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4Blood  (Alternative:Alt Power Pop)
 4Blood is an intense, but Melodic Hard Rock band from Amarillo, Texas made up of the 3 young, but seasoned musical Tijerina brothers, Adam-26, on guitar and vocals, Andrew-20, on drums and vocals, and Noah-15, on bass and vocals.
7SourMash  (Rock:Rock General)
acomplexkid  (Rock:Southern Rock)
 Artist History: In the past. A Complex Kid and Phil Lynn Da'Blank. Instruments: '00 Fender DG-10CE, '81Electra, Casio CTK-611. I'm @ Da Cadillac Ranch hanging with Phil Lynn Da' Blank, in 2011 Vette on RT 66 on 11/11/11 at 11:11 PM a Full Moon Showing.
Alice's Garden(us)  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
 80's style Hard Rock with 5 octave lead vocals
ALPHA ONE OMEGA  (Rock:Classic Rock)
Amandlanis  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
Andy Phillips  (Rock:Rock General)
Attack With Style  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
 Attack with style is a solo artist that specifies in the composition of Instrumental Music. A fusion of Lead Guitar & Melodies have created a powerful catalogue of tracks that have been passionately created by Musician Ian Cahill.
Barry O'Brien  (Country:Alternative Country)
 Country Blues Rock and Folk
Ben J Hayes  (Blues:Blues Rock)
 Rock Guitar
Bob Ryan  (Rock:Folk Rock)
 Baha'i inspired songs reflecting on the human journey.
Buddahead  (Rock:Rock General)
 Buddahead Ashes Crossing the invisible line Rock Alternative Acoustic Singer Songwriter Coldplay U2 Radiohead Beatles
Cam's Even Song  (Rock:Folk Rock)
 I am a Christian who writes cross-over folk rock, rock, pop and easy listening.
Charles Daughtry  (Rock:Classic Rock)
ChristAXX  (Rock:Christian Rock)
 Christian Rock & Metal
Clemens P Raffett  (Rock:Southern Rock)
Cowtown TommyBoy  (Rock:Rock General)
Crossbacks  (Rock:Classic Rock)
D Bender  (Rock:Classic Rock)
Dan Werner  (Rock:Rock General)
 various styles of original music, mainly rock and roll with jazz, classical, blues, and folk influences
Danny Bowman  (Rock:Rock General)
Dave Ringe  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
David Briel  (Rock:Rock General)
 David is a singer/songwriter/musician that writes all the songs himself. He plays multiple instruments and records and produces his own CD's. Many of his songs are from real life experiences and events that have affected his life. He documents thes..
Dean Clark Hall (US)  (Country:Country-Pop)
 Tho' I love writing songs I consider myself a composer. Cut my teeth on orchestration when I was a copyist for Manilow. Country influence holds sway right now. Have written for SoundClick members Sam Crain (jazz guitarist) and Mark Hermann (folksinger).
Distant Towers  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
Dogsalad  (Rock:Rock Unplugged)
 Original creations
doug hazelrigg  (Rock:Folk Rock)
Dwibbit  (Country:Alternative Country)
Ehsan Imani  (Rock:Rock General)
 No music, No life...
ELECTRIC SANDBOX  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
 Electric Sandbox, rock music , rock band, ESB , san fancisco rock, Australia, flip side music, JT THARIO, Ruff TRACK Productions new music harmonica recordings rock and roll
Emeric  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
 Recording Project.
EXIT 113  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
 An eclectic mix of rock and roll, Jazz, Blues, and country and original music
Ezy-Ryder  (Rock:Psychedelic Rock)
 Ghetto Brotha's Playing Psychedelic Riot Music w/ Funkie Flav'a
Frederick Serafim  (Rock:Rock General)
 Post-classic rock-fusion incorporating elements of folk. jazz, latin, classical, blues, electronic...
Gary Carlson  (Instrumentals:Rock)
 Mainly instrumental pop/rock tunes, using keyboards, soft synth's, and guitars.
Gary Skopick's Redshift  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
gawker slowdown  (Rock:Folk Rock)
 songs from a twin cities basement
Geno Plitt  (Rock:Rock General)
Gotham City Riot  (Rock:Punk)
 Gotham City Riot are a New York City based Punk Rock 'N' Roll band. The band has a very raw, dirty, bluesy, Punk, Rock 'N' Roll sound with a classic Punk, Hard Core, and Hard Rock stylings. They are putting out their first record EP and playing shows.
Gregg Koval  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
 Fun rock songs. Sometimes funny too.
grut  (Rock:Punk)
 grut is punk, pop-punk, punk-pop, garage, lo-fi, blah blah blah. If you love cheese, then you will love grut!
Gunnthrain  (Rock:Psychedelic Rock)
 ( dark ) ambientesque otherwordly surreal experimental atmospheric aural experiences
House Of Raven Records  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
 Independant music production
hugh gribben  (Rock:Rock General)
 Singer Songwriter from Belfast, Ireland. Influences include U2, REM, David Gray, Oasis, Radiohead
Isko Isotalo  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
 Isko - Isotalo - Guitars and Vocals
J David Kerr  (Rock:Rock General)
 A songwriter
Jerry Fradenburg  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
 Hard Rock guitar instrumentals
John Fiore  (Rock:Rock General)
 Guitar Rock and blues with style.
Jonathan Guidi  (Rock:Folk Rock)
 Jonathan Guidi's musical textures feature both superb Acoustic and Electric Guitar work arranged over a deep Rhythm Section of Drums and Bass. The Multi-Genre style includes elements of Folk-Rock all the way through stainless Hard Edge metal
Jorge Marin  (Instrumentals:Rock)
 Rock guitar, mixed with electronic music, some blues, funk and metal

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