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Mama's Little Man~Jacob's Song  (04:22 min)
uploaded on 12/27/10 @ 12:30 AM
viewed 2,160 times, 4 comments
category: Music
Tribute soldier song to my Marine son~machine gunner Jacob Laylon. Many thanks to all our soldiers for all they do.
If Her Tears Were Stars  (03:47 min)
uploaded on 06/04/13 @ 02:52 AM
viewed 35,659 times
category: Music
1 in 4 Girls will be Sexually Abused by age 18. 90,000 cases are reported each year. 'If Her Tears Were Stars' is their Voice, their Story. But It's Not Their Problem. It's OURS!!!! Special Thanks to Artist, Vickie Raye and Producer, David Norris.
Ain't That Love  (00:60 min)
uploaded on 03/25/11 @ 03:23 PM
viewed 4,717 times, 2 comments
category: Music
Heartfelt song about Adoption! Adoptee to Birth Mother.
Forgotten Lullabies  (03:37 min)
uploaded on 03/30/08 @ 10:50 PM
viewed 5,505 times, 1 comment
category: Music
Beautiful story song reminding us to remember our Elders! CD cut by the amazing Victoria Boland on her All Woman Girl Release!
Christmas Just The Same  (03:26 min)
uploaded on 10/27/08 @ 04:24 AM
viewed 3,933 times
category: Music
Please remember our Military this Holiday Season!
Booms Day Small Clip Knoxville TN  (00:22 min)
uploaded on 09/04/07 @ 01:40 AM
viewed 2,635 times, 1 comment
category: Music
Small clip of our awesome fireworks display, more to come soon!