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harry  (00:60 min)
uploaded on 12/31/10 @ 10:11 AM
viewed 106 times
category: Music
numb up  (00:60 min)
uploaded on 12/29/10 @ 08:09 PM
viewed 135 times
category: Music
beer dranking, dancing,honky tonk, kountry music
lets dance  (03:02 min)
uploaded on 10/14/08 @ 04:08 PM
viewed 146 times
category: Music
its fun and healthy, lets dance
great line dance song
panty hose  (03:07 min)
uploaded on 10/14/08 @ 04:48 PM
viewed 178 times
category: Music
she may not be purfect but she sure looks good in panty hose
suds  (03:07 min)
uploaded on 06/22/08 @ 02:51 PM
viewed 16,331 times, 2 comments
category: Music
what the heck is a glomeroli
cowboy cold beer  (03:02 min)
uploaded on 05/13/08 @ 04:36 PM
viewed 217 times
category: Music
sometimes they just aint enough ice
podo the polka dot bear and santa and song  (03:41 min)
uploaded on 12/07/07 @ 06:39 PM
viewed 244 times
category: Music
podo helped santa make christmas a success for all the girls and boys.
she had her lay down to button up levis on  (03:19 min)
uploaded on 12/07/07 @ 04:39 PM
viewed 174 times
category: Music
you could tell she had her lay down to button up levis on
youll just love new york new york  (03:07 min)
uploaded on 12/07/07 @ 02:38 PM
viewed 145 times
category: Music
youll just love new york new york
kilgore comedy stand up  (04:43 min)
uploaded on 12/06/07 @ 06:11 PM
viewed 241 times
category: Comedy
j gale kilgore tell you some stuff
im what ever it was you wanted me to be  (02:47 min)
uploaded on 12/04/07 @ 12:19 PM
viewed 1,317 times
category: Music
moma , im what ever the heck it was you wanted to change me to and its ruff
ill never make it back home  (03:23 min)
uploaded on 11/16/07 @ 12:27 PM
viewed 163 times
category: Music
sometimes it just dont work out