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artist: Faunaserene
THis is a song IVe written and am playing and am singing because I am just mush.. water inside of it
artist: Kelton Ree
title: Heartbreaker
Whatever we meant to each other * Is gone and lost forever
My cover of the classic 80s hit by The Church. Did this for fun, so vocals are not perfect.
artist: Kelton Ree
title: Saw An Angel
Dedicated to T&C...I never really knew * How love could change everything
artist: Eddy-209
title: love
A Song about a Woman with Alzheimers, based on my 7 years working in a nursing home.
I need to add harmonies changes but then i wont upload it, me on eachs instruments as always... In fruity loop
artist: RAY GARCIA
title: Voyager- 2
Rock Balled--Lyrics by Carol Garcia... Vocals & music By Ray Garcia...Sorry it took so long for me to put the
artist: Kelton Ree
Goodbye old friend * In the end * We take the road that sets us free
title: Ballad in G
Instrumental guitar ballad with no frills and a percussive background. Relax and enjoy.
artist: Echolalia
Cover of Young Marble Giants track from the Colossal Youth album
artist: Drumnjon
artist: Procks
title: How it hurts
written for my Daughter
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
Avant Rock
"The City Awakens"
Soundtrackbased rock influenced by Angelo Badalamenti, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Rush, The Cure, Thomas Dolby, Yngwie Malmsteen, DJ Shadow and the Alan Parsons Project among others.
my guitars: oh my guitars , my guitars made entirely of cardboard and cheese. oh my soul brownish grey the coulour of cardboard. everything in my music scrap yard infused. no no no glittery new york type of s/crap. the eastern european nonsensical rubbish bin sound and timbre. slightly anarchistic Polish polish/varnish on them home spun productions. the shape of the bins majestic and good old europeanesque. the graveness of the ones experienced in wars and wars of attrition, gin gis khan fool proof. strong luxuriant stuff. and theres gonna be more. by the dozens...
FAQs. What is Fact and Fallacy?: I noticed I've been bombared with questions as it pertains to whether or not, I am what I am. People been wondering if I am legitimate based on my claims on my other websites or if things were really accurate or not. Here's some of the FAQs I will answer for you? 1) Are you single or taken? At the moment, I am currently in a relationship with my friend Jenny. I know it's been a struggle of mines to come to terms with being SINGLE but I actually will be devoting my spare time to a female I admire for her personality and how it relates to us. I don't know how long this relationship will last ...
*~* I LOVE YOU GOODBYE*~*: Experiencing love or true love is one of the most happiest thing a person can experience in life. No words can express how happy that person is. Sometimes you can do crazy things unusual things and sometimes stupid things when you`re in love. Unfortunately,although love can be the happiest feeling one has ever felt, it can also be the most painful experience a person may encounter. breaking up or ending a relationship is one of the most hardest thing to do in life. In life,unexpected things always happen and sometimes you can do nothing but to accept it even though...
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