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TWO HUNDRED YEARS (One Nation Under God)  (04:47 min)
uploaded on 05/02/12 @ 02:48 PM
viewed 7,693 times
category: Music
Official video for 70x7's patriotic rock ballad, which recognizes God's hand in making America a great nation. The song is from then band's new 'Born Again and Again...' CD, available at
The Coming King  (04:60 min)
uploaded on 12/07/13 @ 04:46 AM
viewed 266,267 times
category: Music
The new Christmas song from 70x7's upcoming album!
Hear My Prayer  (02:33 min)
uploaded on 07/11/07 @ 05:20 PM
viewed 26,110 times, 1 comment
category: Music
A video created for us by our friend Rose from the Country Rose Show.