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Taking one of my own to the "DFX" Butchering Block,with Vocal 'Harmony's' from HELL!!
And the "DFX" steam train keeps laying down the tracks,hammering into submission the Peter Gabriel classic!!
artist: Faunaserene
i DID MY OWN DRUMS......FIGURED OUT A LITTLE SECRET ON MY NOVATION.. YAY......coupled with some sequencered dr
Out on the high plains,as we be rolling rolling rolling over (with a "DFX" BULLDOZER!) the classic TV Western
A "DFX" Original!! Out-of sorts swing beat set to free form acoustic Jazz!!
It's just a jump to the left DFX....then a step to the right DFX,as I make a wild UN-tamed thing out of the "R
title: DFXFMC-Spam
ALERT! ALERT! Bloody VIKINGS armed with Egg,Bacon,Delay FX & SPAM on the loose!!
Holy 'Lost in Space',Will Robinson!! Getting Roly Poly in the DFX Restaurant!!
Totally whacked out "DFX" juxtaposition of the two songs! Why? Why ask WHY?
And the Multitrack Man in back said everyone attack,& it turned into a "DFX" Blitz on Sweet's classic!!
Off the deep end "DFX" treatment of Nilsson's classic!
artist: TarnationUSA
(Bass, Guitar, Vocals - Tar Nation) (Drums, Guitar - Glennbo) (Guitars and Keyboards- Polymod)
artist: JamBits
title: Elementary
All Instruments - Glennbo
Total "DFX" Anarchy with the 90's One Hit Wonder!!
My warped 'DFX' treatment of the Statler Brothers trailer trash classic!!
Another out-of-control Delay FX workout,with a warped "Tribute" to the OX Man himself (Creepy Crawly indeed!!)
title: H e l p
This is one of my very best songs, it has all I like: good melodies, very much variation of rhythms and of rea
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
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Tribute to Rock: - "Tributo ao Rock" (Tribute to Rock) was the final event for a 15 days show of different folkloric cultures from several countries of the world. That concert happened in 17 August 2008 at Nova Petropolis, South of Brazil. Adrianne and Zozimo performed in an union of country rock band, choral and the local wind orchestra. You can check a moment of the good and old Rock'n'Roll at: Johny B. Good by Chuck Berry...
Ariadawna Willowsweet
Friends Ive a new one with Drumnjon a must hear..: Jon and I were recording from my new Alesis multimix 8 and he came up with this gorgeous drumtrack...I immediately went and listrened and felt this song come through...I titled it Hero of is is so majestic and insprational I think youll agree it is Jons finest performance...and my most passionate and insired playing....THe name of the tune is Hero of Love... enjoy........
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