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artist: Birdie Daddy
A bunch of sick sons of b*** es.
artist: Birdie Daddy
The wrathful barshakers in the madhouse.
artist: Birdie Daddy
This is probably about you. :)
artist: Birdie Daddy
Don't drink too much now.
artist: Birdie Daddy
The day you lost your mind.
artist: Birdie Daddy
It's time to sweep up your filthy apartment.
artist: Jimi Sweeney
Tried out my new Electro-Harmonix synth, added with 3 guitars in harmony, a deep bass, some drums, and also a
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Nate Vibez Beats
Dopeman *Future x Drake type Beat*
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end of contracts
"clone me now"
feeling low? -go lower
clive richardson
Multigenre contemporary composer for FilmTVNew Media.
Marve Trancient
   Well it's been a while! Thank you to all who came to see us at this year's festivals and gigs they were all a real blast. And we have made so many great contacts and friends this year! We will be back at next years festivals for sure!...
Momentos Eternos: Pobre juventud que muere por un instante de placer, Del placer que yo vi rebosante en mi copa Que empine dulcemente y extasiado en la voragine de piel humana... Que empine dulcemente excitado y sin alertas Sufre ahora el destierro de las sombra de esos dias Como se fugan los dias que aquellos instantes parecian eternos y abrumadores
Life.: I'm so sick and tired of people walking over me like i'm some doormat. NEWS FLASH.. i'm not i am a person just like you, i may be different than other girls. But hey isn't that a good thing? I'm also fed up with guys ripping my heart out over and over again. Doesn't that ever get old assholes? I'm only one person and if you can't like me for me than you can go and f*** yourself, i am not a mean person i just get tired of the bull sh** ters in this f*** ed up place we call earth. Don't you agree? SUCK A DICK HATERS. [go there]     [3 comments]
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