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artist: Steve Bryant
A parody of Kids from Bye Bye Birdie. Dedicated to the Duggar family.
artist: Envs
The equivalent of turning Charlie's Chocolate Factory into a drug house.
artist: James Speedy
Derivate work of 'Hey There Delilah' by Plain White Tees. Video available at:
artist: Zone Beats
Gucci Mane, Travis Porter, Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross & Waka Flocka Freestyle Prod. By Zone Beatz. Watch here: ht
artist: Cosmos II
Song in Russian about a typical bureaucrat who acts like a tsar in his own little world
title: Don't Sleep
This classic parody of No Doubt's 'Don't Sleep' is about Freddy Krouger and Nightmare on Elm Street. I wrote
When one strips away the garments of song; and takes a notable look at the bare naked parts...revealed - with
title: Nintendo 64
A tribute to the classic old-school video game system. A parody of the Beatles' 'When I'm 64', complete with M
artist: Tim Mayfield
Parody of Pretty Woman
A parody to a possibly-recognizeable 70s tune, telling the (true) story of a measles outbreak in Liverpool. B
artist: Blaydeman
Parody of "All Summer Long" by Kid Rock.
artist: Brent Jowers
In Polk County, we make it rain pulp with some pure citrus harvesting tycoonery! Beat by Youtube user "Beat Pe
artist: Insane Ian
While Ke$ha's song "TiK ToK" extols the love one slut has for a night of drinking, parties and clubbing, conve
artist: Medemia
Parody of Elton John's "I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blue"
artist: Odd Austin
title: Taco Bell
Parody of The All-American Rejects hit song 'Gives You Hell'.
Boomer explains and sings his Niagara Falls promotional song that he entered in the "Boost Niagara" contest. T
artist: Jeff Reuben
Parody of Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus. Had to be done after surviving the Great Quake of 2011! Back
artist: Primatus
By Lubke Seid, and John Dominique.. enjoy
This is a song I wrote a long time ago for a comedy show at my high school.
Mickey Avalon song spoof.
artist: Lani Boo
title: Lani-licious
Fergie Parody
artist: ickest
Parody version of Ickest's Holiday from Class Project of, comedy one-man show.
artist: Mike Gritt
Baba Booey Song Parody Contest - Finalist
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Revenant the Sequel
This is Halloween and I'm the Pumpkin King: At this time of year I alway get a bit busy. For over 20 years now I've been designing costumes, creating FX Make-Up, and acting as a consultant for people who want to have a great Halloween costume but don't have the time to get one or are afraid they do not have the creativity to make one work. Making molds for latex pieces, painting the finished product, drawing patterns and writing directions on how to apply, take off, touch up, etc. I tend to be busy from the end of September all the way to early November. I try to have my clients do their own application and dressing as it takes up a to...
Revenant the Sequel
Playing Solitaire without The Queen of Hearts:QoH pt 1X: Given a lack of choices, though it did not really matter what I wanted it was what I had to do, and after finding myself completely alone in a town where I knew no one but family and complete;y isolated from my former support network; the depression came back with a vengeance. I sank so low I prayed for the seizures to kill me. I still had feeling though and this was good. When I start feeling numb, I start to head toward that Dark Side of my Soul, and I never want to experience that again! I sank so low that when the chance came to divorce myself from my old life came I took it. I hate myself...
Mode: Om man skulle lata en av dagens haeftiga ungdomar aka i en tidsmaskin till 80-talet, sa skulle han daer bli betraktad som definitionen pa en toent. Byxor som haller pa att trilla av och.... MOeSSA! Pa 80-talet var det urtoentigt med moessa, till och med naer det var minus 20 grader ute. Men jag vet inte vilket som aer baest egentligen - att frysa oeronen av sig eller att frysa aendan av sig... ;-) Var tid kanske har sin plaga om man vill se cool ut. Det kanske aer daerfoer det heter "cool" foerresten. (Cool = Kylig). Kallt alltsa. Om man vill vara cool sa skall man frysa nagonstans... Men det ...
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