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A parody of the "Irish Washerwoman" a traditional reel of Ireland. This poses the question, "Why do dragons al
artist: MyndsEye
It's all about the food.
artist: Soulja Boy
title: Doo Doo Head
Shes A Doo Doo Head Her Mouf Stank!
I've got a hole in my pocket where the money runs out!
artist: MWAYbob
Comin' after you
artist: Worm Quartet
The ultimate Worm Quartet ex-girlfriend song.
artist: Dr Lakkis
Stixoi: Vladimiros Theodoridis, Enorxistrosi: Lefteris Matapas, Hxografish: MTPS Studio
artist: Firetruck
Song about everyones favorite child molestor, Micheal Jackson
artist: Cosmos II
title: Digitized
Short ditty complaining about the conversion of images of real life into digitized form.
A romantic title, right? Check this out, and for sure you'll want me to sing this song at your wedding!
A true story. This song is dedicated to our friend Ivan Stang. PRAISE "BOB"!!!
artist: Rachel Stone
Satirical upbeat song about plastic surgery.
A Capella Metal is the underground. All 'instruments'-Matt Henderson, Charles Perry, Mark Hawkins.
artist: colm
Lisa Taylor and I co-wrote this fun little ditty and this is my son James debut single.
artist: hygh tymes
jus somethin i felt like doin okay???
artist: ThrowedOff
This is for everyone who's cell phone is a peice of crap! lol Its pretty funny. Listen!
artist: Crazy Al
Funny parody of "Hate It Or Love It" by The Game
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Revenant the Sequel
Can a Man live without Heart and Spirit?: I was writing a very insightful look at the vagaries of Fame and Fate as well as Luck and Fortune, and how that the world seems to have gone from the Information Age to the Hall of Shame Age. A very good piece, I will admit when it seemed that Fate and Luck decided to crash the Party and derail my Blog by dumping it from the system. All Right. I get the picture. The above named "Forces" of Human Nature decided it was time for me to quit skirting the issue and leaving only vague signs and omens of what I've been up to. That other Blog (which I assure you was VERY GOOD, Damn It!) will have to wa...
Mode: Om man skulle lata en av dagens haeftiga ungdomar aka i en tidsmaskin till 80-talet, sa skulle han daer bli betraktad som definitionen pa en toent. Byxor som haller pa att trilla av och.... MOeSSA! Pa 80-talet var det urtoentigt med moessa, till och med naer det var minus 20 grader ute. Men jag vet inte vilket som aer baest egentligen - att frysa oeronen av sig eller att frysa aendan av sig... ;-) Var tid kanske har sin plaga om man vill se cool ut. Det kanske aer daerfoer det heter "cool" foerresten. (Cool = Kylig). Kallt alltsa. Om man vill vara cool sa skall man frysa nagonstans... Men det ...
Let us know: Check out our page and musix show us love, give us advice, critic us. We are an up and coming christian rap group and we are just trying to use our gift to bring the word to people. The songs that you hear are not done and we having been in the studio we just did it at the church! So please no cursing just let us know, We appreciate it!
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