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21 August 1968, the dream of Spring of Prague, of Liberty and Freedom within a Socialist System has been dream
A story about two lovers who were separated by external conditions and now they meet after many years and both
From the album, "The AntiSocialite". originally released on the Mike Ash album, "ASHLIVE".
title: The Show
From The Album, "The AntiSocialite". originally recorded in 1999 during the sessions for the Mike Ash album, "
title: Good Night
Night is the Queen of Dreams and Fears
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
It's in the past. But it was a good time after all.: Band of Asians were an SF post-hardcore band I formerly played rhythm guitar and temporarily pursued a music career in. I've met several close friends and acquaintances during my high school and community college years, and sharing a similar passion and interest for performing and recording rock and roll music, brought myself and my former bandmates together to create one major album in a Daly City recording studio (2006 release "Revenge") and tour with local bands Tinkture and Scarlett Bombs across San Francisco on-and-off during 2007 with KLC Productions. We've attempted many times to land a...
I'm ditching console gaming for portable handhelds like PS Vita.: As far as video gaming goes, I'm thinking of ditching console gaming for handheld gaming devices. I hate having to upgrade to a new Xbox or PlayStation every 5 to 6 years and having my PS2 become obsolete right away. Plus I don't get a chance to buy the next generation of game consoles until 3 years afterwards when the price actually goes down. Then BOOM, another few years later another new gadget comes out and my Xbox 360 becomes obsolete. It's a pet peeve of mines. Having to upgrade to new technology right away when something I love and use suddenly becomes obsolete. Plus handheld gaming dev...
X-COALISION - The Dream of One DownWinder/X-Man - Marooned Media Arti: A Coalision/Consortiun of Writers , Artists , Musicians, Performers 'All Other Concerned ! To Promote the Institution of One Simple Principle as the Foundation for all So Called " Human Rights ' A Judicial enforments of Lialibilites Based Upon the Democratic Principles of Human Equlity! Just This !!! " NO EXPERIMENTATION WITHOUT PERSONAL AUTHOERSATION !!! "Until this is truly acomplished All Other Human Rights Issues are No more than a conceptual Illusion !! PLEASE ANY Writers , Artists , Musicians , Performers , All Concerned !! HELP to form this Coalision/ Consortium Promoting this P...
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