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"Nights' sable curtain descends upon the seas!"
artist: Idiot Sin
Over Land and Snow from Idiot Sin III. Nick O - Keys and Production Idiot - Electric Guitar
artist: Faunaserene
THis is a song Michael allowed me to write lyrics and sing upon.......He did an amazing job on this song the s
artist: Faunaserene
THis song is about a little picture I drew of a little girl inundated with drops of rain........I call her RAI
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
free sound samples for your creations: Recently, while searching the web for free/open sound files for my new open-source DAW (LMMS), I stumbled upon this marvelous site called It is basically a place where you can download and upload clips, samples and sounds for free. It is completely legal and legit, equipped with knowledgeable moderators that check for plagiarism and tomfoolery. All you have to do is credit the user whenever you use a sample or clip from this site in one of your songs. Anyway, check it out and enrich your sound bank!
Folks, I need your Votes, please support me and my music.: Hi everyone, I hope you're all doing great. Please, I need your Vote for this track 'Tomorrow Doesn't wait' Vocals by Shelly Rann @ Song Written by TJWay & Lloyd A. Kyrk I would really appreciate your support. I've been on here since 2003 and I have supported many of you, and I am really hoping to count on you to support me back. To cast your votes please connect with Facebook first as Votes are only counted and tracked through facebook connection. If you are on facebook, please also friend me at: so that we can support one another...
Letter to Lan (part VI of VI): A Winter's Tail cont... Laughing and lifting the box to my eyes While cooing as I had in the beginning I got to admire my friend again now caught in my little tin prison Of me he didn't seem the least bit afraid nor mind my gawking over how cute, and clever, and incredibly small he was Oh, what a nose! Especially when viewed from up close, so stacked and compacted not to mention this most extraordinary serious appetite, even for mice Certainly, it was high time to expel him from this tasty side of paradise! Creature comfort corruption convinced me to find a place far...
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