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 Acoustic Bands - A to Z     ("VIP" bands shown)
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Benjamin Oaks  (Acoustic:Acoustic Rock)
 acoustic rock and punk influenced blues
Charles Cornelius Tyler  (Acoustic:Acoustic Folk)
 Hi folks - check out my songs :)
Charles Silverman  (Acoustic:Acoustic General)
 In getting started I performed in small coffee house venues in New England during the late 60 early 70;s. I've typically played my own compositions with acoustic guitar and vocal, with occasional backup with electric guitar and minimal percussion.
Charlie Rockwell  (Instrumentals:Beats General)
Dan McTaggart  (Country:Country General)
 A thoughtful singer songwriter, mostly acoustic with a mix of country, easy listening, rockabilly and you'll have to figure out the rest. Since I don't own a million dollar studio, I try to figure out how they used to record old school.
David Pendragon  (Acoustic:Acoustic Rock)
 Harmonic accoustic folk rock, songs with some thing to say and multi instument backings!
doreen and john  (Acoustic:Acoustic General)
 We live in the West Midlands U.K. Our style is simply acoustic and vocal 'on the warm heart side of cool'. Self Penned love songs and songs with a thruthful and inspirational message intended to reach anyone needing encouragement.
drDave Elliott  (Acoustic:Acoustic Folk)
Edward Null  (Acoustic:Acoustic General)
 Acoustic songs about love, life, and funny stuff like almost dying. Gotta laugh, don't do no good to cry...
Edward Zielinski-EZme Studio  (Acoustic:Acoustic General)
 Acoustic Folk Guitar
FAM 4 GRZ  (Acoustic:Acoustic General)
Golden zebra  (Acoustic:Acoustic Vocals)
 golden zebra
Gregory Lanier  (Acoustic:Cover Songs)
hank49  (Acoustic:Acoustic Folk)
 Hank49 - Original words and music in a variety of styles including Americana, Country, Folk, Blues, Indie, and Rock. Facebook mirror: http://www.facebook.com/pages/hank49/98119843353?v=app_184781670305&ref=sgm
hardwired flaws  (Acoustic:Acoustic General)
Hugh Spinney  (Acoustic:Acoustic General)
 Acoustic guitars with vocal harmonies
J C Carroll  (Acoustic:Acoustic Rock)
 Multi Genre Musician and Composer
Jenelle  (Acoustic:Acoustic Folk)
 Solo singer songwriter, piano, guitar (classical & regular 6-string), banjo, lyrics & vocals. I like to record unusual sounds.
jennyblue  (Acoustic:Acoustic General)
 part Enya - part Joni Mitchell, all jennyblue
Jerry Matthews  (Acoustic:Acoustic Piano)
 Story telling without saying a word..The piano styles of Jerry Matthews..
Jodee James  (World:Traditional Celtic)
 If i could sound like anything, i would wish it was the wind and sky - maybe a bit of waterfall and the breath of the forest ;) i sing and play guitar - some songs are Welsh folk songs (or at least start out as that) others legends and poetic ramblings ~
Jonathan Keppler  (Acoustic:Acoustic General)
Josef Scheller  (Acoustic:Acoustic Guitar)
 Please note that 80 % of the revenue made will be donated to World Vision (www.wvi.org). Please visit also my SoundCloud page for demos or bootlegs: http://soundcloud.com/ledsepp No pop, no rock, no heavy metal could be found here....
Kate Blundell  (Acoustic:Acoustic Folk)
 Contemporary Folk, Acoustic, Chilled Out..
Kathy Reichert  (Acoustic:Acoustic Guitar)
Larry Whitler  (Acoustic:Acoustic Folk)
 I am a solo singer/songwriter. My music is mostly soft although my songs could easily be performed in mostly any style.
Lazy Wilkie  (Acoustic:Acoustic Guitar)
 I makes up songs, and I sings 'em.
LIVE ROOM by Musikreativ  (Acoustic:Acoustic Guitar)
 Live recorded music from our LIVE ROOM at Musikreativ Studios!
Marc Meyers  (Acoustic:Folk)
 Songwriter & Solo Artist
Marty McKimmey  (Acoustic:Acoustic General)
Matt Arnott  (Acoustic:Acoustic Guitar)
 Matt Arnott plays guitar
Michael Holmes  (Acoustic:Acoustic General)
 Singer/Songwriter from the Hudson Valley of New York, Michael's music is anchored by his voice and his simple, yet elegant style of writing. Creating Colorful musical images both dark and whimsical this artist delivers inspiring music.
Michael Ortega  (Acoustic:Acoustic General)
 (Fernando) Michael Ortega Michael was born in Los Angeles County in 1958. After graduating from Nogales High School in 1976 he joined the Navy and worked as a Broadcaster for 5 years, spending a year on Diego Garcia a little cora..
Paul Jeffery  (Acoustic:Acoustic Rock)
 Uk-based male singer-songwriter
Peregrinnatti  (Acoustic:Acoustic Folk)
 I play the Celtic Harp intuitively without sheet music. I have been working on bringing music out of the Hebrew text of the Psalms of David. The music is described by many as healing and peaceful and very enjoyable. My music is very original and unique.
Pete Young  (Acoustic:Acoustic General)
 Pete Young
RETRO Airwaves by Musikreativ  (Acoustic:Acoustic Vocals)
 A very special selection of acoustic guitar and vocals...made from the heart, for the heart!
rob ieva  (Acoustic:Acoustic Piano)
 Piano driven film music
Rob Lincoln  (Acoustic:Acoustic Folk)
 Tom Paxton meets Jefferson Airplane. Extremely prolific singer songwriter with a wide range of styles from bizarre novelty tunes and surrealistic poetic songs to political and historical ballads. Folk rock, acoustic pop and occassional love songs. Cat..
Sara Bancroft  (Acoustic:Acoustic Piano)
Sharma  (Acoustic:Acoustic Vocals)
 Just me, and those who continue to inspire and help me better myself and my work.
Sharon Stepler  (Acoustic:Acoustic Folk)
 Solo acoustic singer-songwriter
Steele Hart  (Acoustic:Acoustic Rock)
 The Steele Hart sound is inspired primarily by British, French and American recording artists; a subtle European ambiance with strong traditional and familiar American acoustic rock and blues style.
Sue Bargh  (Acoustic:Acoustic Folk)
SuIt  (Acoustic:Acoustic Folk)
The Schmitteinanders  (Acoustic:Acoustic Rock)
wyldwyverne  (Acoustic:Acoustic Folk)
 folk singer with acoustic guitar, singing traditional folk-songs and old ballads, and pagan, specifically druidic.
Xleniz  (Electronic:Techno)
 I make all kind of music. Stay free to comment;-
Yoshie Kubota  (Acoustic:Acoustic Piano)
 Warm touch and relaxing piano solos and ensemble pieces. Mixed of peaceful feelings and emotional moments. It is like a meditation. You won't need sleeping pills anymore! You will be healed by Yoshie's sound. Like a Vitamin for your heart...
Zoetrope  (Acoustic:Acoustic Folk)
 Zoetrope's music is best described as Folk Hop, combining the funk and groove of modern rhythms with the angst and ire of folk vocals and lyrics

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