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artist: DHW
Collaboration with Larry Nalls (vocals) and Gary Mack-White (acoustic).
"Love me like you used to" with Lena Cameron is the official second single taken from the forthcoming "Greates
One of the first songs I wrote when I was around 13. A tale of intrigue from the Wild West... inspired no doub
artist: Ronnie Gee
I wrote this song about Kentucky and how beautiful it is and how important it is to come from there. I hope yo
From my '80s music cassette, "Gravity", a sort of Old West Prohibitionist type emotional lament song (such la
artist: Jim Stotts
cover by jim stotts(home recording)
artist: Jim Stotts
cover by jim stotts(home recording)
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Debra D'lane
Country and Western
"The Trouble With The Truth"
Country Music Artist
oldtoad gil
Thankyou: No Matter what President GW Bush knows where his bed is and who he did what with in the WHITE HOUSE I felt so ashamed that the previous President defiled the Greatest symbol of America, and i,m Canadian
Dr. Bruce & Dana Klein
Dr. Bruce & Dana Klein: Hello Friends, We are busy writing and setting-up seminaries throughout the world. You can visit our blog at: http://brobruce.blogspot.com/ In Jesus, Bruce & Dana
American Idol: The people on US Airways Flight 1549 were in trouble. A flock of geese had taken out both engines of an Airbus 320 at takeoff. All passengers understood the danger of the situation facing them. Certain death would be the result unless they got help and got it fast. Fortunately the help came in the person of Captain Chesley Sullenberger. He skillfully brings the plane down on the Hudson River. The plane becomes a floating life boat and the people climb out on it's wings and are rescued. In like mannor we the people of this nation are in trouble. The moral decay and the pursuit of material in...
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