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Club Bangas
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artist: Jim Stotts
1 way 2 sea it; if that ain't the pitches!!aye mate & matte's(us between a rock and a hard place)so ta speak//
"No, we're not kidding, they really do". ~ John Lennon
I wrote the lyrics to my funny parody of the yuppie extravagant lifestyle---I borrowed the melody from The Mon
Liberalism sets us free. Conservatism puts us in chains. I don't like being in chains, so to Hell with Conserv
artist: Jim Stotts
winters comin' on time 2 winterize um//4 starters
I See Through The Republicans. That makes me Dangerous. They're Out To Rob All Of Our American Dream. Vote DEM
Republicans Don't Love People. Republicans Only Love MONEY. Vote DEMOCRAT. The Ass You Save May Be Your Own.
artist: Twinner
title: No Action
Republicans Only Put the Action in the pockets of the Greedy Rich. No Action in your pocket. Vote Democrat---K
artist: Jim Stotts
don't get caught N the cross fire at rush hour N this growing small town//got the same main intersections for
Yep you heard me. I want to marry you all. It'll be fun. xxxxxxx ~L
Republicans Steal Our American Dream and hand it to the rich. TO Hell With THEM. We say wrestle it back. Belon
Michael Brown dying, ain't funny. Me kicking the ass of The New York Times for them badmouthing him, is f***i
artist: Twinner
A love letter (in the form of a song) to Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
artist: Twinner
This is The Forgotten Animal; This Is True Rock N Roll. Do NOT play this in the car unless you're on Open Hig
artist: Jim Stotts
changes N ages; comparatively speaking(from pumps to grocery bags and such); so on so forth//such and such,,et
Don't say I didn't warn ya, Clownboy. That's whatcha get. ~L
title: Piggies
"Piggies by George Harrison" ~ George Harrison
I am fast forward...I am rewind...I see everything in front of us...And every behind... I am MASTERMIND.
God is God by any Name. God Is Love. And God Don't Like Ugly.
artist: Twinner
title: Ponzi Fonzie
About the crooks so high rolling they always seem to get away with it.
Hey White Boy! Are you rich? No? Well then you're a n*gger too then, b*tch
Seriously, if you really need to totally kick some ass, bring dead guys. Message from George Harrison in "Ful
Okay. I'll explain this. Basically I hump the guy's leg with this one. I thought it was hilarious. Maybe ya'll
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Revenant the Sequel
I'MMMMM BAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!: Hi all, You remember me right? Good old Dave? Well they finally got that old bag of bones out of here and I am in the driver seat so,... Did you hear a knock? I better go see who it is... (sounds of footsteps walking away then creaking door opening) AIIIIEEE!!! No this can't be! I finally have it here all by myself and your cousin sends YOU of all things to keep ME company??? Oh, he is such a dead reaper when I get my hands on his throat! I know he is already dead you Nimrod! It is a figure of speech, you know a metaphor ... Hey!! You can't do this to me! (Sounds of struggle) This is sooo no...
In the mailbox: I got a letter from a fellow VS1680 user today that made me very happy and proud so I asked him if I could post it here. And no problem... here it is: Checked out your music. I like what you're doing. I must say you have raised my beliefs and expectations for the 1680. What I hear in your music is remarkable. I can't believe you did all that in the 1680! It is great! And since you play all of your instruments I can only imagine how long it takes for you to complete a song. I wish true musicians as yourself could be recognized in the world. Keep up the good work. /RonDu...
Commodore 64 and Vic-20 programming challenge: 358 bytes of Basic V2!: Write something (anything really) in just 358 bytes of basic code. (The .prg file can be at most 360 bytes). Why 358 bytes? Well, that's 1/10 of the memory of an unexpanded vic-20. Read more on the Denial and Folkvagn forums. Boing By Anders Persson Download: Programmed on a real PAL vic-20. Runs in both unexpanded and expanded mode. The NTSC version is tested in VICE only. PrgInfo By Anders Persson Download: That's right, it's a 358 byte version of this...
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