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artist: Jim Stotts
when some ding bats make too many dents N some folk's automobiles(need 2 catch them N the act with a snapshot)
artist: Jim Stotts
comes a time to make room 4 some young bloods/ when comes to getting under some those old auto hoods//dudes
artist: Jim Stotts
can't get out or over it/ those taxing situations
artist: Jim Stotts
a hit & a miss when comes 2 some polly tics
artist: Jim Stotts
on or off the stage still gotta pay/ live, die & pay taxes---like N a play they smight still say
artist: Jim Stotts
back and when/ tar got pretty thin/thar/ & back as a poor kid
artist: Jim Stotts
if not history; at least worthy of an early mention---here hear
artist: Jim Stotts
like w/a caricature/ can b like that/ trying 2 stump D Trump/ swat's what
artist: Jim Stotts
come's 2 moving/ I'll find/ not a laughing matter/ over N time
artist: Jim Stotts
progression of things/ Bob Dylan eat U R heart out/ 22/20
artist: Jim Stotts
between the stolen cycle & the big repairs/ guess I was spared there N the slow lane with not quite as much ai
artist: Jim Stotts
so far so good with snow accumulation's in this area/ hoping that "Only The Shadow Knows"---like Phil & that r
artist: Jim Stotts
out the pocket not the nose 2 save a few bucks/ duds
artist: Jim Stotts
some folks more up than down(sometimes)---& not all squares R round
artist: Jim Stotts
comparatively speaking/ between valleys & peaks--so ta speak
artist: Jim Stotts
a most entertaining yet eventful year N D ring/US N 4 a heavy wait/ it seems;(even corn has ears here hear N t
artist: Jim Stotts
a needle N D haystack/ this day & age--a new world a new way/ halfta say
artist: Jim Stotts
tic toc punch time clock/ round & round life's downs & ups; as the turn styles pop---some asleep some awake(N
artist: Jim Stotts
life N general/ no 2 the same(a shell of a tale)& a bit nutty
artist: Jim Stotts
time shows who's got the lucky horse shoe/ like hooves 2 a glove---if'n fits/ wear it
artist: Jim Stotts
politically speaking & in view of what all is happening; in that arena/ a boxer N his TRUMP Trunks
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oxhorn: the videos i watch are from oxhorn of the silver hand. the videos like inventing swear words 1-4 are funny, the great kodo, oxhorns cristmas speacel, 12 days of winter's veil, oxhorn brand melady, mighty morphing miget gnomes, hat vs barnaby, the anty elf anthem,epic raids,ROLFMAO! and thats it for now!
Mode: Om man skulle lata en av dagens haeftiga ungdomar aka i en tidsmaskin till 80-talet, sa skulle han daer bli betraktad som definitionen pa en toent. Byxor som haller pa att trilla av och.... MOeSSA! Pa 80-talet var det urtoentigt med moessa, till och med naer det var minus 20 grader ute. Men jag vet inte vilket som aer baest egentligen - att frysa oeronen av sig eller att frysa aendan av sig... ;-) Var tid kanske har sin plaga om man vill se cool ut. Det kanske aer daerfoer det heter "cool" foerresten. (Cool = Kylig). Kallt alltsa. Om man vill vara cool sa skall man frysa nagonstans... Men det ...
Still rising!: Cool!! I'm now #4 on Soundclicks Progressive rock chart with "Wordless Envoy"! Thanks everyone for listening Play Wordless Envoy!
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