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 Country Bands - A to Z     ("0-9" bands shown)
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0neAchord  (Country:Christian Country)
12 Bolt Posi  (Country:Country General)
12 studios  (Country:Country-Pop)
123  (Country:Country General)
12354  (Country:Rockabilly)
1860Colt  (Country:Bluegrass)
 Just a one man band....seriously, just looking for a place to post some tunes
1Shade1  (Country:Alternative Country)
 I play bass and sing harmonies in a Country band on weekends (Bad Axe Rodeo). I've re-devoted myself to songwriting again, and I'm working really hard to get better. At least some stuff is getting finished these days (Even if they need rewrites) :)
2 Daze Gone  (Country:Country-Rock)
2 Johnny Guitar  (Country:Country-Rock)
 Hot New Country,
2 Left Thumbs  (Country:Country and Western)
 Just Me
228 South  (Country:Traditional Country)
 228 South is a father-daughter duo who tend to stick to the more traditional side of country.
2nd Chance Band  (Country:Christian Country)
39 Dangerous Street  (Country:Alternative Country)
 Scottish Acid Avant Rockabilly Folk Pop with an unforgiving political edge. Whats this pish about peace, love and understanding? When they're eating YOUR pan loaf, shiting on YOUR car and wanking over photographs of YOUR granny -it will be too late..
4 Jesus  (Country:Christian Country)
 All songs are home studio recorded. This is not a band for live performance. Just a couple of song writers laying down tracks along with other musicians in the area that are willing to figure out a part and add their touch.
56 Elm Street  (Country:Country General)
 country, elm st, rinehart
57jackbraves  (Country:Traditional Country)
 old rock, smooth jazz, old country
5Gadgets  (Country:Country General)
6StringStu  (Country:Alternative Country)
 6StringStu, a good song and you. Collecting those precious moments of which there are too few.
7 Hills  (Country:Alternative Country)
 7 Hills is a new Southern Rock Country Group form Lynchburg Va
706 Union Avenue  (Country:Traditional Country)
7th And Beale  (Country:Country General)
8 SEGUNDOS  (Country:Country General)
 El grupo de Música Country en español más prendido de México
98.4  (Country:Christian Country)

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