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title: Happy 20s
Version libre del tema Aint she sweet - Milton Ager.
artist: Tom Neilson
commentary on televangelism
Simon Schlosser sings his new song Pigglely with suggestions by his Dad Art Paul Schlosser
artist: Tom Neilson
song about climate disruption
Julio Iglesias in Game of Thrones. Unexpected.
Mozart as a secret agent.
artist: Bodiemusic
Brian Ferarra - Bass & Carl Voice Bodie - Guitars, Drum Sequencing
artist: Stockwrock
there's a whole lotta love in my kitchen!
so bossman----Captain Turnipseed----thought it would be funny to have a song where its screaming "I got a bug
Rocio Durcal in the Star Wars cantina. We made it posible.
title: Boogie Mario
A boogie arrangement of probably the most famous theme of Super Mario: Ground theme - Koji Kondo.
artist: The Smivets
title: Foglights
These really do make me see red
artist: Matt Tyson
Wrote this a long time ago after watching a Benny Hill episode. Finally got around to recording it for posteri
A little humor goes a long ways....and so JBBQ included this lively, happy, jazzy tune about New York City as
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Sin V Style
Instrumentals :: West Coast
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Revenant the Sequel
This is Halloween and I'm the Pumpkin King: At this time of year I alway get a bit busy. For over 20 years now I've been designing costumes, creating FX Make-Up, and acting as a consultant for people who want to have a great Halloween costume but don't have the time to get one or are afraid they do not have the creativity to make one work. Making molds for latex pieces, painting the finished product, drawing patterns and writing directions on how to apply, take off, touch up, etc. I tend to be busy from the end of September all the way to early November. I try to have my clients do their own application and dressing as it takes up a to...
Friggebod: Nu skall man ju snart fa bygga en stoerre sorts friggebod. Undrar vad den kommer att kallas? Lejonborg kanske, eller andersborg? Och om man drar in el i den sa blir det vael en bodstroem.
Revenant the Sequel
2 Weddings and my Funeral: Queen of Hearts pt V: Sorry, rough couple of days and my body is rebelling for the stress I put it through for a week or so. Oh Well, that's my life -- Back to our story. After the movie, we really did become an "item." We were madly in love and we seemed to share a bond that went beyond words and actions. I could "feel" her presence when she was miles away and thinking about me. She would pick up the phone to call me just before it rang from me calling her. It felt like together we were a greater whole than the sum of the parts. (I want to point out here that many of my constant readers have asked me why I'm wr...
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