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artist: Pat Carr
title: Carolee
Hard-edged blues/rock with some great guitar work, about losing track of someone you love.
artist: Evan Paul
The second collab with the amazing Lana J Albert. I had it easy on this one, just guitar, she did the whole th
title: Thief
Recorded live at the Salvation Saloon Waterin' Hole Easter Sunday service on 4/20/14
artist: Guitarboy
Guitarboy's Instructional DVD at*Guitarboy-Lead & Slide Guitar, BB Chung King-Lead & Rhythm Guit
title: SHADOWS
This song has a very Trower-like feel to it. Dedicated to our sweet German shepherd, Shadow. R.I.P.
artist: Max Headroom
My take to a wonderful backing made by hayman3030. Thanks Wolfgang.
artist: Lady Dove
A Rockin Blues, Country Experience!
artist: Ed Drury
If you've been bottled up for awhile, this is for you.
artist: buddaheads
title: Train Train
The devil and the blues seem to go together. It's a rockin' hard ride straight to HELL.
artist: MGlennM
A breakup song with a twist end.
I've been silent long enough. Trying to get a nice tone with my Epi Dot. Snipplet of me jamming along to a r
artist: Cosmos II
Bluesy song about how many of us are working all the time, with too little time to play
Hello To All Who are in spiritual battle. Anybody like the Blues??? Well this one is Blues Rock in my opinion
artist: Bellegante
title: Long Time
Some people put up with things for A Long Time.
artist: Haven Head
Song about a true story of a fellow who was confused and didn't know where he was. This is a Colorado Mountai
An original gritty blues with an unconventional form - inspired by guitarist Chris Vachon and Room Full of Blu
artist: fatnecks
Rhythm and first lead section recorded on a LP Classic with Skatterbranes, 2nd lead on a 57 RI Strat I build w
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Haven Head
Blues Rock
"Baby Please Don't Go Live Holland"
What the blues is all about. Feelings and expression. Guitar and harmonica.
Doc Jazz
Blues Rock
"21st Century Blues"
A #1 Soundclick song (category BluesBlues Rock) from the new Doc Jazz album 'inSURGency'! Guitarrock('n roll) type of stuff, with a funky beat.
Kevin Schafer
Blues Rock
"The Mysterious Professor Tweak"
Not since the likes of Jeff Beck and a young Edward Van Halen, has there been a more explosive guitar player!!Invasion from Planet K, is the 'old school' real deal!
Lady Dove
Blues Rock
"Losin' My Mind"
A Rockin, Blues Experience!
Finish the Kitchen: For the first time, I tried to post a song in my signature file, along with the graphic for it. What a pain that was! I looked up the BBCode for it, and meticulously copied it in, only to find it was showing with [img] tags. Blargh. The song in question is called "Finish the Kitchen", which you can find here. I had recorded an acoustic version of this years ago, and realized this week that I've never posted this anywhere! I had posted a terrible country waltz version of it at, but not this, which is v...
A.D "This Life": We are proud to announce the launch of A.D. - "This Life", an album dedicated to Adrian Styer (A.D.) & featuring some of his most loved songs. Adrian Styer was an evangelist who reached out to those struggling with drug & alcohol addiction. After being set free from years of substance abuse & giving his heart to Jesus, Adrian answered a calling on his life & started visiting various rehabs on a weekly basis. It was there that he started sharing the Gospel with people through his music. Soon he founded the Christian Friendship Community & he started hosting 4 annual adventure camps & any...
Updated song: Rico just updated his old "American Nightmare" tune with a newer studio recording and added lyrics. This is more of an acoustic, folky song than the heavy gruvin' blues you may be used to from Rico's Gruv.
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