilet again you already stun...
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