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 Blues Bands - A to Z     ("VIP" bands shown)
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Big Bone Daddy  (Blues:Blues Rock)
Craig Scott Manninen  (Blues:Blues General)
Dave Barnes  (Blues:Blues General)
 Along with Spazz Katt and Friends
DAVE MARSHALL  (Blues:Blues General)
 I have been writing, Performing, and recording original blues and countrysongs with jazz, rock and gospel flavors since 1988 and am currently recording my 2nd self-produced CD. with the latest incarnation of Dave Marshall and the Mojo Band.
FendrGuitPlayr  (Urban:Funk)
 I like to listen to and play an extremely wide variety of music.
Greg n Deb  (Blues:Country Blues)
 Greg n Deb
Greg n Deb Band  (Blues:Blues General)
Guitar Mac And His Blues Express  (Blues:Blues General)
 Guitar Mac Blues Express,Delta Blues,R&B,Dance Educational,Feel good blues,.
Guitarboy  (Blues:Blues Rock)
 A solo worth a thousand words GUITARBOY speaks the universal language of music like no other on an electric six-string. He has reintroduced thousands of fans around the globe to the power of the inspired, creative guitar solo via the internet an..
HalfBlindLefty  (Blues:Blues General)
 Nothing special, just posting some songs, pieces and ideas. I'm a fool for ballads and slowblues, so that's what you'll find here, most of my recordings are one take or maybe rather, jams.
Haven Head  (Rock:Rock General)
 Haven Head Band,Jim, Sandy, and Mike love music and it is what they do... Blues/ Rock, Excentric Rock Music, Country Rock, Hard Rock,Folk Rock, Folk, Country Blues, jazz, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Gruver Guitars, HavenHead has the new classics
Kevin Schafer  (Blues:Blues Rock)
 Kevin Schafer has released an independent CD called Invasion from Planet K that is guaranteed to blow your hair back faster than a ride in my convertible. Kev will have you stompin' to his sizzling brand of funk-rock and drooling over his amazing....
Lady Dove  (Blues:Blues Rock)
 A Rockin Blues Experience!
Millibobs  (Blues:Blues Rock)
 Guitar player, photography amateur, humorist and purveyor of inane drivel...
Mothers Bad Son  (Rock:Rock General)
 Mothers Bad Son is a name I have used when I have recorded new songs since 2006.
Ralph Atkinson  (Blues:Blues Rock)
Rockitfile  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
Swampman & The Machine  (Blues:Blues Rock)
Tanton  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
The Posse Band  (Blues:Blues Rock)
 The Posse Band is the official "church choir" of the Salvation Saloon biker church in Palm Harbor, Florida.

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