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artist: Zone Beats
Gucci Mane, Travis Porter, Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross & Waka Flocka Freestyle Prod. By Zone Beatz. Watch here: ht
artist: Cosmos II
Song in Russian about a typical bureaucrat who acts like a tsar in his own little world
artist: Al Coy
I'm sure everyone who's visited the 'Folk Scene' will have encountered something like this; perhaps at a sessi
title: Gnarly
A Darwin theme song!
title: Nintendo 64
A tribute to the classic old-school video game system. A parody of the Beatles' 'When I'm 64', complete with M
artist: James Speedy
Derivate work of 'Hey There Delilah' by Plain White Tees. Video available at:
artist: kLumzii
Just listen to this and you'll laugh, ughhhh those dirty sluts..
artist: Insane Ian
While Ke$ha's song "TiK ToK" extols the love one slut has for a night of drinking, parties and clubbing, conve
Combined tribute to two of our early influences, Bruce Springsteen and Mister Rogers. Pretty good track if you
artist: Envs
The equivalent of turning Charlie's Chocolate Factory into a drug house.
artist: ickest
Parody version of Ickest's Holiday from Class Project of, comedy one-man show.
artist: McKludge
title: Oh MacGyver!
A parody of Holy Diver by Dio.
Art Paul and his Son Simon sing a classic parody to Jingle Bells and you can sing along !
funny song abouyt a guy who gave up smokin the glass pipe
This is a parody of "Tomorrow Belongs To Me" from the Broadway musical "Cabaret".
It seems most Cats in the Music Business have a BIG DEAL on Beats. In respectful Comedy Parody JBBQ created t
A parody to a possibly-recognizeable 70s tune, telling the (true) story of a measles outbreak in Liverpool. B
a demo for DePotorLand wherein George Potor plays guitar, bells, and all vocals
artist: Rick Cormier
Here is a Christmas parody I hope you will find amusing. Merry Christmas!
This is my lyric version of 'Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer' using a bluegrass track I purchased on Amazon
artist: Medemia
Parody of "Shattered (Turn The Car Around)" by O.A.R.
artist: EmiLoca
title: Japan!
Parody of Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" about Japan and its myriad... stereotypes.
artist: Odd Austin
title: Taco Bell
Parody of The All-American Rejects hit song 'Gives You Hell'.
A little ditty about the odd places one can choose to, as Nike says, 'Just Do It'. A parody of Garth Brooks' '
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Revenant the Sequel
Let's Have an Open Invitation Shall We...: I guess I have become a bit more philosophical in the last few weeks or so than I have been since my days in College. I was never much of a "soft" humanities student but took my share of poli-sci, philosophy and human studies. I have always leaned more toward Literature, History, Archeology and Anthropology. I even played with the idea of following my childhood dream of being an Archaeologist, but ended up in the relatively "safe" area of Lit. Mind you, I'm not complaining; I have done very well for myself as a writer even if it did take 20 years to catch on with the public at large. I know ma...
Wordless Envoy: New tune! My first recording of my new guitar amp! I hope you like it. Here it is: Play Wordless Envoy.
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