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artist: Jim Stotts
yep that was pa/frugal; yet, never a burden---as I recall pa(seriously/not funny but N a comical way; a sound
artist: Jim Stotts
Hit happens like holes N A guards grounds; comes around goes around..
artist: imlen
title: buggery
it was the law they aint having none of that
artist: Jim Stotts
when cot up N a twisted notion; if I'm not corrected//new days new ages up on diff. stages & what was once tho
A song about, oh, YOU. Which is why you don't like it. No. F*ck YOU.
For Rachel of the N.A.A.C.P. and for me. And for you too if you like. ~L
Various Facts That YOU Need To Know, About REPUBLICANS. x ~L
What's the difference between the Prophet Mohammed and the Prophet Bowie? Bowie you can draw.
artist: Jim Stotts
shaving a savings/ Ear 2 Ear & @ a bout 200 bucks 4 one year
artist: Jim Stotts
when roots have a tendency to move around; no longer stuck N D ground(save the SUV N order travel & leave home
FOX NEWS, The Most Trusted Name In Nazi Propaganda.
artist: Jim Stotts
as I recall my friend Mr. Bugle(man U R battle stations//dive dive dive)
artist: Jim Stotts
it's tornado season//so don't get caught on camera playing chicken( if you don't wanna get some teasing; with
artist: Jim Stotts
my older brother is no exception to that rule/ time & place
title: Nobody
Hello my name is Lesley Jane, and I'm running for Vice President of the United States. What. I'm less ambitiou
At Last. I Finally Understand Politics.
Here's a Themesong we made for Comedy Central's "The NIGHTLY Show" with Larry Wilmore. Larry! Larry! Larry-Lar
You Goddamned F***ing Republicans Are F***ing Killing Us All. Nice time to quit, Harry. Got enough money socke
The pros and cons of being a species courting its own extinction. Bit of cole slaw on the side, please. Our pl
Excuse me? Oh Really? Ted Cruz is Not an American Citizen. Not an American Citizen. Disqualified. Nice Try. Je
Inspired by a bit on Megachurches we saw on The Nightly Show. Bloody crazy isn't it. And they get away with al
Love, Peace & Harmony. It's Not Just For Hippies Anymore. So I said "John, do a peace one, make it good." He g
What, you don't think I of all people can say this? Ya'll seen my picture? But I use my Homo Powers For The Go
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New Computer Museum pictures: I have added more pictures to my computer museum. If you just want to se the pictures, then you can do that here: Vic-20 related Misc Amiga
Revenant the Sequel
Now For Something Entirely Different...: This is a widget produced by that allow me to clip up to 1000 characters from a page at a time and post them in a HTML Reader like this... I became a member of Clipmarks in September but I only recently discovered its versatility... If you like this widget and please check out the clips and comment on the blog comment option here on SC, then if the reviews from my friends here are good I will keep a reader here at all times to let you know where i am, what I am doing and what I am finding. Think of it as a mini blog and yes, I will still do my normal ones too. Thanks All, Dave ...
Revenant the Sequel
How I Spent My Post-Afterlife...: Thought that might get some attention... Have to tell you Fiends and Neighbors that it is an oven down here in W. Hell, TX. 91° and expected to be 97 by 3pm... Not a breeze or rain drop in sight (Good news with the Rain as it never lasts long enough and then the humidity makes it horribly oppressive for the rest of the day..) So, many have asked me what have I been doing... I could give you a veritable laundry list of the whys and wherefores of it all but suffice it to say I have been looking for a way out of this Hell-Hole. I guess that probably sounds rude to anyone down here but I am not u...
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