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artist: Article 57
title: So Long
Catchy Ska Song that you will enjoy!!
let us remember the old gas lit legend of springheeled jack, jack the ripper's mysterious paranormal cousin...
Max's first demo...vocals are an octave too low...oops...horns recorded with trumpet setting on Patrick's keyb
This song talks about that fat and lovely girl friend than everybody have had, at least, once in a lifetime. (
artist: Can't Do It
title: 4th Street
When you're in St. Pete, go out on 4th Street in the middle of the night and you can make some new friends.
artist: Tusker
title: Turtles
New demo
title: Claire
One of our fan favorites. Off our new EP along with 5 other songs.
Cant get much better than sesame street ska
artist: Bughead
title: Karma
Sad song about a friend who died.
artist: Nothing Less
Another ska song about selling out... ;)
artist: The Smivets
Italian reggae - it doesn't get any more chilled than this!
The complete title is "Cebuano Indios Attack At Dawn Magellan's Estero Bites Resort". This is a working class
This tune is an epic that was written about Soviet Russia and Communism.
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LAST NIGHT 2 (DG x Jurd) *NEW*
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
Hello everyone at Soundclick: Hi everyone, Hope you're all doin' fine! It's been a while since I've been here so I just want to say thank you to everyone who has dropped by and listened to our music. And thank you for the comments. We appreciate your views very much! Anyone interested in buying our album can now do so through our myspace page via Paypal. I'm just about to upload one of the tracks entitled, 'I'm Doin' Fine'. Warm regards to all you music creators and music lovers! Renee xx...
The Heart Of A Champion: Yesterday I took a huge hit when I was denied by I Tunes that I couldin't have my sound click link on my cd cover. Yet I still keep going. I been denied many times it's just someone trying to knock me. But I get back up and keep going, I will never give up on my dreams and work to becoming free. That a heart of a campion!
My daily prayer: Remember, he is and was and is to come. There is only YAH. Everything is YAH. He created all things according to his plan and purpose. Live in YAH, Love YAH, Worship YAH. And only YAH .There is no other. Not above or below, Nor has the ever been nor will there ever be. Nothing is impossible for him. he is not a man that he should lie, Not a beast that may be driven mad, not an idea to be changed by the wind. HE IS OUR FATHER, CREATOR, SALVATION. Our everything. Our hearts belong to you father, our minds to you father, Our very being to you and only you, We choose not to worship idols of wood,...
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