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artist: trinitychoir
Organ Prelude for the Eleventh Week After Pentecost Sunday 8-24-14 (9:30). Organ - Brian Larson. Praise the Lo
artist: trinitychoir
Organ Prelude (Three Morning Hymns) for the Tenth Week After Pentecost Sunday 8-17-14 (9:30). Organ - Brian La
artist: Le Bassiste
title: Eternal
A pianist and a acoustical bass player having fun together...
artist: trinitychoir
Organ Prelude for the Ninth Week After Pentecost Sunday 8-10-14 (9:30). Organ - Brian Larson. Praise the Lord!
artist: D-D-Praz
A preview of work in progress. This is the completed orchestral accompaniment, as written -- instruments only
artist: trinitychoir
Organ Prelude for the Seventh Week After Pentecost Sunday 7-27-14 (9:30). Organ - Loretta Wolff. Praise the Lo
title: Misterio
Piece for solo guitar by Maximo Diego Pujol
From 1991 or maybe 1993 - just a bit of homemade pan tuba
This is a piece I wrote to use in a dance scene in my film Corridors of Darkness.
title: Heavy Wood
The second movement of Maximo Diego Pujol's Cuatro Preludios y un Postludio.
artist: trinitychoir
Organ Voluntary for the Second Week after Pentecost 6-22-14 (9:30). Organ - Loretta Wolff. Praise the Lord!
artist: trinitychoir
Organ Prelude for the Second Week after Pentecost 6-22-14 (9:30). Organ - Loretta Wolff. Praise the Lord!
artist: trinitychoir
Organ Pelude for the Holy Trinity Sunday 6-15-14 (9:30). Organ - Debbie Fasanello. Praise the Lord!
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Kurt Lewis Neufer
Classical General
"You Are My Angel with Harp and Strings"
My love expressed with music....
Dean Krommydas
Classical General
"Of Times Gone By - Quintet"
Composer for your creative projects, commissioned performances, arrangements, film, tv, and gaming scores. Also available for sound design & production.
Cliff Rose
"Pathetique Movement 1"
Let me play you Beethoven like you've never heard before, with guitars, bass, drums, strings, and synths.I hope these recordings of my modern arrangements will encourage young players to delve into experimenting more with classical music.
Oren Productions
Oren Productions is owned and operated by Derek Oren. Derek has been sampling, editing, and arranging orchestral music since he was 14 years old.
First Blog.: Well I've been on soundclick for a while but I've not payed attention to things as alien and strange as "editing my profile". So far its just been a place to upload my music so I can link people I want to hear it to it. Hopefully more will be uploaded soonish...I've taken a break from composing as my computer needs updating to run new software properly. Still - back on track next week so all is well! Keep the fire burning....
citizen dolly bitch-hog
A Few General Observations On The Record Industry: The record industry is f*** ed up. It produces crap, boring, stupid music which challenges nothing and it's only apparent purpose is to make money for the swine in suits. Yet music is a wonderful thing: it's ability to communicate thoughts, feelings and ideas is perhaps unrivalled. It is one of the key elements in our culture; it's something that helps define our personal identities in a way which no other art form does. It's the basis of the lifestyle and even world view of tens of millions of people round the world. It means something. But the music being churned out by major record label...
rich beyond cash
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