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 Metal Bands - A to Z     ("C" bands shown)
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C R S D  (Metal:Industrial Metal)
 currently an instrumental rock/metal/industrial/ambient/experimental band check it out suport local music
C Rushing  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
C-13  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
C-Double  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
C-Martin  (Metal:Cover Songs)
C-Martin Recordings  (Rock:Rock General)
C-Rob Music  (Metal:Progressive Metal)
C-Tyme  (Metal:Rap-Metal)
C0NSTRUKT  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
 heavy, metal, thrash, death, grindcore, metalcore, emokiller, construkt, jesse,james, donnie, randy, nolan, tim,
C4 Syndicate  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
 And they let loose the four angels who had been kept ready for this hour and day and month and year so they could kill a third of all of the people on the earth.
c4murder  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
c52  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
CAB Recordings  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
Cabalx  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
Cabel T-B  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
 Pirate radio station which broadcasts music done by the Human Dinosaurs band.
CabooterPimp  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
Cacodaemon  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
 Raw black/death metal. Unique, not like any other band.
Cadavarice  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
 Cadavarice Pronunciation: \k-da-vr-rs\ Function: Noun Etymology: Latin, from cadere to fall, Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin avaritia, from avarus avaricious, from avre to crave. : Corpse greed, insatiable desire to gain corpses.
Cadaver Christ  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
 A solo artist looking to do work with anyone. I can play all instruments and have the experience needed. I am wanting to get back into the flow of things. Have played with big names can specify when asked or prompted.
Cadaver X  (Metal:Goth Metal)
 Coming Soon
Cadaverine  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
CADAVEROUS  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
 Turkish Death Metal Band
cadaverous dilaceration  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
 Banda de um cara apenas, um pobre infeliz
CADAVRUL  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
 CADAVRUL = Death metal (to grind) from Romania. CADAVRUL is: Corneliu: guitars, vocals; Militaru: bass; Adi: vocals;
Cadence  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
 A hardhitting metal band from the Boston area fuses melody with heavy riffs and rythmic sounds. Local band from Massachusetts originally, always willing to play, can really light up a show
CadillacMusic  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
Cadmean  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
 Just me and my guitar, all recorded using Riffworks Standard, all drums taken from instant drummer sessions. Maybe one day this will become a full band.
Cadmus  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
 Rock and Metal
Caelifer  (Metal:Cover Songs)
CagedBand  (Metal:Rap-Metal)
Cagil Gumus  (Metal:Progressive Metal)
Caidema  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
 Melodic, Heavy, Brutal, Beautiful
caildrum  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
Caiman  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
 Caiman.....3 Little Dudes, 1 BIG SOUND!!!
Cain in Exile  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
 We used to rock... hard... but now we're just grumpy pricks who are too lazy to actually step up to the plate and hit the stage again. Enticing, huh? I know you want it.
CAIN WAS ABLE  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
Cairn  (Metal:Progressive Metal)
Cairn Tse-Lalonde  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
 I wish to record original material, and enhance the world with it, eliminating the need for Viagra.
Caishreddychops  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
Calabar  (Metal:Rap-Metal)
 A basic formation for rock with a huge sonority and creative sound.
Caldera  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
 A big mixture of Prog. Hardcore, Deathmetal and Mathcore
Caldur  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
Caleb Hatcher  (Electronica:Ambient)
 Music should at least do one of 3 things. Take you somewhere, make you feel an emotion, or make you dance. I try and live by that rule.
Caleb Roberts  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
 i go anywhere from melodic death metal to black metal to thrash to fuckin emo/indie type shit. ENJOY
Caleb Snaza  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
 me and my friends doing songs
Calebd00d  (Metal:Rap-Metal)
Calico System  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
 From St. Louis, MO On tour full-time check out for all the info.
California smile  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
 Progressive melo-death with aggressive vocals, twin-guitar harmonies, bass grooves and frantic tempo changes.
Caliginosity  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
 Sombre and Desolate Black Metal
Caliph of Tacet  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
 This is a musical prject by myself, Michael Valdez. The genre of my music would be blackned/melodic/folk metal

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