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MJ Tribute Better On The Other Side/Piano Improv  (04:08 min)
uploaded on 06/29/09 @ 01:16 AM
viewed 1,638 times
category: Music
R.I.P. MJ..sorry for the mess ups & poor audio quality
Makin A R&B Beat: VOL III  (09:55 min)
uploaded on 06/29/09 @ 01:17 AM
viewed 93 times
category: Music
makin music & havin fun
A.C. Jei in The Lab in NY!!  (07:53 min)
uploaded on 11/05/09 @ 09:08 PM
viewed 229 times
category: Music
bangers in the making!!
A.C. Jei Makin a R&B Banger: The Grammy Edition  (08:42 min)
uploaded on 02/10/10 @ 04:01 AM
viewed 1,903 times
category: Music
follow me on twitter @ACJei....thanks!!
A.C. Jei Makin a R&B Banger: Vol IX  (07:56 min)
uploaded on 09/24/10 @ 01:37 AM
viewed 27,931 times
category: Music
R&B at its finest