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artist: Pat Carr
An acoustic blues song that we can all relate to in these times of economic uncertainty.
artist: Evan Paul
title: Reflections
CD:"Spirits in the Sky" A bluesy feel to this song with celtic overtones, it is played by classical guitars,
This is an old Albert Collins Tune.
Everybody feels this sometimes.
artist: blucas
title: Setting Sun
A soulful, laid back groove.
artist: Kit's demo's
A Christmas song about lost loved ones. You can be sure those lost family, friends and pets are in Heaven, an
Winner of Best Female Solo Artist at the 2006 International Online Music Awards, Melissa Forbes' soulful voice
title: Slow Blues
Played live in studio with 9Sur as back up band
Hey I played keys/guitar on this one. Don Carroll played sax in last movement of tune, and this new version
artist: 70x7
A live room recording of 70x7 at Bellevue Gospel Chapel on July 29, 2007.
artist: Guitarboy
Guitarboy's Instructional DVD at*Written by Guitarboy* Co-produced and engineered by BB Chung Ki
artist: Paul Tyler
Words and Music by Paul Tyler. Production Mix and backing vocals by Nick Snaden. Thanks Nick.
title: Summertime
Sabina Paulss-Brandau (vocal) Veli Mehmetoglu (Guitars, Bass, Percussion, Bluesharp), homerecorded by Veli
artist: clayville
CS-356 over an old BT I found in my stash. Recorded direct with a Womanizer pedal, a bit of delay and reverb a
artist: Carl Wyatt
Recorded live for the Ennis Blues society, while on our Irish Tour in 2002
Blues like the way it was played in the 60s. Hear the slight rock connection in it.
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Blues General
"Closer To Home"
"Built For Comfort sees Texan born Haynes leading a band of Northern Territory(Australia) locals in a warm and tasteful selection of country and blues flavoured soul."
Devilz Cash
Blues General
"Devilz cash boogie 2.mp3"
I have been playing guitar for 40 years and I really love the blues, but I am well versed in Rock And Country. My influences are my Dad who taught me to play as well as Johnny Cash, Elvis, and muddy waters and My wife Nikki
Blues General
"The Truth Express: 77 rpm"
" Renaissance Wave Radio " is a spiritual audio movement...Musikreativ offers you music that lives and breathes, excursions of the heart for the heart!
Richie Barron
Blues General
"Rather have the Green than the Blues",Richie Barron & the Funk 'n' Bluz Crew, hard hitting in the Oakland tradition, the original dance party jump blues band with a funky, tower of power edge.
Maggot Brain :
Swamps joins Michael Duran for a tribute to Eddie Hazel and the 1971 era Funkadelic band
Check me out in JAPAN folks....NOW FREE MUSIC IN MY WHOLE SITE!: Heard many years ago that someoe is selling my music in Japan by changing my voice level....hehe, well.....spotify and others too..... Believe in it? comments yet... Just I know that someone obviously is finished with me right now...I am used and ...well...sigh.... So people, if I cant enjoy money for me and my kids as I have been working for 6 years... I let them free..... FREE DOWNLOADS and embrace the world with it Even in JAPAN::::: Sivan Goodnight...
NOT JUST ABOUT NOTHING: Sometimes I think I have plenty to say ( I am considered to be a big mouth at times. ) Other times I have very little to contribute. I always think of The Jerry Seinfeld Show and how he described its concept. He told interviewers that this was a show about nothing. Well that curiosity made the show last through I can't remember how many seasons. People could hardly wait to see what nothing they came up with each week. My BLOGS are about something to me but I know for anyone reading them they mean nothing in particular. That is why I decided to always finish my BLOGS on a note that means somet...
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