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We get it. You're confused. You need a map. Here's a map.
title: Get It Up
George Potor plays acoustic guitar and sings
Well, they're certainly the mouthpiece of evil. ~L
Featuring my Twin Sister, Laylana Lennon. ~L
artist: Jim Stotts
a taxing situation and how 2 lighten up; more or less B my guess
artist: Jim Stotts
pa was frugal with a bigger noodle; like back from D ole school
The Top Wealthiest One Percent Have Made N*ggers Of Us All Ladies & Gentlemen. They need to be Controlled... O
Both Twins are on this one, how fortunate for you all. ~John
Why I am Boycotting The Olympics. ~L
artist: Jim Stotts
like ma and pa/ we 2/ had no desire to kick the dog or cat when work day was through--(with kids N place with
Chris Christie loves to eat, he doesn't care about you or me, he'll leave us here on the street. ~L
artist: Jim Stotts
contrasts and blasts--memory's like reflexions like a rocket I reckon
title: Killing Time
"Time you enjoyed wasting wasn't wasted" - John Lennon
title: Sandman
PARENTAL ADVISORY: This N*gga Is NOT Playin'. ~L
And I work but get no pay...Making songs you dare not play. -GH
For God So Loved The World That He Sent His Son To Get Killed And Stayed Home Like A Punk. ~L
artist: Jim Stotts
it'll B easy to remember that 2014 winter(hear here)
We interrupt this song to wish you all a happy new year; Happy New Year!
Courtesy of Fox News - This just in, Analysts at last agree, Fictional Agent James Bond Drinks more than he ou
Phil Robertson is the perversion here. A&E can Go To Hell with him. Damn Duck Dynasty To HELL. A&E Puts Mone
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the solan goose
"N LONELY N SONG"...ON THE VERGE OF BREAKING INTO THE TOP 10!: "N Lonely N Song", cover of the Sesame Street Classic, done only as the Solan Goose can, currently at #12 on the Acoustic Cover charts....have a listen and help boost it into the Top 10....thanks/peace!
Revenant the Sequel
What Does Blogging Have to do with A Musician's Site? Pt I: Let me apologize right at the first people. I am sorry if I offend anyone who reads this, whether intentional or not. I have written nearly 50 blogs here at soundclick in the just under 90 days I have been a member and I am sure I have on at least one or more occasions, offended people, willfully or not, with my rather candid and personal blogs. This was the first site that I had ever blogged to and as some of you know, I did without Internet access for many years. Top that with an anxiety disorder focused on social interaction with groups of people that has left me a shut-in for months at a t...
Why?: Varfoer samlas alla maenniskor med talfel pa radio? Varfoer vill alla som inte kan sjunga bli artister? Varfoer aer ett soenderklippt spelkort fantastisk konst naer en kaend konstnaer klippt soender det och inte naer Johan Bengtsson i Grabohusgaerde gjort det? Varfoer aer det alltid rea pa Siba? Varfoer raeknas inte en arbetsinsats som arbete om man inte far betalt? Varfoer bygger de en massa fartgupp oeverallt? Jag har aldrig hoert talas om nagon som tycker om fartgupp och dessutom aer det miljoefoerstoerande eftersom alla bilar maste bromsa in och gasa pa hela tiden....
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