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A song in two parts faster pop-rock section followed by a slower sales pitch with slide guitar...
A gentle ditty with simple guitar accompaniment - OK with a bit of a funny fairgound organ in the background..
it's a song about Salmon----
artist: Jim Stotts
a cute cat tail tale true story that live across from each other/ pick pic not 2 scale(hey I'm not the artist
artist: Jim Stotts
we all fantasize from time 2 time(coming N 4 a landing/ roll out the red(Fred))
artist: Jim Stotts
with a pat on those tiny wings/with a friendly warning(one or 2 bees or more/it's not 2 B)---since I already g
artist: Jim Stotts
good or bad that's how it looks/ depends on the angles & the light(that's right)
artist: Jim Stotts
I had it half right/ with a sweater but had on my shorts(the thought gives me a chill/ as most had their long
artist: Jim Stotts
as I look around at some folks uses or lack of//when come to some garages(more or less)---with or with out
artist: Jim Stotts
Pikes Peak;& doggone steep(got me a golf ball as a gift from a lift/ more or less)---I've yet 2 get tee'd off
artist: Jim Stotts
one weigh 2 look at it/ pound per pound; all around---that's why I walk walk walk & walk(a lots)
Write a song about what you did this summer.
artist: Jim Stotts
KALEIDOSCOPE ART: I'll give it a try; gist just 4 starters(I don't claim 2 B smarter)---sisters & brothers// c
artist: Jim Stotts
a lid full is a lot; quite a measure(gist just ask any dip stick)
"Herbert The Moose Performing His First Brain Transplant". That's the full song title. Me and my friend Jens H
artist: Jim Stotts
more or less when comes to some Big Wigs; since of late I ain't been one(cut 2 the quick)
artist: Fugli
Fugli and Larry discuss pirates
artist: Jim Stotts
out on some trips dot to dot on the map/ hear here's to show 4 it/ I've been framed I've been robbed---as
One of the greatest entertainment managers ever.
artist: Jim Stotts
one thing 4 certain is change/ like tastes(Buds)
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