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artist: EK3MUSIC
title: Hardstyle 2
My 66th song i made
artist: Birdie Daddy
"Make a song Birdie" (So I did it) ;)
artist: Birdie Daddy
Rub some tigerbalm on your painfull body (and smell good).
artist: Birdie Daddy
Homemade rhubarb cream owns the mouth.
artist: Birdie Daddy
Stressed porkarses in the spiral staircase.
artist: Birdie Daddy
The breadbeggarbirds on the windowsill.
artist: Birdie Daddy
Mummified oddities from the Nieldelta.
artist: Birdie Daddy
Ancient sand from Egypt.
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clive richardson
Multigenre contemporary composer for FilmTVNew Media.
I'm Here Again: Hello to all the people. I came back to greet all my friends To share your joys, to offer my condolences to Those who have suffered (during my absence) For those loved ones who are let us down on the way. I missed your words of encouragement, your criticisms, your compliments. I hope you have a healthy coexistence During the days that lasts my presence In this peaceful land of convergence We heard, we have laughed We cried and we have renewed our purposes And we have molded our inspiration -What each of the moves the beating heart Happy to stay all, happy days an...
Johan Hermansson
New Upload!:
Uploaded a the song, "Crystal World", from the album "Outer Galactic Journey". Listen to it here: Link
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