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I don't care how many idiots roll over for you, Dick. YOU gave the order. YOU are the Face of Torture. Moved t
Something I've noticed; no matter where in the world the fubar occurs, it's always men behind it. Often blamin
This is a better song than the original record ever revealed. Robin Lane, if you're listening, get with me and
"I'm sorry Mr Dolenz, we can't have a title like this in Britain, we're much too tight-assed for that, do you
artist: Jim Stotts
takes lots of backing(U can bank on that); gist ask D sharks--if U can get that far/or U'll stay a pawn star
artist: Jim Stotts
it's all N R heads/ just think about it; as far as the imagination can stretch
artist: Jim Stotts
like gnats on bike rides so with flakes from the snows(find their ways n with the flows)//a winter wonder of a
artist: Jim Stotts
about time we got a break 4 R brakes/ can take that to the bank:N between it all we gotta us a new bridge & it
artist: Jim Stotts
1 way 2 sea it; if that ain't the pitches!!aye mate & matte's(us between a rock and a hard place)so ta speak//
"No, we're not kidding, they really do". ~ John Lennon
I wrote the lyrics to my funny parody of the yuppie extravagant lifestyle---I borrowed the melody from The Mon
Liberalism sets us free. Conservatism puts us in chains. I don't like being in chains, so to Hell with Conserv
artist: Jim Stotts
winters comin' on time 2 winterize um//4 starters
I See Through The Republicans. That makes me Dangerous. They're Out To Rob All Of Our American Dream. Vote DEM
Republicans Don't Love People. Republicans Only Love MONEY. Vote DEMOCRAT. The Ass You Save May Be Your Own.
artist: Twinner
title: No Action
Republicans Only Put the Action in the pockets of the Greedy Rich. No Action in your pocket. Vote Democrat---K
artist: Jim Stotts
don't get caught N the cross fire at rush hour N this growing small town//got the same main intersections for
Yep you heard me. I want to marry you all. It'll be fun. xxxxxxx ~L
Republicans Steal Our American Dream and hand it to the rich. TO Hell With THEM. We say wrestle it back. Belon
Michael Brown dying, ain't funny. Me kicking the ass of The New York Times for them badmouthing him, is f***i
artist: Twinner
A love letter (in the form of a song) to Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
artist: Twinner
This is The Forgotten Animal; This Is True Rock N Roll. Do NOT play this in the car unless you're on Open Hig
artist: Jim Stotts
changes N ages; comparatively speaking(from pumps to grocery bags and such); so on so forth//such and such,,et
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Commodore C64 SID music: A new page with my Commodore C64 SID music. Recorded from a real C64 computer. Slightly enhanced with pro delays and reverbs. Digitally mastered in 24bit. The tunes were made in between 1988-1990. Go there:
Revenant the Sequel
Headlines from 2029: HEADLINES FROM THE YEAR: 2029 Ozone created by electric cars now killing millions in the seventh largest country in the world, Mexifornia, formerly known as California White minorities still trying to have English recognized as Mexifornia's third language. Spotted Owl plague threatens northwestern United States crops and livestock. Baby conceived naturally! Scientists stumped. Couple petitions court to reinstate heterosexual marriage. Iran still closed off; physicists estimate it will take at least 10 more years before radioactivity decreases to safe lev...
Revenant the Sequel
One Man, Many Personas Part I: have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered WHO you were going to be today? Not what you'll do or what to wear but actually who. Identity is such a ingrained part of us that most take it for granted every day. we go from our house, to our cars, to work, come home and the next day start it all over again. Now, imagine if you can a person who when he looks in the mirror sees other people entirely. One reflection may be his social self, a persona created to handle the crowds of people in his neighborhood bar; the type of bar where everyone knows his name but 90% are acquaintances at best and ...
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