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artist: Ron Elliott
My song is based upon a story told to me by Mayo Firestone.
artist: Ron Elliott
Ron Elliott and Mayo Firestone use to be Seriusslee; now, it's history. Mayo wrote a guitar track and I added
artist: Tony Quinn
Point The Finger Written by Tony Quinn & Yvonne Quinn (c) 2017 A&YQ Music UK Take 98 Comedy
artist: Andrew Lee
The radio edit of my newest single, "No. 1".
artist: Tom Neilson
Song about the relationship between guns and tampons
artist: NEON MAX
Comedy Joke Jam The drummer for N8 and Rick Jones messing around between songs at a rehearsal. NOT a studio
artist: Axl (73)
Messed up jam about santa, extremely wasted made up as we go along kinda thing.
artist: GRUZMUS
title: Hey Kolya
Kolya you is not enough alcohol?
title: Cuna de gato
Cuna de gato se refiere a la Cancion de cuna (Wiegenlied op. 49 n 4) - Johannes Brahms.
artist: Andrew Lee
Fourth track on my new E.P., "Why We Exist".
artist: Andrew Lee
title: Skin Flute
Second track on my new E.P., "Why We Exist".
artist: Andrew Lee
title: No. 1
First track on my new E.P., "Why We Exist".
artist: Andrew Lee
title: Bob Yo Haed
Fifth track on my new E.P., "Why We Exist".
artist: Andrew Lee
The first single from my upcoming E.P., "Why We Exist". :)
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tony quinn
KNIT YER OWN I-PHONE !!: Desperate for an i-Phone? I don't know what the world is coming to, but check out this knitted iPhone. Frankly, I think it's cooler than the Steve Jobs version. Save $800 !!! Hurray for mommy power, that's what I say! And say NO! to Apple and YES! to knitting your may not work, but is it really going to be that much of an issue if it doesn't?
Revenant the Sequel
A Very Sad Tale Part II: They did not care about the voting results or a contest at all, they cared about the number of votes as that was the indicators of whether people were drawn to read the blogs here or ignore and gloss them over. I knew from the moment I proposed this question to the publishing house that the real meat of the poll was just how many bothered to take notice. I was bound by agreement to not say anything about the underlying reason for the poll because I agreed that no ballot box stuffing would happen and that if someone would beat the drum for votes it would not be me beyond a personal appeal to a ...
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