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artist: Yahunatan
Movement is based off of the Scapegoat, found in Leviticus Chapter 16. All the iniquities of the nation shall
artist: Philip Shan
title: diamond loop
Ringtone, upbeat dance beat
artist: Philip Shan
title: skype ring
Ringtone, electronic, hip-hop, dance beat
title: blackhole
a track from my space album
Live Hardware Recording Idea
title: Interpreneur
Live Hardware Idea
artist: Simply Adam
title: Before Dawn
80's synths inspired by Depeche Mode
I wrote this for another song challenge, this time using a synth called Kraft.
A electronica Hiphop song, based on the traditional Latin Catholic prayer "Hail Mary".
title: Necropolis
London begins its casual descent into dissolution and decay. Her inhabitants, recently blinded, stumble about
artist: Stockwrock
since i delved into the world of computerized, digital music recording about 2 years ago, i have amassed what
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Music video produced for Fitzcarraldo: This is a music video I produced for the psychedelic post hardcore rock band Fitzcarraldo from Aschaffenburg, Germany. I started doing it after I went to a live show of them at An Sibin in Darmstadt which was heavily inspiring and totally blew me away. The clip is a fusion of different methods such as still photography, graphic animation, stop motion and actual live video footage. The footage was recorded and worked out loosely over a time span of about two months. There are three parts such as intro, main part and outro over the 8 minutes it takes which all feature their own abstract contents...
Dead Tide is coming: My second novel, 'Dead Tide' is coming very soon. If you like zombie horror this may be your thing---Maybe even if you don't normally like this sort of story. Hope to have it for sale sometime in October.
Lord Sinister
Looking for radio play!: My music is best described as hardcore techno/trance, though it bends into several genres. I am getting ready to release my album two weeks before christmas, so I really need to start promoting the hell out of it. So if anyone knows of any hardcore techno stations that might play my tracks, please message or comment me and let me know. Thanks. Also, check out the music and let me know what you think....
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