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Instrumentals :: Dirty South
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Snow in ATLANTA? WTF?!: many of y'all dat live here kno how rare it izz 4 it 2 snow n da south and it had snowed n GA...not once but TWICE!!!! ppl went krazzy but not me (i have lived n Germany, Texas, and Colorado) but still it's like a record the last time it snowed was more than like 7 (just guessin') yrz go...idk but 2day u cant tell it ever snowed...the sun izz shinin and errythan' >:P *sigh* if it snow like 1 more time i think i might need yall 2 pray 4 me that i dont do sumthin' real stupid (like run 'round naked ) j/k but ...
Revenant the Sequel
The Loss Was Almost Too Much To Bear: In order to honor the victims who died 6 years ago today, this Blog will not contain any of my Gallows Humor or Morbidity. If you want that, no offense, look at my past stuff or go away for a while. This is a day for remembrance for this country and it is a day that my family has had to be prepared for since I was a child. Thousands of innocent people lost their lives, loved ones or were badly injured on that day and the United States was changed forever. I choose not to comment on what I personally think of the road this country is on since then, for this is not the time, There will be a time...
Wuz da move : Wuz good. Yall missed me I missed yall I been offline for a while. I'm n class just chillin'. Had 2 shout out to some of my homeboys. Mickey Mouse, Fred, Dre Boi, sh** every1getn jammed up. Yall need to hit me up and let me now what da move is. Hit me up when u get a chance. F*** witch L8er. $$" Gutta @ Sexy 4 Life"$$
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