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artist: Jim Stotts
I gist just had 2 shoot(snapshot) that snow man that went off/ just off the top..
artist: Jim Stotts
long lines solid punch's/ votes vaults poles polls----politically speaking
artist: Jim Stotts
true story/ out on D trail with a tale
artist: Jim Stotts
sometimes gotta find the most pleasant place N D house to come out from down & under(also goes 4 D covers)
artist: Jim Stotts
poll poke stuff/ & gist just off the top/ skim cream---not 2 B confused with turtle soup
title: The Fruittis
The Fruittis has the introduction of the music of the spanish popular serie.
artist: Jim Stotts
life can B short/ like caught N a bubble/ more or less
artist: Jim Stotts
when a good idea is like a bulb that gist just came on/ been there done that---like with thinking caps(that's
artist: Jim Stotts
relatively(comparatively speaking,,, that is) ups & downs N life/ that's rat; cause's some temps 2 rise
artist: Andrew Lee
In honor of Black History Month, a song about cultural appropriation! Enjoy. :)
artist: Jim Stotts
hate it when they take those croutons off the menu/miss them when gone
artist: Jim Stotts
my best odd right hip ped pal ever yet
artist: Jim Stotts
turn back the hands of time/ hear here's a new plug 4 one of my brain worn's(& that's a lot of corn)
artist: Josh Gotcha
title: Soft Final
Instrumental done by
artist: Jim Stotts
on a maybe a smaller scale/& how we all half R very own headliners---hear hear
artist: Hilary
(Not suitable for young children)
artist: Philfy Phil
A love song. Well, about as close as I get to a love song, anyway.
Marieta - Georges Brassens, Es un muchacho excelente - popular. A Gilipollas excelente le anadimos El noveno p
artist: Jim Stotts
late snow/ late ducks(Santa's got all the luck; can't say same 4 lame laggin' ducks)
artist: Tom Neilson
commentary on the right to breast feed in public
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