'Pretty Girls With Guns & Guitars' @ Rock the Red  (07:47 min)
uploaded on 10/31/12 @ 11:42 PM
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category: Music
Written by Jeannie Hinck, Music by BigDawg Andrew
Thank God You're A Woman © 2008 - Lisa Mei Norton  (03:28 min)
uploaded on 09/08/08 @ 12:56 AM
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category: Music
This is a song I originally wrote and performed with my guitar in 1999 for a Women's History Month function. I finally decided it was time to create a backing track for it and I updated the lyrics a bit...

I was inspired to work on this song when
Every Time We Touch (Cover)  (03:24 min)
uploaded on 08/19/08 @ 02:19 AM
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category: Music
One of my recordings from SingSnap.com...
Superstar  (03:47 min)
uploaded on 08/08/08 @ 04:10 PM
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category: Music
One of my covers from SingSnap.com
Power of Goodbye (Cover)  (04:16 min)
uploaded on 07/08/08 @ 06:33 PM
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category: Music
Another karaoke cover from my favorite karaoke site (SingSnap.com)!
Say It Right (Cover) by LisaMei  (03:59 min)
uploaded on 07/03/08 @ 05:44 PM
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category: Music
One of my karaoke covers...thanks for checking it out!
50 Ways To Leave Your Lover (Cover)  (03:42 min)
uploaded on 06/25/08 @ 10:41 PM
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category: Music
Another karaoke cover...an oldie but goodie from Paul Simon! Thanks for checking it out!
Let's Face The Music And Dance  (05:18 min)
uploaded on 06/25/08 @ 09:10 PM
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category: Music
Another cover from my online karaoke collection...thanks for stopping by to check it out!
Bubbly (Cover)  (03:04 min)
uploaded on 06/19/08 @ 01:38 AM
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category: Music
Another cover from SingSnap.com