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artist: Jaiz
Download this song @ A comedy track abou
Our first recording of the 'Donald, Where's Your Trousers Medley' went so well I couldn't help but parody the
artist: Cosmos II
title: Digitized
Short ditty complaining about the conversion of images of real life into digitized form.
artist: Kart Nisch
Kart har en jobbig granne
A true story. This song is dedicated to our friend Ivan Stang. PRAISE "BOB"!!!
artist: MyndsEye
It's all about the food.
artist: Nova Blaq
Str8 Drop comedian freestyling on da get silly beat
This is a medley song i wrote and that Nathan Allen Pinard orchestrated and assembled
artist: TBSG
title: Vit jazz
Yes till jazz
artist: nodak89
We will be back for more 19, 19, 1984!
artist: Soulja Boy
title: Doo Doo Head
Shes A Doo Doo Head Her Mouf Stank!
artist: ThrowedOff
This is for everyone who's cell phone is a peice of crap! lol Its pretty funny. Listen!
artist: dj scotti
south park remix with PARTYBOY!!!!!!!!!!!
Pt. 1 of a chapel service message I did @ Bethel University in Minneapolis Minn.
This Song Needs a Male & Female Vocalists for a duet of this - Love Ballad For The Lonely
artist: Worm Quartet
The ultimate Worm Quartet ex-girlfriend song.
A nifty little ditty about, well, Mexico. Features mouth trumpet by Justin.
One of the greatest entertainment managers ever.
artist: Matt Tyson
a Brian Wilson-esque take on the in ultimate in fidelity.
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Meet Me in Your Dreams: New song: Meet Me in Your Dreams Lyrics: Meet me in your dreams, now Seems like that's the only way Meet me in your dreams, now Seems like that's the only way What should we dream tonight? What will you dream tonight? (Btw, my last tune, "Near but far away", stayed in position 4-6 for over a week. :-) )...
Ord: Vad aer det foer fel pa ordet "alderdomshem" egentligen??? Nufoertiden kallas det "aeldreboende" istaellet, men vad betyder det ordet egentligen? Ett aeldre boende. En aeldre form av boende alltsa. Det borde ju betyda att man bor i ett omodernt aeldre sorts hus alltsa, som t.ex inte har rinnande vatten och toalett inne. DET aer vael ett aeldre sorts boende. Ett "aeldreboende". Dessutom aer det ju sa att en person som aer 90 ar noedvaendigtvis inte behoever vara "aeldre". Det beror ju precis pa vad man jaemfoer med. Om man jaemfoer med en 100-aring sa aer ju 90-aringen yngre och borde alltsa...
Visit lengths: 6.5% of my website visitors stays longer than one hour. But note that it isn't really possible to see how long those "less than 5 secs" have stayed on the first page they entered, just that they didn't load another of my pages after that...
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