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artist: Monkey Toast
Very catchy lick with quite a few different parts including drum and baaaaaass
a song project ive been working for upm polis contest no. i play all instruments horns come from my casio keyb
let us remember the old gas lit legend of springheeled jack, jack the ripper's mysterious paranormal cousin...
artist: khaki snack
title: Barnone
getting canned on christmas
title: Bad Day
This is a Skaish/Reggaeish/Rockish song.. just take a listen, it's damn good!
artist: Ska-ker Moms
The song we recorded for the Cleveland High School Rock Off Finals Version 6 CD
Zak's superhero side shines through in a song reverberating with California ska flavour.
The illest song about a captain.
Bit more punky than our usual cocktails... it's got a guitar solo as well woooo!
How do you find that Perfect Someone; they might be right next to you and you may not see them!
artist: Sista2Sista
title: Sk8er Boi
Another one of Ashley's demos
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
vi` do' la` em: mua tam ta~....uot' ...nguc ao' uot' da~m, mo^i run lap cap,suy nghi~.....co doi khi....muon tha? minh trong gio',muon tan theo mu*a....de cam nhan. gio' luon` wa toc',dong` nuoc tuon doc theo so^'ng lu*ng.....cam xuc la. lam~,lan~ lo^.n.....hmmm......dau moi thuc su la`em?..... biet rat ro dieu minh muon', dieu minh can`...nhung lai ko bit ...minh` se~ danh' mat' thu' j....moi thu' cu' troi wa....sao ko niu' keo' lai du chi 1 lan`?.......
key of david
The Singer : The singer from my latest song, "The Greatest Gift" is Melani Ezzell. She is an amazing singer, in my opinion at least, and she also happens to be my mother. Although most things I plan on doing are instrumental, I am glad that I have someone with an amazing voice so close to me when needed.
My Music Entrepreneurship Q&A w/ Brian Butts: Patrick: Here's the questions I was gonna email you for the midterm project to answer. I'll see if I can adjust them in some way when I get to write my assignment on my computer. I'll start where we left off. 1) Nowadays independent musicians don't have to rely on record labels to get themselves heard musically anymore. How do you separate between musicians now doing self-promotion via Internet nowadays as opposed to being signed to a record label? Brian: That's a tough question. Sure, everyone has the ability to self-produce, self-distribute, and self-market. But that also becomes a p...
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