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artist: Kontrabandz
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artist: WayzWhizz
title: See U
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artist: Glory Muzic
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artist: KNTBEATS
title: Summer
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artist: Zaro Vega
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artist: BeatsCraze
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artist: Sin V Style
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artist: Alegal
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Brooklyns Finest (Biggie x Jay-Z)
East Coast
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Beats General
"808 Science"
We got that HIT!! You've been looking for. Tryna get on the radio? You need beats from us.
Film Music
"Parallel Universe 2017 by Guitarboy"
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getback entertainment
Hip Hop
"2010 beat"
Beat Maker, Producers div class"coolchaser" id"94723"br brdiv class"credits" a href"" target"blank" title"Get your layout at"img src"httpwww.coolchaser.comimagesfavicons s...
Hip Hop
"Twilight (NEW!) April 24th 2014"
Music isn't just music, it's everything
random f.s.: an intelligent intellectual individual whose mind is strictly mutual but known to be informal and also inscrutable to those people who insatiable and known to be insensible but i speak out anyway thats y its intangible so know that im apolitcal and what i say is aposteriori and i got people addicted like an apothecary also all the hatas are suffering from anxiety dont sh** on yaself cause im not auxiliary if u cant handle ladii k, go jump off a balcony and if you dont then its all about amatory are you hating me yet? are you full of animosity? come on bring it on im ready for the...
What IS REal Music?: Is hip hop dead? Lil wayne says its not.....why cant real lyricist get a deal? Instead of everyone sayin this is why im hot. When will everyone act real until music u feel. Lines hard like steal or soft to make appeal. If ur judged by your name how can it be the same, as those lames that ryhme and still produce fame? If i was just herd i am no pharell williams nerd, but i let u hear my letters and my words. This is just a little freestyle i was really just gonna talk, but talk is cheap so please let me walk. Ur man Black tha Genius sayin hip hop it hurts to smile but, i can tell u the futu...
Just another entry: So right now I'm actually pretty bored. Still doing the college thing, still in pursuit of whatever it is we're privileged to be searching for. To be completely honest, I just want to hurry up and graduate. I really don't do anything besides school and work and hate to think that this sums up what life is. I see so many people in my life making the most of it and I'm kinda jealous. Not jealous in the sense I hate them but a friendly envy I guess if there is such a thing. A lot of it possibly has to deal with me living with my father, being under his roof, his rules and his lifestyle. I oft...
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