Bowl It Live at University Pizza  (04:29 min)
uploaded on 07/04/10 @ 08:55 PM
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category: Music
I messed up some of my lyrics, but it was fun. This was for a fundraiser for HIV, so I was very happy and honored to perform for this organization.
Gas Price War  (07:24 min)
uploaded on 12/13/10 @ 12:35 AM
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category: Music
Yeah, its long, yeah its a midi, but come on I had good reason to write this--just look at how ridiculous this has gotten while our politicians do NOTHING to stop the gouging. . .its sick
That's My Breast Man  (02:58 min)
uploaded on 12/10/10 @ 10:19 PM
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category: Music
CHICKEN breast, CHICKEN--wow such dirty minds
Pawn Shop  (02:35 min)
uploaded on 12/10/10 @ 12:56 AM
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category: Music
This parody is all about running a Pawn Shop
David's Got Plaque  (04:29 min)
uploaded on 12/06/10 @ 09:47 PM
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category: Music
Yeah, worst rap parody in history based on quality--I just can't rap, I probably shouldn't try--eh--at least no one can say I won't take on a challenge
Getting Down to the Wire  (04:26 min)
uploaded on 12/04/10 @ 01:56 AM
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category: Music
This is a unique parody in that it does not take on the format of the original song, its about something we've all dealt with at some point or another
I'm Really Cheap  (03:54 min)
uploaded on 11/30/10 @ 02:52 PM
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category: Music
My It wasn't me parody about how, well, the character in this song is really--really cheap
Bad Neighbors  (04:03 min)
uploaded on 11/29/10 @ 12:50 PM
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category: Music
Bad Neighbors is a parody of Addicted by Simple Plan, it takes it to a very relate able place that most have us have probably had to deal with. . .close proximity to a bad neighbor. . .this is about as extreme as it gets.
Ice Cream Addict by Below Average Dave  (04:05 min)
uploaded on 11/26/10 @ 10:43 PM
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category: Music
Ice Cream Addict by Below Average Dave
Tick Tock  (03:33 min)
uploaded on 11/17/10 @ 12:52 AM
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category: Music
A lyric video to my parody 'Tick Tock'
Weenie on a Hot Bun  (04:25 min)
uploaded on 12/04/10 @ 10:40 PM
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category: Music
Because I can! It really is about a Hot Dog--I SWEAR
Pps Dpndncy  (03:27 min)
uploaded on 12/01/10 @ 09:38 PM
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category: Music
This parody of Thnks fr th Mmrs by Fall Out Boy is NOT intended to bring Ill Will to Pepsi, I am a heavy drinker of the soft drink, its meant only as a satirical poke at the drink I am addicted to more than anything else. This is the 2010 Extra Caff
South Park  (03:25 min)
uploaded on 12/03/10 @ 03:14 AM
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category: Music
My parody about South Park, yeah really that's all there is to this one