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David Bazo - 'Uncouple'  (00:60 min)
uploaded on 05/16/15 @ 09:05 AM
viewed 18,356 times
category: Music
Teaser promo video for the David Bazo N1 song in the Soundclick charts 'Uncouple'.
Now availible at Sounclick.com!
Promotional video for the song 'Deus Ex Machina'  (01:13 min)
uploaded on 07/05/15 @ 07:01 PM
viewed 177 times
category: Music
Promotional video for the song 'Deus Ex Machina' by David Bazo, included in the CD 'Time Traveler'.
Ya disponible!
Now available!
For more info about this and other releases please visit any of the David Bazos Official web sites.
David Bazo - 'Esencia' (Essence) video con musica  (04:39 min)
uploaded on 06/03/15 @ 12:37 PM
viewed 186 times
category: Music
David Bazo - 'Esencia'(Essence)

'Quiero verte en mi reflejo / y completar cada caricia que das/colmar cada necesidad / pertenecerte por igual, hacer tus suenos realidad / sentirme viv@ y vivirte, tenerte y no compartirte...'

A 2014 song.
David Bazo - 'The Canvas on the Mirror'  (02:14 min)
uploaded on 10/29/14 @ 06:11 AM
viewed 182 times
category: Music
This short 'Teaser Promo Excerpt' was taken from the original soundtrack written for the novel 'The Canvas in the Mirror' by Artha Moreton.
Extracto promocional de la banda sonora de la novela de Artha Moreton 'El Lienzo en el Espejo'.
David Bazo 'Inner Dark (Mitad Oscura)' Video  (01:38 min)
uploaded on 07/29/14 @ 08:04 PM
viewed 239 times
category: Music
Teaser Video for the David Bazo 'Inner Dark (Mitad Oscura)' music single.
'If you want to see your half innner dark... The time has come. Now.'
You can hear the full musical piece here:
David Bazo 'Hacia alta Mar'(Cuentos del Mar Pt.IV)  (02:30 min)
uploaded on 07/29/14 @ 07:56 PM
viewed 7,100 times
category: Music
Official teaser video for the 17 minutes musical suite by David Bazo: 'Cuentos del Mar'. Extract: Pt. IV 'Hacia alta Mar'. Available now for sale!
David Bazo - 'Mar de Orion (Nebula Cluster)' Video  (04:29 min)
uploaded on 07/29/14 @ 07:59 PM
viewed 214 times
category: Music
Explore the waves of this stormy sea of stars. Feel how it surrounds you... Explora las olas de este encrespado mar de estrellas, Siente como te envuelve...
For more information and music please visit:
David Bazo - 'Woman of the Lighthouse' (La Mujer D  (05:44 min)
uploaded on 10/29/14 @ 06:13 AM
viewed 184 times
category: Music
Original Sountrack for the novel by Artha Moreton 'The Canvas on the Mirror' (Teaser mix version), written by David Bazo. For more info please visit www.davidbazo.info
David Bazo 'Venetian Reverie'  (06:45 min)
uploaded on 07/29/14 @ 08:02 PM
viewed 237 times
category: Music
Promotional Music Video for the song 'Venetian Reverie'(La Ciudad de los Canales) by David Bazo.

You can hear and purchase the full song here:
David Bazo & Arturo Villarrubia - 'Los Olvidados'  (01:56 min)
uploaded on 07/29/14 @ 08:11 PM
viewed 216 times
category: Music
Original music composed by David Bazo for the documental 'Those Forgotten', produced by the photographer Arturo Villarrubia.
Musica original de David Bazo para el reportaje grafico 'Los Olvidados', concebido por el fotografo Arturo Villarrubia.
David Bazo - 'Sheeps Emancipation' Teaser Video  (01:24 min)
uploaded on 07/29/14 @ 08:14 PM
viewed 183 times
category: Music
Official David Bazo 'Sheeps Emancipation' Teaser Music Video.
Now avalible on digital download.
For hearing the full song and to get more info about this and other releases please visit the following links:
David Bazo - 'Time Traveller' (CD Release) Promo  (02:26 min)
uploaded on 07/29/14 @ 08:28 PM
viewed 201 times
category: Music
Promotional video for 'Time Traveller', a new CD by David Bazo. A brand new Double CD with 20 New songs ranging from Rock, Pop, Classical Arrangements, Electronic Music, Piano themes, Vocal & lirycs, Live songs, a CD-ROM Track with exclusive videos.