'Heaven Help Both of Us' (duet)  (04:26 min)
uploaded on 12/01/15 @ 09:44 PM
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category: Music
Song writers: Ronald Silverlight (MyndsEye) and David James. Videographer: Courtney Richerson. Vocal duet: Melissa DuVall & Lee Gibson. Produced by Lee Gibson, Hot Skillet Music, Nashville.
BooHoo Baby (Skitty the Kitty)  (02:20 min)
uploaded on 07/26/09 @ 02:45 AM
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category: Pets
A compilation of the cutest kitties on Youtube. Original instrumental (Skitty the Kitty) composed by Ron Silverlight (MyndsEye). Vocal, original lyrics and video compilation added by Rhonda Watson. Enjoy. smile :)