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artist: Jim Stotts
so far so good with snow accumulation's in this area/ hoping that "Only The Shadow Knows"---like Phil & that r
artist: Jim Stotts
out the pocket not the nose 2 save a few bucks/ duds
artist: Jim Stotts
some folks more up than down(sometimes)---& not all squares R round
artist: Jim Stotts
comparatively speaking/ between valleys & peaks--so ta speak
artist: Jim Stotts
a most entertaining yet eventful year N D ring/US N 4 a heavy wait/ it seems;(even corn has ears here hear N t
artist: Jim Stotts
a needle N D haystack/ this day & age--a new world a new way/ halfta say
artist: Jim Stotts
tic toc punch time clock/ round & round life's downs & ups; as the turn styles pop---some asleep some awake(N
artist: Jim Stotts
life N general/ no 2 the same(a shell of a tale)& a bit nutty
artist: Jim Stotts
time shows who's got the lucky horse shoe/ like hooves 2 a glove---if'n fits/ wear it
artist: Jim Stotts
politically speaking & in view of what all is happening; in that arena/ a boxer N his TRUMP Trunks
artist: Major Snagg
I've attempted to recreate the sounds and 'vibe' of that dangerous era... 1934...please excuse my German ! jus
artist: Tom Neilson
title: 18 Cows
In 1988, The Palestine town of Beit Sahour bought 18 cows from Kibbutz Hillel so that they could start a dairy
artist: Jim Stotts
words of wisdom/ that can rise to the occasion(thanks Don)
artist: Jim Stotts
takes time to catch on 2 a glitch/fix it if broken/ don't just wobble around with it
artist: Jim Stotts
the quarter goes without saying(N meter talk; that is)
artist: Jim Stotts
a perfect 10 for 10 days/ time 2 get out me painter & carpenter hats; over due (dud dudes)
artist: Jim Stotts
that's my political arena/one way the other/first a chip chip big deal gone & N2 an utter(more or less)---N a
artist: Jim Stotts
N the fire n the blueprints/ waiting to happen---as we live & breathe--a bit of friction N this fiction
artist: Tom Neilson
Endocrine Disruptor is a playful account of the danger of GMOs and a primary ingredient, glyphosate.
artist: Jim Stotts
prepared & served by that best dressed Scandinavian Chef/ that made my taste buds dance
artist: Jim Stotts
machines N time & quests U R on those new & 0ld horizons; all said & done---so on so forth etc. etc. etc.
artist: Jim Stotts
a wreck of a deal; those 2 aught to be mobiles
artist: Jim Stotts
when under the poverty line; sometimes
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