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artist: Ron Gragg
This is acoustic rock progression recorded on my Alvarez. It's basically an acoustic sketch with Bass, Drum an
artist: Cosmos II
If we trash the Earth with global warming and deaths of species, there's no other hospitable place in the Sola
artist: Oberhofer
title: snow rave
My version to a Aussensaiter Backing (AJ 125, www.aussensaiter.de) by Martin Rudkowski. Blueridge BR183A with
artist: Procks
take it easy...
title: Courageous
John Pfeifer - Vocals, guitars, sound effects, piano, synths, bass, music/lyrics; Matt Scott - Synths, sound e
artist: Graham's Cat
title: Ride
Alt-tuned acoustic guitar with junk percussion.
artist: Bellegante
A Strange Morning.....
title: Evening Song
an acoustic rock arrangement, using only 6 tracks. I hope you enjoy this release
artist: Jennae
This is a upbeat gritty ditty on guitar with a bluesy little vocal jam.. (in progress)
Just a good rockin' blues song
Acoustic, Electric, bass, drums, vocals, and COWBELL! All instruments and vocals by me. Drums by Zoom.
artist: Silvertrain
title: Misfit
I've got to get away...
title: Time
Two guys and one instrument
The horror of war. It's always romantically portrayed but yet such a nightmare experience !
part acoustic, part rocker. lot's of harmony.
artist: Andy Roy
I still have your picture and it's hanging on my wall....
artist: Rick Droit
Today MAURICE SENDAK passed away at the age of 83 - As a Tribute I am Posting A song from the new album, title
artist: Big Blue X
Tell your spaceship to come home
artist: Joey D Vela
title: The Call
An ode to overcoming the fear of change as well as the fear of uncertainty by facing them head-on
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New School
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
kit mann
Brand New Song: Set Me Free w/Harry Edgar and Phil Johnson: Hey Everyone it is finally done. Set me Free w/Harry Edgar and Phil Johnson. This song lyrics and music was written by all three of us and it is a southern rock/blues but kicking song. This is also the first song where I added a slide guitar that I played, been teaching myself how to play slide. I use an electric guitar slide work in the chorus. I hope you enjoy the song. Kit Mann
New Australian Collaboration: Hi Everyone! Just a note to say that I just finished a Collaboration Tune with my Good Friend - Terry Fry - from Brisbane - "Down Under". Is called "Morning Mists". His original Track was along the lines of a Newage melody, but after listening to it and adding the Spanish Guitar and a "smattering" of vocals - it turned out to be something quite different! Have a listen and see what you think! ---- Thanks Again for Visiting! David...
Sister Phyllis
Woman and a Fork : Woman and a Fork There was a young woman who had been diagnosed with a terminal illness and Had been given three months to live. So as she was getting her things 'in Order,' she contacted her Pastor and had him come to her house to discuss Certain aspects of her final wishes. She told him which songs she wanted sung at the service, what scriptures she Would like read, and what outfit she wanted to be buried in. Everything was in order and the Pastor was preparing to leave when the young Woman suddenly remembered something very important to her. ...
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