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Guy catches his girlfriend cheating, tells the wife and she takes off then he sorts it all out in the singles
Acoustic version of my own train song, likening life to a train journey, one way for sure and make sure you do
Redneck hillbilly comes down for breakfast to a BIG suprise from the wife ...
Gene Autry type country song, from the singing cowboy days
Charlotte Ivy performing a song she wrote, "A Simple Song". Promoted by Jerry Mac
Dana Jordan performing COUNTRY PLAIN AND SIMPLE written by Al Kessinger. Promoted by Jerry Mac
Out and out Country and Western, wagons, horses, injuns, and the Wilderness Trail ....
artist: Donna Ray
Writer AR Kessinger Producer Ed Gowens Tim Hicks
artist: Donna Ray
Producer Ed Gowens Writer Tim Hicks Tech Tim Hicks
Lazy little ole country song about growing up in Cornwall .. unashamedly nostalgic .. rock an roll it ain't ..
Laid back look at maybe another way of doing things ...
Back to roots fiddle, banjo and pedal steel, trip down the Rockies on a hired Harley .. what's not to like ? A
Country Pop song is written, composed and performed by Anatoliy Edelkin. Music production by Anna C. Nova. Rec
artist: songfritz
inspired by the "novel" Half-Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls
artist: Donna Ray
Writer Jennibea Frye, Producer Ed Gowens, Tech Tim Hicks
artist: Jim Stotts
cover by jim stotts(home recording)
A reflective moment after a lifetime of ass kickin' full headlights knock down drag out roustaboutin' and thin
Farmer gets sent to jail for many many years and finally ... gets released but ... it's just not in time !! So
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Christian Country
"Carry My Tears (Remix)"
MMissary a husband and wife team Country to Country Rock to Light Pop for vocal music and Easy Listening to Alternative for instrumentals
Whisky Dixon
Alternative Country
"Jonny my friend"
We are a country rock band with a future in the industy so look out.
Exebelle and The Rusted Cavalcade
Alternative Country
"Harboring The Tygers"
Harboring The Tygers
Lightnin Harry Dee
All songs are written and performed by Lightnin' Harry Dee. Special thanks to Fred Gallagher (guitar) J.J. Fenderbender (drums) AND Elliot Baron (bass)...The LHDee Band.... In Memory of the late Frank Cutrona, coauthor and vocalist on I'm An Alcoho..
Vonee Rose Music
"Red Wine & Honky Tonk Lies"
Songwriter who writes most of her own music and records in her home studio using a keyboard and computer programs Enjoys cowriting with other artist Queen of Country Heartache was cowritten with Juanita Ford...
Campfire Gal
The Sorrowful nymph: The Sorrowful Nymph Why I can¡¯t hear you singing? Why I can¡¯t hear you playing the harp? I can¡¯t see you dancing in the grass I can¡¯t see you smiling Why your eyes are full of tears? Why your eyebrow frowned? Why are you roaming in the dark forest? Your beautiful neck drooped? What sorrows do you have in your deep heart? My nymph! Unseen your smiling, The sun faints, the moon dims, Can¡¯t hear your singing The stream is weeping Silent is the string of the harp Cold is the jewels, When your eyebrows locked, The r...
Finally : Man am I ever it finally quit snowing here in KS. It had to of been a recording breaking winter with all the snow we had. It just had to be. NOT! Dang it, we got even more snow last weekend. I can't believe this KS weather.
hillbilly democrats
Slow Rescue Responce?: Slow Rescue Responce? I'm sure all you good AL, LA and MS republicans don't mind if King George takes a couple or three extra days to send help cause most of his friends with companies already have fat Iraq war contracts so he has to work out the kickbacks with new people, in this rescue, and that takes time. He has to get "just the right people for the job". If You Really Love America Vote Democrat, Hillbilly Democrats...
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