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title: centrum
SMZ 2017
artist: Arto Rusi
title: Requiem
Strings, Piano, Choir, and Violin.
title: rytm
SMZ 2017
artist: Computer Age
title: Africa 5
Composiciones musicales New Age - Electronica Computer Age 2016
peaceful track in ethereal setting
title: daj!
SMZ 2017
title: mrok
acoustic mode: okinawa onkai
title: fast1
SMZ 2017
title: teneta
SMZ 2017
title: bejdewinde
acoustic mode: okinawa onkai
Rhythmically driven (almost march-like) medieval soundtrack piece with a broad, heroic theme to accompany the
title: 360
SMZ 2017
title: son
SMZ 2017
title: czudowa
SMZ 2017
title: de
SMZ 2017
title: nawesni
SMZ 2017
title: de ty? (2)
SMZ 2017
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Instrumentals :: Rock
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Oren Productions
Oren Productions is owned and operated by Derek Oren. Derek has been sampling, editing, and arranging orchestral music since he was 14 years old.
Cliff Rose
"Pathetique Movement 1"
Let me play you Beethoven like you've never heard before, with guitars, bass, drums, strings, and synths.I hope these recordings of my modern arrangements will encourage young players to delve into experimenting more with classical music.
Leonard Bernstein, an American original: 2008 will be a fabulous year for Leonard Bernstein as the anniversary of what would have been his 90th birthday is celebrated all over the country. And the first event is right around the corner. Philadelphia Orchestra Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts Leonard Bernstein Festival: January 10-12 and 15, 2008 Dallas Symphony Orchestra Pays tribute to legendary musical genius Leonard Bernstein January 17 - 19, 2008 Morton Meyerson Symphony Center Philadelphia Orchestra (continued) January 17-19 January 23 and 25 January 24 (Access Concert) January 31 and ...
Aida Ópera - Música e Historia:: Ambientada en el Egipto faraonico, narra la historia de amor entre Aida, una princesa etiope, pero esclava en Egipto, y Radames, militar egipcio y comandante de las fuerzas que ocuparon la tierra de Aida. A este amor se oponen Amonasro, padre de Aida, que exige venganza, y Amneris, hija del faraon, que tambien ama a Radames. En noviembre de 1869, el Khedive de Egipto, Ismail Pasha, pidio a Verdi que compusiese un himno para la inauguracion del Canal de Suez. Verdi, en un primer momento, rechazo la propuesta de componer musica incidental, pero comenzo a barajar la idea de componer una opera....
One Eye Production Fundraiser for Documentary about Homeless Veterans: One Eye Open Productions Austin, Texas Producer, Camera, Editor Vicki Trusselli Producer, Still Photography Mike Greene Between the dark and the light of the world. We all focus on light and dark and the grays between the light of day and the darkness of the night.The sun lights up the day, the moon and the stars light up the night sky. The clouds roll in the dark, the clouds roll into the day, the rain pours, the rain stops. The rainbow appears between the night and the day over the clouds. The sun shines bright. The moon shines bright. One Eye Open Pro...
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