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artist: Jim Stotts
check out the pick pic: 2 get the big picture/ tail 2 tale tale story(a bout R smarty pants cat)--he's even be
artist: Jim Stotts
worth a 1,000 words; check out me pick pic/ leap by leap---with a lively shot(I even followed him up to his cr
artist: Jim Stotts
went from the mist 2 here hear with this/with gist just a bit of a twist
artist: Jim Stotts
re-named here hear R new aristo-cat; that's rat(from Hobo to Elmer/& GIST JUST ALL that fast)---since R smart
artist: Jim Stotts
must B N Me blood; that feelin' to a livin' N a log cabin(got it from me carpenter pa/ me thinks)
artist: Jim Stotts
when big ole "Cottonwood Tree" was N his prime---vultures 2 a liking to him 2 perch & lurk N order to take a l
artist: Jim Stotts
plates & buns; that is(that hung over)/ tender & loin/ I ain't a lion
Write about a super-hero with a unique special ability.
artist: Jim Stotts
here hear's the pick pic to go along with it
artist: Jim Stotts
have you ever gotten U R self N 2 a pickle?//here hear's the real dill
artist: Jim Stotts
back when we were all young(er)----pools & rules/ no exceptions please
artist: Jim Stotts
check out the pick pic. with a leaf with a hang over on that NE corner on that eave
artist: Jim Stotts
it's a pressing situation/R cat putting lots loving pressure on R hand(have U been there done that???)----cat'
artist: Jim Stotts
when wrights right or left's all that's left; I'll half ta hand it 2 U
artist: Jim Stotts
true; as R kids grew/ one bunk red one bunk blue---picture perfect those 2pick pic: our sons bedroom top bunk
artist: Jim Stotts
check out Curly N me pick pic/ looks like the root of his problem(that's the quest)
artist: Frenz
featuring Martin Luther King jr-about the importance of today
A protest song about a search engine who canceled my account for no reason.
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