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artist: Jaiz
Download this song @ A comedy track abou
artist: MyndsEye
It's all about the food.
A drinking song for the Jedi
artist: Ascenzion
Energetically written for the June 2014 Clickers Club Challenge. Say Whaaat?
artist: Cosmos II
title: Digitized
Short ditty complaining about the conversion of images of real life into digitized form.
Happily, what ALSO happened in Garden Eden DIDN'T stay in Garden Eden: The Luvin' AFTER the Applebite - ha/lol
Everybody Know Bakin' is a Thugs Passion!
I feed' em what I can
A Capella Metal is the underground. All 'instruments'-Matt Henderson, Charles Perry, Mark Hawkins.
artist: Soulja Boy
title: Doo Doo Head
Shes A Doo Doo Head Her Mouf Stank!
CS-farsan sjunger om sig själv
I've got a hole in my pocket where the money runs out!
This song is from my movie, Associate Professor Evil Kills All Ninja Looters
artist: Ganimead
Hurricane Frances passed leaving my Florida home in a terrible mess. At the beginning you will hear the actua
A romantic title, right? Check this out, and for sure you'll want me to sing this song at your wedding!
artist: Dale Clark
A comedy song of terror and mayhem as recalled by an insane old geezer. Not really for little kids or the sque
artist: Worm Quartet
The ultimate Worm Quartet ex-girlfriend song.
title: Incidental
#3 on's Goth Alternative Charts. Going to the Dentist is always a good time. What better topic
The debut song for my CD, 'The King of Christmas Crunk.
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Sin V Style
Instrumentals :: Club Bangas
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Flawless Tracks
Holding On To Her *Free DL*
Hip Hop
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Revenant the Sequel
A Very Sad Tale Part II: They did not care about the voting results or a contest at all, they cared about the number of votes as that was the indicators of whether people were drawn to read the blogs here or ignore and gloss them over. I knew from the moment I proposed this question to the publishing house that the real meat of the poll was just how many bothered to take notice. I was bound by agreement to not say anything about the underlying reason for the poll because I agreed that no ballot box stuffing would happen and that if someone would beat the drum for votes it would not be me beyond a personal appeal to a ...
Revenant the Sequel
What Does Blogging Have to do with A Musician's Site? Pt I: Let me apologize right at the first people. I am sorry if I offend anyone who reads this, whether intentional or not. I have written nearly 50 blogs here at soundclick in the just under 90 days I have been a member and I am sure I have on at least one or more occasions, offended people, willfully or not, with my rather candid and personal blogs. This was the first site that I had ever blogged to and as some of you know, I did without Internet access for many years. Top that with an anxiety disorder focused on social interaction with groups of people that has left me a shut-in for months at a t...
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