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artist: Tom Neilson
Song about the relationship between guns and tampons
artist: NEON MAX
Comedy Joke Jam The drummer for N8 and Rick Jones messing around between songs at a rehearsal. NOT a studio
artist: Axl (73)
Messed up jam about santa, extremely wasted made up as we go along kinda thing.
artist: GRUZMUS
title: Hey Kolya
Kolya you is not enough alcohol?
title: Cuna de gato
Cuna de gato se refiere a la Cancion de cuna (Wiegenlied op. 49 n 4) - Johannes Brahms.
artist: Andrew Lee
Fourth track on my new E.P., "Why We Exist".
artist: Andrew Lee
title: Skin Flute
Second track on my new E.P., "Why We Exist".
artist: Andrew Lee
title: No. 1
First track on my new E.P., "Why We Exist".
artist: Andrew Lee
title: Bob Yo Haed
Fifth track on my new E.P., "Why We Exist".
artist: Andrew Lee
The first single from my upcoming E.P., "Why We Exist". :)
title: 80s medley
El medley de los ochenta se compone de cuatro temas, a saber: Still loving you - Klaus Meine, Rudolf Schenker;
this song was inspired by cats running away from cucumbers on internet video.
title: Mambo Vader
Mambo Vader es una version libre del Mambo No 5 - Damaso Perez Prado, con algunos anadidos de la BSO de la Gue
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Dagbok: Jag hittade nagra gamla almanackor fran naer jag var liten. Det var kul att laesa dessa gamla dagboksanteckningar om olika saker jag lekte med och vem jag lekte med etc. Jag skrev inte varje dag men i perioder. Haer aer i varje fall ett kul exempel fran Januari 1984 (da var jag 10 ar gammal): Mandag: I dag grillade jag korv i en snoe-kamin sam jag hade jort. Tisdag: I dag grilla jag korv och ost Onsdag: I dag har jag grillat Aepple Torsdag: I dad braende jag mig i ansiktet...
New tune - New video: Boray 2009: New tune - New video: Boray 2009 Here it is on YouTube or on my homepage.
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