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artist: Jim Stotts
some times feel shredded some times not/start at top 2 think inside of the box
artist: Jim Stotts
story my life & maybe others//a pea picking cute little nutty one 4 some
artist: Jim Stotts
pa had a funny way of saying some things// like chair 4 there or cheer 4 here(almost comical//from the old sch
artist: Jim Stotts
if I could go back; some changes I'd gradually do/ easy and slow go with the bow
artist: Jim Stotts
back as a kid & kinda bored on the farm//N the pig lot & how I rode it offhigh & out of a saddle//a sight N my
artist: MGlennM
Tongue in Cheek- again.
artist: Jim Stotts
shopping stores like never B4//seats/ carts and all with backs 2 the walls(isle have to say); it's a new day
artist: Jim Stotts
push come to pump//prime it tid bits 4 a dip stick
artist: Jim Stotts
it's a matter of peers/click here hear 2 B a seer/like degrees Btween U & me N order 2 share
artist: Jim Stotts
me still grown' up with little piggies that got & really took off(slop and all)
artist: Jim Stotts
some know their marbles better than others; some easier 2 find inside or outside the line
Happily, what ALSO happened in Garden Eden DIDN'T stay in Garden Eden: The Luvin' AFTER the Applebite - ha/lol
artist: Jim Stotts
fridges and kitchens/ likely N most houses(jest an opinion)can't think of one
artist: Ascenzion
Energetically written for the June 2014 Clickers Club Challenge. Say Whaaat?
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Instrumentals :: Pop
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We goin up thru dere: Wuz hannin', 1 mo 4 today. May 29 I'm headd up north to Detroit, Michigan 4 a wedding and a couple days of partyn. If u b up thru dere hit me up now n let me kno. We can bull sh** n party n get high sip on's wateva...I'm rentn a truck n ridin up dere wit my aunt age 22...if u fell wat u hearn hit da baddest up play
Damn!! School Back In. Free Dre Boi!!: Yo wuz good. Hope every1 had a good christmas n a new Year. Man the older u get the mo f*** ed ova u get. Santa clause cheap az ain't get me sh** 2 nutn.LOL!!. On top of dat my homie Dre Boi, u probably seen him on da news Andre, got jammed up. Dats some f*** sh** . Dat n*** got 4 counts of felony charges. i don't think nobody can help his ass. Think bout his bail/or bond charges. Wat n da F*** is da world comin 2. FREE DRE BOI!!! n*** i no yo ass aint on here but 2 show some support we still workin on da situation. Keep ya head up n b bold not foolosh wit 12. i don't like dey kanivin' assess ...
Revenant the Sequel
One Man, Many Personas Part II: Death is the ultimate escape from problems and he will succeed if not discovered. A story? Fiction? Psychiatric Case Study of Multiple Personality Disorder? No. None of the above. He suffers Bipolar disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder. In other words, he would be a shut-in if he was depressed and never manic. There are other disorders but I will not try your patience with more. When mania is upon him, he can be funny, hyper, a brilliant talker and very charismatic. He is often a person whose ideas are contagious as is his attitude. He can also be surly, agitated and callous. He is usually hy...
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