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 Electronic Bands - A to Z     ("VIP" bands shown)
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39 Steps  (Electronica:Electronica)
 Melodious analogue style electronica
A Better Future  (Electronica:Electronica)
Adam Fielding  (Electronica:Electronica)
 Solo artist writing ambient soundscapes and more popular electronic styles.
Alderman  (Electronica:Electronica)
Andre(Calain)  (Electronica:Dance)
Apparatus and Hand  (Electronica:Experimental Sounds)
 Experimental surreal electronic sounds
BeetJunkie  (Electronica:Breakbeat)
 A style that incorporates all types of music into the breakbeat vibe. Breakbeat!
Blind Faith and Envy  (Electronica:Electro)
 BFAE started in 2001 and released their debut album The Charming Factor, BFAE then released their second album Murder Of A Girl which was a huge success. The third album Media Motel has been released and getting great reviews! It is a edgy album no..
CHilD PsYchOloGy  (Electronic:Acid)
 Some new stuff out check it out people and join the fun !
clive richardson  (Electronica:Electronica)
 Drummer and contemporary composer for Film/TV and New Media. Music Placements include Disney/Pixar, Adidas, Paradise Films, Urban Way Productions Ltd, Alanworks Studio Productions, MediaMarq Productions/Full Flex Offroad, Trilith Computers....etc....
Cornelia Crisan  (Electronic:Electronica)
 Cornelia Crisan
Das Okaliin  (Electronica:Ambient)
Digital Storm  (Electronica:Electronica)
 Digital Storm is the creative body of musical writings and performances by Stephen Matthews. His music defies one standard genre classification. It is an original sound that fuses melody-driven hooks with wide elements of pop, rock, trance, ambi..
DJ Ano  (Electronica:Trance)
 trance and melodic sounds.
DJ Drunken Master (DJDM)  (Electronica:Electronica)
 DJ Drunken Master? That electronic beat mutha FXXXer! I'd say he is one of those slap happy, funky, pre-apocalyptic, chop-sake chuckle heads... Straight from the high life and right into your living room
DjElias  (Electronica:Techno)
Doug E Mac  (Electronica:Trance)
 Techno Psycho Dance Trance with Cheese
DylanTauber  (Electronica:Ambient)
 Ambient / electronica, inspired by dolphins and Ethiopian Women, by Dylan Tauber / Son of Waves Studios, an artist and electronic musician based in Israel.
Ed Drury  (Electronica:Ambient)
 Trance, Ambient, World Beat and New Age.
Eric R Fairhurst  (Electronica:Ambient)
 Eric R Fairhurst is an artist and composer/producer featuring Electronica/Ambient/New Age music. His music invokes a soothing, relaxed atmosphere that is perfect for spa, therapeutic massage, meditation, or just to unwind from a stressful day.
FAM 4 EZ  (Electronica:Electronica)
 SoundClick AUD FAM Promotional Program for the Electronica Zone
FontE  (Electronica:Mellow)
ggg4224  (Electronica:Mellow )
GoophBaLL  (Instrumentals:Game & Soundtrack)
 Electronic music that makes it a point to be springy, upbeat, and entertaining. Highly influenced by video-games and computers, with a large helping of extra melody and all different styles of electronic. Nothing quite like it!
Heavens Air  (Electronica:Ambient)
 Ambient sounds with layered chords creating very calming pieces of music .
Hero Defekt  (Electronic:IDM)
 Hero Defekt is a collaboration of long time friends Tommy Suftko and Mike Jenney (of: Alter Der Ruine and Assemblage 23) focusing on EBM, FuturePop, and SynthPop. Hero Defekt incorporates the nostalgia and feeling of EBM with modern EDM elements.
Imphenzia  (Electronica:Trance)
 Imphenzia reaches a worldwide audience with the mixture of trance, club and goa influenced music. Despite the vast number of electronic artists of today, the sound of Imphenzia carries unique characteristics that daily attract more listeners.
Jenelle  (Acoustic:Acoustic Folk)
 Jenelle writes, layers, loops, and performs a mix of electronic and acoustic music in the genre of happy from her Baja Sur Studio in the oasis town of Todos Santos, Mexico.
Johan Hermansson / Dreamscapes Production  (Electronica:Electronica)
 Johan hermansson / Dreamscapes Production, enchanting melodies meet powerful grooves & ethereal soundscapes.
John Gardner  (Electronica:Ambient)
 Just an attempt at self expression
Justin Paul Nizza  (Electronic:Electronica)
Kimberly Graciano  (Electronica:Trance)
 This is a mello kind of surreal sounding music, some retro electro and new, maybe big beats too, songs with, or without some interspersed vocals and sound effects.
Larry Ludwick  (Electronica:Electronica)
 Electronica, New Age, Smooth Jazz and some Classical.
Lord Skye  (Electronica:Games Soundtrack)
 Multigenre electronic-based composer/arranger/scorewriter
los as schrenza by a.m.c.hartmutschedler  (Instrumentals:Beats General)
 hartmut schedler alias "los as schrenza by a.m.c." = autodidact music culture.... ..... .. enjoy working on creat
Lynn Johnson  (Electronic:Ambient)
Madrayken  (Electronica:Ambient)
 An exploration of otherworldly landscapes through loop and drone.
Mark Griffiths  (World:New Age)
 New Age, Experimental Electronic, Folk, Classical, Celtic fusion, Ambient, Mellow
Marwo  (Electronic:Minimal)
 I'm a 25 year old musician from Sweden. I produce my music in FL Studio.
maurisson oe  (Electronica:Electronica)
Maxume  (Electronica:Euro)
 Solo Euro-Trance/Dance/Ballad artist sometimes using featured vocal artists.
Mo'tic  (Electronica:Ambient)
Moby  (Electronica:Electronica)
 Moby's latest album, Play, is finally here! "The album is good, if I dare say so myself," understates Moby.
Mr Jigga  (Electronica:Indietronic)
Mrpopcorn  (Electronic:Electronica)
My Sadistic Requiem  (Electronica:Industrial)
Native Smoke  (Electronica:Electronica)
 This is my 'Imagi'native Interpretation'. My Native American background has inspired a curious journey of electronic music fused with hypnotizing authentic Native American vocals. Electro Native Fusion?
Nick Kortex  (Electronica:House)
Paduc  (Electronica:Electronica)
 Welcome in the Paduc's musical World! Electronic Music in its most harmonic Expression!
paul fenton  (Electronica:Ambient)
 Ambient viola,analog and digital electronic instrumental music for relaxation and deep interior voyages.

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