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Another great song by Crazy Bat sh** that he allowed me to remix.
artist: Taron
OSC#76: Mantra Evo
artist: Taron
One Synth Challenge #81: OXE fm
artist: Taron
title: Angst
One Synth Challenge #86 (test run): Sinnah
artist: Taron
One Synth Challenge #86: Sinnah
artist: Taron
One Synth Challenge #88: TAL-Noisemaker
A Failed Experiment? Or A Success? You Be The Judge.
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end of contracts
"clone me now"
feeling low? -go lower
clive richardson
Multigenre contemporary composer for FilmTVNew Media.
bending infinity
BENDiNG iNFiNiTY Now one of the TOP 25 Most Listened To Bands: Life just keeps getting better on SoundClick.com, Arabian Nights has move up from the #12 spot in all of electronica into the top 10, now sitting at #8. Bending Infinity has also now become one of the top 25 most listened to unsigned bands in the SoundClick community!! Once again a big thank you goes out to everyone listening and downloading our music, remember all tracks are still available for free downloads. Take Care BENDiNG iNFiNiTY...
Sold the name (poem in prose): Sold the name (mystical excerpt) One man Sold his name to the devil For the money. The devil needed New guises and images. Under the terms of the contract This man Dared not more To be yourself. Sometimes, very rarely, By prior arrangement, They were allowed Play yourself In his native town, Within half an hour, Say, At the meeting of classmates. Sold the name became popular. The devil Thing in a person Great light. Man with no name Was lost in the crowd. One spring He arrived in their town, So, according to the contract, To play himself, Having met with some S...
Cloud Zero tribute to the Legendary Pink Dots vol 2 now available.: LPD Tribute Compilation Available for Download (feat. MoozIer) The Cloud Zero tribute to the Legendary Pink Dots volume 2 is finally available. This is titled, "Powdered Heaven Dressed in Plastic" and comprises two CDs. Disc one is nine cover songs, and disc two is ten songs inspired by the Pink Dots. Fabulous artwork provided by Plasma Twin! The PDF file contains all the artwork for this release. This is a print your own cover release....which I highly suggest you all do. Superb! And a thank you to all the artists that participated. There is some wonderful music in this collection. Qui...
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