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Right of Return - Doc Jazz  (05:24 min)
uploaded on 12/24/11 @ 01:23 AM
viewed 18,944 times
category: Music
A musical reply to the infamous words of David Ben Gurion, about the expulsion of 800,000 Palestinians from their land in 1948: 'The old will die, and the young will forget'. We will NOT forget. We will return!
Wake Up!  (05:35 min)
uploaded on 11/15/14 @ 10:14 AM
viewed 30,885 times
category: Music
This music video for the song 'Wake up!' calls for a global awakening against the genocidal practices of the Zionist entity against the Palestinian people.
Love Brain  (05:25 min)
uploaded on 07/14/17 @ 09:36 AM
viewed 251 times
category: Music
Words, music and production by Doc Jazz.
Intro audio clips from the movie 'A Date With Miss Fortune'.
Doc Jazz live concert in Al Quds (Jerusalem)  (09:59 min)
uploaded on 04/06/10 @ 12:00 PM
viewed 4,455 times
category: Music
Impressions of the live concert by Doc Jazz at Al Quds University on October 4th, 2009. The video is in Arabic but has English subtitles, and features parts of several of the songs that Doc Jazz performed on stage, plus parts of the interview.
Intifada  (04:27 min)
uploaded on 04/06/10 @ 12:03 PM
viewed 1,067 times
category: Music
A new music video for the song 'Intifada' from Doc Jazz's album Front Door Key. With subtitles.
Freedom Flotilla - Doc Jazz  (04:58 min)
uploaded on 07/04/10 @ 03:13 PM
viewed 1,037 times
category: Music
This music video is dedicated to all the brave people who set sail to break the siege of Gaza, and to the nine martyrs of the Mavi Marmara, who were brutally murdered by the Israeli navy. Hopefully this song helps to inspire more and more flotillas!
Free Palestine! - Doc Jazz  (04:04 min)
uploaded on 11/11/10 @ 09:34 AM
viewed 7,263 times
category: Music
Music video for the Doc Jazz song 'Free Palestine!'. Words and music by Doc Jazz. More information is available on
Falasteen (el 3alam) - Doc Jazz  (03:50 min)
uploaded on 12/02/10 @ 01:01 PM
viewed 890 times
category: Music
In this music video of Palestinian artist Doc Jazz for the song Falasteen (el 3alam), meaning Palestine (the flag), he cooperated with the talented Palestinian photographer Ahmad A. Mesleh, who lent him his amazing photos for this production.
Undhor ! Anti-wall song in Arabic by Doc Jazz  (04:20 min)
uploaded on 11/11/09 @ 04:49 PM
viewed 834 times
category: Music
Music by Doc Jazz. Video compiled from Youtube using footage from Haitham al Khatib, David Reeb, ActiveStills and nitemare786. Many thanks to these brave people for filming these situations, often in difficult circumstances!
Song for Marwa - Doc Jazz  (04:15 min)
uploaded on 10/27/09 @ 05:32 PM
viewed 776 times
category: Music
Song in the memory of Marwa el Sherbiny, an Egyptian lady who was murdered in a courtroom in Dresden, Germany, while filing a lawsuit against her neighbor who had been harrassing her and insulting her.
Doc Jazz Live: Intifadah  (04:35 min)
uploaded on 06/14/07 @ 04:30 PM
viewed 3,137 times
category: Music
Undoubtedly Doc Jazz's most popular song, especially on stage! Biting lyrics and pumping rhythms pay hommage to the struggle of an indigenous people against their expulsion, and the expropriation of their lands.
Doc Jazz Live! Positive Effect  (04:25 min)
uploaded on 06/14/07 @ 07:53 AM
viewed 7,606 times
category: Music
From the release concert of the CD Front Door Key, on June 2nd, in Bitterzoet, Amsterdam!
Invasion of Privacy  (03:59 min)
uploaded on 10/24/09 @ 09:27 AM
viewed 721 times
category: Music
Animation music video for the Doc Jazz song 'Invasion of Privacy' using The Sims 2 (by Maxis) as basis for the animation.
Doc Jazz Live! Home (for Jenin)  (04:50 min)
uploaded on 06/14/07 @ 08:10 AM
viewed 1,230 times
category: Music
From the release concert of Front Door Key in Bitterzoet, Amsterdam on June 2nd 2007.
Break the Silence!  (04:16 min)
uploaded on 03/10/08 @ 09:26 AM
viewed 1,075 times
category: Music
A reaction to the Israeli government's comments of a 'Holocaust against the Palestinians' , as expressed by Vilnai, vice-minister of 'Defense'. Break the Silence !
Make a Change - Doc Jazz (live)  (03:50 min)
uploaded on 10/24/09 @ 09:31 AM
viewed 645 times
category: Music
Video footage from the 2007 concert in Bitterzoet, Amsterdam.
The Wall Must Fall - Doc Jazz (live)  (04:52 min)
uploaded on 10/24/09 @ 10:20 AM
viewed 664 times
category: Music
Video footage from the 2007 concert in Bitterzoet, Amsterdam, of the Doc Jazz song 'The Wall Must Fall'. From the album Front Door Key.