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B&B Live  (00:30 min)
uploaded on 12/29/07 @ 08:42 AM
viewed 21,447 times
category: Music
B&B´s charismatic live performance on stage
Junto a Voce  (02:35 min)
uploaded on 11/09/09 @ 05:17 AM
viewed 656 times
category: Music
Photoclip of Tavinho Rangels new song
Me Deixem Voar  (04:54 min)
uploaded on 08/28/07 @ 05:14 PM
viewed 815 times
category: Music
a powerful rock tune from 'Ressaca' (Hangover) album played in a TV network broadcast
Magrelinha  (05:51 min)
uploaded on 09/01/07 @ 07:01 PM
viewed 732 times
category: Music
Luiz Melodia's original composition sung with deepest blues feelings by Tavinho Rangel