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artist: Ron Gragg
This is acoustic rock progression recorded on my Alvarez. It's basically an acoustic sketch with Bass, Drum an
artist: Cosmos II
If we trash the Earth with global warming and deaths of species, there's no other hospitable place in the Sola
artist: Graham's Cat
title: Ride
Alt-tuned acoustic guitar with junk percussion.
It is estimated that by the turn of the century in Africa there were some 120,000 childsoldiers. Currently the
artist: Bard of Ely
An old song recently recorded
artist: Andrew Cowan
title: JC Boogie
Acoustic guitar jam performed with my Martin JC-16ME Aura.
artist: Andy Roy
I still have your picture and it's hanging on my wall....
artist: Max Ford
This song was written for my beautiful wife in 2011.
artist: Gordy Papa
For my mother and my friend. May she forever keep dancing
title: Courageous
John Pfeifer - Vocals, guitars, sound effects, piano, synths, bass, music/lyrics; Matt Scott - Synths, sound e
The horror of war. It's always romantically portrayed but yet such a nightmare experience !
artist: Mark Mowers
title: Mister
A song about anyone who thinks they're better than anyone else. AIC 'jar of flies' type sound.
artist: Procks
take it easy...
artist: Tony Seo
Powerful new music for the acoustic guitar
artist: Joey D Vela
title: The Call
An ode to overcoming the fear of change as well as the fear of uncertainty by facing them head-on
That's Where I'll Go, (c)2003 Cindy Miller/BMI & Chuck Crowe/BMI
artist: Silvertrain
title: Misfit
I've got to get away...
Convincing a friend that all is well.
Just a good rockin' blues song
artist: Bellegante
A Strange Morning.....
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
you took your love away- beat "love or die": v1-December was our first month together and all that i went through, i went through dem for you and now when i thought you were gon' hold me down you're no where to be found. you took ur love away, tell how did it end up this way C-cant be w/o cha cant be w/o cha baby cant breathe w/o you cant breathe w/o you cant see myself livin w/o you baby oh tell me why, would you wanna be w/o me baby is this a mistake? cant i cant be w/o you cant be w/o you baby oh. V2-And, let me start off my sayin "first of all, no matter how hard we fall, you always will have my heart" And maybe when s...
My first song upload: I wrote a song for my wife. I finished it today and uploaded it. Kinda nervous because no one has ever heard anything that I do. It's a weird little song, but that's what came out so I stuck with it. It has a Beatleseque quality to it and I'm really happy about the accordion part in the middle. I'm still working on mixing, but practice makes perfect. My wife is little with different colored hair (it's blue right now). She runs a tattoo shop and is the head body piercer. She's the funniest person I know and she treats me like a god! For example; when I say I need to spend $800.00 on a new piec...
vic sadot
Broadside Balladeer Blog: Broadside Balladeer Blog:at Discussion of songs like Bourbon Street, Broadside Balladeer tribute to Phil Ochs, The Ballad of William Rodriguez, The Kidnapping Coup, etc.
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