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this song was inspired by cats running away from cucumbers on internet video.
title: Mambo Vader
Mambo Vader es una version libre del Mambo No 5 - Damaso Perez Prado, con algunos anadidos de la BSO de la Gue
artist: Seriusslee
A song that pretty much speaks for itself...
title: Happy 20s
Version libre del tema Aint she sweet - Milton Ager.
artist: Tom Neilson
commentary on televangelism
Simon Schlosser sings his new song Pigglely with suggestions by his Dad Art Paul Schlosser
artist: Tom Neilson
song about climate disruption
Julio Iglesias in Game of Thrones. Unexpected.
Mozart as a secret agent.
artist: Bodiemusic
Brian Ferarra - Bass & Carl Voice Bodie - Guitars, Drum Sequencing
artist: Stockwrock
there's a whole lotta love in my kitchen!
so bossman----Captain Turnipseed----thought it would be funny to have a song where its screaming "I got a bug
Rocio Durcal in the Star Wars cantina. We made it posible.
title: Boogie Mario
A boogie arrangement of probably the most famous theme of Super Mario: Ground theme - Koji Kondo.
artist: The Smivets
title: Foglights
These really do make me see red
artist: Matt Tyson
Wrote this a long time ago after watching a Benny Hill episode. Finally got around to recording it for posteri
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freelion productions
This week a new song: I have been working on a song since yesterday and I finally finished with it just that I still have to record it so very soon you will hear the song there is story to tell about the song but i will not say now because it will make you know what is going on in this world so I will like you to llisten to the song your self and keep it secretly to your self.
#14: My latest tune, Wordless Envoy is right now #14 on the Progressive Rock chart! That's a new high for me. My previous top position was #18 with "Jupiter" and "It isn't fair".
Revenant the Sequel
Playing with the Queen of Hearts: Queen of Hearts pt VI: I was a dead man and I didn't have a clue. I hoped my Mother (who always was the more strict parent) would come to love Wendy in the brief time we had to make good. That and I bet on the whole "small town in California" story. A lesson to learn, when bluffing, never bet against a player with a stronger hand showing. By the end of the 1st week back, Mom had talked to a cousin who lived in the small town and found there was no JP there. (In my defense, I have to say that I picked the town off a road map and never had a clue that my way-too-far extended Family had any knowledge of the place let ...
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