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New School
Graveyard Sights  (00:35 min)
uploaded on 03/12/12 @ 11:10 PM
viewed 291 times
category: Music
Station-DramaNots  (05:35 min)
uploaded on 03/20/12 @ 03:07 AM
viewed 83 times
category: Music
Live recording music and video with Kimbucks editing... fun, one of our most liked songs.
Brimstone n Fire  (04:49 min)
uploaded on 03/24/12 @ 03:11 PM
viewed 3,138 times
category: Music
a Compilation of Video and Still pics to the sweet sound of Corrie Vallance & the DramaNots song, Brimstone n Fire
Witches Lullaby.  (04:60 min)
uploaded on 10/21/10 @ 12:58 PM
viewed 181 times
category: Music
A Song that is Downloadable... again, not very good sound... poor camera pickups, but played at the Railhead Saloon in Colfax with enthusiasm. This song happens to be most folks favorite when we perform.
A Jimeni Summer 2010  (14:60 min)
uploaded on 11/23/10 @ 12:54 PM
viewed 2,032 times
category: Music
Jimeni Performs at Rollins Lake 2010... With added Interviews of the Founders, Corrie Vallance and Jim Vallance from Jimeni.