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New School
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Friend  (03:19 min)
uploaded on 01/28/11 @ 04:55 AM
viewed 1,774 times, 5 comments
category: Music
This is for my friends we all need them
Roberts song  (00:60 min)
uploaded on 09/24/13 @ 08:41 AM
viewed 52,056 times, 1 comment
category: Music
I wrote this for my son who died 24/09/2010
life in a bottle  (04:06 min)
uploaded on 07/16/10 @ 05:57 AM
viewed 4,344 times, 6 comments
category: Music
song about an addiction
Rainbow Bridge  (04:51 min)
uploaded on 11/26/10 @ 05:52 AM
viewed 3,474 times, 2 comments
category: Music
This song is for everybody that has suffered a bereavement it just says we are with you and understand what you are going through. It will get better.
Sharp Shooting man  (04:18 min)
uploaded on 05/11/12 @ 03:39 AM
viewed 2,482 times, 2 comments
category: Music
This song is about an outlaw with a death wish he gets his wish in the end