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artist: Computer Age
Computer Age 2017 Composiciones musicales New Age - Electronica
artist: Arto Rusi
title: Himalaya
Electronic music.
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PNFA - Zigot: New Album as digital download out now!!!:

The latest full length PNFA release is not actually a real album (that will come out on Baxxbeat music soon) but rather a compilation of the very best single works in the past few years. Tracks like Magic Mustard Machine or Climb Flight already hit the roof in several download charts. Including previously unheard electrifying dance floor material this compilation will certainly please you. Check out the preview and go here for more information: <...

Paul Mcilwaine
Paul & Liz's New Page: Folks who enjoys Christian music with a Celtic edge will be interested in this new page. Liz Clarke is a Belfast Worship leader while Paul is a guitar player with 30 years experience. Both are based in Northern Ireland and met on-line via Reverbnation. In April 2010 we released an album for the local market and also on itunes USA and Europe. Our new webpage contains some free downloads of alternate versions of our first album. Please drop by and check us out....
So Many Bananas, So Little Time: I admit that until recently, I couldn't tell one electronica subgenre from another. There were far too many fruits to sort the apples from the oranges from the bananas, if you know what I mean. Thanks to some serious study of the almighty Wikipedia along with fierce attention to style notations on the electronica charts here in SoundClick-land, I think I'm starting to get some of the taxonomy. Speaking of which, not all Acid burns the enamel right off my teeth. Case in point .... the trippy dance tasty fruity super-pan thang called Acid Trip by DJ Logan B. Now appearing on GirlSonic's...
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