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title: Loki
One of two parodies on the Modern Mayhem album of Lady Gaga's Judas
artist: James Speedy
Derivate work of 'Hey There Delilah' by Plain White Tees. Video available at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=
artist: Karyn
If you're a regular in the Coffee Haus then this will mean something to you!
artist: Envs
The equivalent of turning Charlie's Chocolate Factory into a drug house.
Parody of "Coming To Take Me Away" based on Bill & Monica's Excellent Adventures!! You've been warned!!
#2 on SoundClick.com's Comedy Parody & #4 on Garage Rock Charts. This song is a true "rocker." The lyrics are
Marijuana is LEGAL for medical reasons in SUPER SMOKIN'GUITPLAYER's State. So he started smokin' Pot as medi
artist: Cosmos II
Song in Russian about a typical bureaucrat who acts like a tsar in his own little world
artist: Jeff Reuben
Parody of Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus. Had to be done after surviving the Great Quake of 2011! Back
A Star Wars version of the Eagles' Hotel California, about Tatooine's favorite alien hangout.
Parody of "Hello Kitty" by Avril Lavigne
Boomer explains and sings his Niagara Falls promotional song that he entered in the "Boost Niagara" contest. T
artist: Drumnjon
The diabolical "Eparg" trys to get the studio ship's most valuble asset! The Battle Begins to protect the carg
artist: kLumzii
Just listen to this and you'll laugh, ughhhh those dirty sluts..
artist: Max DeGroot
A parody of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" by The Tokens.
This is a song I wrote a long time ago for a comedy show at my high school.
artist: Insane Ian
While Ke$ha's song "TiK ToK" extols the love one slut has for a night of drinking, parties and clubbing, conve
Mickey Avalon song spoof.
artist: Medemia
title: Bill Shatner
Parody of O.A.R. song, "Shattered (Turn the Car Around)".
artist: Odd Austin
title: Taco Bell
Parody of The All-American Rejects hit song 'Gives You Hell'.
title: Silent Fart
The old SBD on the elevator trick - Silent Night parody
artist: Mike Gritt
Baba Booey Song Parody Contest - Finalist
title: Irreversible
Parody of 'Irreplaceable' by Beyoncé about being hopelessly lost thanks to some irreversible directions.
artist: Mark Hawkins
My silly little version of the birthday song. http://www.myspace.com/shredmark
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Instrumentals :: Dirty South
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Revenant the Sequel
The Breakfast Club Quiz: I found this quiz on MyYearbook, one of the sites i have to maintain as a rule by the publishers. I occasionally like Quizzes, they can be fun and even tell you about yourself. You all remember I wrote a tribute to growing up in the 80s not to long back and called it "We Were the Breakfast Club" and if you don't know I was a brain and a Jock in HS (One of the nicknames I was given was "Jocko") Funniest part of all is I was a State Champion Wrestler and that and being a Brain kept me out of detention. Never went, not once! Try some of these quizzes. They are fun, insightful and sometimes hilar...
Snow in ATLANTA? WTF?!: many of y'all dat live here kno how rare it izz 4 it 2 snow n da south and it had snowed n GA...not once but TWICE!!!! ppl went krazzy but not me (i have lived n Germany, Texas, and Colorado) but still it's like a record the last time it snowed was more than like 7 (just guessin') yrz go...idk but 2day u cant tell it ever snowed...the sun izz shinin and errythan' >:P *sigh* if it snow like 1 more time i think i might need yall 2 pray 4 me that i dont do sumthin' real stupid (like run 'round naked ) j/k but ...
Getn dis money: If u n the Atlanta area, or around it n u got the 411 on a job. photo shoots, modeln auditions,n.e thing u got a connect on hit me up. Ya gurl a petite thicke sexy redbone. Ima I got dat connect on the green if u kno wat i mean. We doin BIG thangs
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