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At Last. I Finally Understand Politics.
Here's a Themesong we made for Comedy Central's "The NIGHTLY Show" with Larry Wilmore. Larry! Larry! Larry-Lar
You Goddamned F***ing Republicans Are F***ing Killing Us All. Nice time to quit, Harry. Got enough money socke
The pros and cons of being a species courting its own extinction. Bit of cole slaw on the side, please. Our pl
Excuse me? Oh Really? Ted Cruz is Not an American Citizen. Not an American Citizen. Disqualified. Nice Try. Je
Inspired by a bit on Megachurches we saw on The Nightly Show. Bloody crazy isn't it. And they get away with al
Love, Peace & Harmony. It's Not Just For Hippies Anymore. So I said "John, do a peace one, make it good." He g
What, you don't think I of all people can say this? Ya'll seen my picture? But I use my Homo Powers For The Go
More about the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time: Paul McCartney dies in 1966, and is replaced by look-alike Willi
Ringo Starr of The BEATLES just admitted that the real Paul McCartney died in 1966; and that he was replaced b
This is an issue of relevance for any recording artist. I reserve the right to express myself any way that wor
artist: Jim Stotts
try not 2 get the point//bigger they are harder they fall
I'm not really a beyotch, I just play one in your life. ~L
Jon Stewart Is My Brother. You F*ck With Him, You F*ck With Me. ~L
artist: Jim Stotts
there's always gonna B a few rotten apples(just off the top I can think of more than a few example's)); I mean
In my heart I truly believe President Obama Does Love America. Also that Rudy Guiliani only loves White People
Republicans are also worthless liars: It is THEY who have been Obstructionists Since Day 1 of Obama's Presiden
artist: Jim Stotts
thought I was more seasoned(spring, summer, winter or fall)--it's a dilemma; truly a riddle when caught N D mi
Crazy is a bit selective...Eddie Ray Routh chose to be defective. God Bless the Soul of Chris Kyle. ~L
artist: Jim Stotts
tid bits with bites/ dandy & right---how far can man go man???
artist: Jim Stotts
I once entertained the thought of hibernation; here hear's what I came up with/ on second thought..
Life Is Fatal... Don't Have A F*cking Cow.
The Truth About Republicans; They Gonna Lie In Your Face. They Wanna Do It Again. ~L
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