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We Lit w/Hook (Tory Lanez x Travis Scott)
Instrumentals with Hooks
Hook by Komo. Prod. OT BEATZ | Instant Delivery: http://myfla.sh/cugau | MP3- $40 | WAV- $65 | Premium- $80 | Email KomoBeatz@gmail.com for Exclusive Price. Twitter/IG/Snapchat: @KomoBeatz. KomoBeatz.com | *CREDIT MUST BE GIVEN*
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A little musicial fairy tale, news from TheLast100
and the universe answered back..
Metal Health Dept. made appt.
artist: Carlo D'Anna
This is my take one of the most fascinating mythical creatures in North America. A rampaging Wendigo, out to d
Blazing Gibson SG back w an axe to grind Johanna- Gibson SG, Bass, Keyboards,
artist: BLiNdEd
Collaboration song by Ryan HC, featuring BLiNdEd
A song about deciding to leave a relationship that had gone bad.
artist: Phrygia
title: Ridonculous
Track with Phrygia and DP (of Phunk Junkeez)
lyrics /vocals written & performed by Bill Johnson aka Leatherface of Tobe Hoopers Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.
title: Crazy
A hardcore alternative metal song with driven guitars, fast drums, screaming, samples and loops elements.
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
Yeah so 1st blog ever... is that good? who knows, not me that's for sure. Haven't been here and ages but i love this place, good music. Pretty board so yeah i have nothing to say.... later
may ngay roi....: e nho .....,muon giu loi hua, muon moi chuyen binh yen ma sao e cu mai the nay...ngay 1 ngay xa anh la 1 ngay nho, 1 ngay mong...nhin thay anh ,co to ve than nhien...vui ve...nhung...sao e thay nan wa...biet ko co ket qua ,sao e cu mai co chap?....neu co 1 dieu uoc luc nay...e uoc e lang quen...nhu giac mo ko that... xa xoi.........ko con nuoc mat de khoc nua...cam giac kho chiu lam lam khi muon khoc ma chang the khoc cho nhe nhom...muon vuon toi 1 dieu j do...nhung bat luc wa'.........
Buying the rights to my beats Part 1: Hello this is Griffin many artist have been asking me why do I lease beats insted of have thema s a buy out? The reason why is the same artist that ask me these question are broke and can afford to buy the exclusive. That's why I have been lesing out my beats untill an artist is ready to buy. Leave me you comments on what you think about this blog
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