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Electronica meets Orchestra.
title: Defacer
Hard-hitting electronica with various intertwining, culminating synths. Vocoder at the climax reveals we are
artist: Situs Dynein
92 BPM / Questions contact: situs_dynein@hotmail.com
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The Arti
#New Drop
No samples!
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"Beyond the sky - Islands"
2014 is a romantic year!
A. Myren
"Heat of Victory (Remast. 2013 take 1)"
Listen to the Professional Mastered track on Youtube from album "Extend Loud and Proud".
end of contracts
"clone me now"
feeling low? -go lower
clive richardson
Multigenre contemporary composer for FilmTVNew Media.
Patrick Lew (Official SC)
Soulmate Reading - Patrick Lew: My readings begin by first tuning into the energy and wisdom of Spirit, the Creator of our Universe, and to ask for the assistance of your Spirit Guides, who serve from the spiritual dimension as teachers and educators, guiding you throughout this journey called life. Your Spirit Guides have been assigned to you from birth and have walked with you side by side through lifes triumphs, joys and hardships. In this meditative state, I am connected to the energy of the Universe and able to communicate to these Guides by words, symbols, imagery and sound. The information is then passed to you my ...
Instant World Session 1: Originally, Instant World was intended to be a collaborative project. The musical direction, the tone, the tempo, the flow, everything was set. The sessions began and right from the start, everything moved right along. The formula was being followed, the plan was working fine until... Sometimes, creativity has a will of its own, which leads you down a different path. As many of you know, the art of creating music can be just as frustrating as it is liberating. So it was decided to take these sessions to another direction, to eliminate the repetitive way we normally create. It was definitely mo...
Check out The Chrono Experiment. Bobby Mac's epic series of collabs with some of Sounclick's finest talents, and me!
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