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a song project ive been working for upm polis contest no. i play all instruments horns come from my casio keyb
let us remember the old gas lit legend of springheeled jack, jack the ripper's mysterious paranormal cousin...
Tango ska con pachanga y un toque de crocancia..
Driving horns with a high energy modern swing yet classic ska sound.
Cant get much better than sesame street ska
artist: Nothing Less
Another ska song about selling out... ;)
a bit more chilled and rocky biut still with ska and this tim girlie vocals :P
artist: The Cracks
The Cracks get funky.
its a well rough recording but just let us know what you think
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
Facts about Patrick Lew (Taken from Patrick Lew is a solo Grunge musician who promotes his music via Internet on websites and had his name featured on articles in a few music . Patrick Lew is indeed a Living Legend. Notes for match writers: Patrick Lew is a very charismatic and multi-talented wrestler and individual. Patrick Lew is tagged as: Patrick Allan Lew was born in San Francisco, California in November 1985 Interested in music since age 6, he bought his first etc etc. Patrick Lew is a very complex young man. Patrick Lew is the 10738th most famous musician on the Internet. Only Patrick Lew is the original...
Snippets of my music career and MORE: Whilst still under construction, Patrick Lew created a lot of music which he felt the Dexter Rotten project could use as an alternative to his one-man band Patrick Lew‘s Band. Dexter Rotten musically is a punk-fused Glam Metal band, with Lew playing rhythm guitar, bass and singing on the recordings in the studio. He later advertised Dexter Rotten online, and began playing mysterious low-key shows locally in the East Bay in towns such as Pleasant Hill and Walnut Creek under disguise along with other musicians dressed in 80’s Glam Metal costumes. He put out Dexter Rotten’s demo album via Interne...
Affirmation: Life goals: -- Become a successful hard rock musician and person. On my own terms. -- Have a good and very happy marriage with the woman I love. Lots of love and fun times. And maybe 3 children. -- Play guitar or sing in an early 90's influenced grunge band. Since the other bands I played music in were filled with drama and egos. -- Do some acting in independent or Hollywood movies without having to play stereotypical kung fu Asian acting roles. -- Not let the best of my past, current issues or people get to me. -- Graduate college and get a good paying job. -- Compromise everything aro...
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