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Turn On The Radio  (04:04 min)
uploaded on 02/06/12 @ 12:52 AM
viewed 5,584 times
category: Music
Brand new video for the current radio single 'Turn On The Radio' produced by TJE drummer Rod Mochoruk.
Jack And The Letters Home  (04:42 min)
uploaded on 02/06/12 @ 01:02 AM
viewed 366 times
category: Music
A video produced by TJE drummer Rod Mochoruk for Remebrance Day 2011. This track comes from TJE's 2008 album 'Wheels of Life.'
Moments in Time  (03:19 min)
uploaded on 04/22/11 @ 04:07 AM
viewed 1,610 times
category: Music
Second single from the Turn On The Radio CD. Produced by TJE drummer Rod Mochoruk.
T-Shirt  (04:17 min)
uploaded on 04/22/11 @ 04:14 AM
viewed 481 times
category: Music
A track from the new CD 'Turn On The Radio.' Recorded live at Bocados in Regina, SK Canada in March of 2011. TJE is joined by bass guitarist Rob Ehman. Video recorded by Rod Mochruk.
Stand Up For Your Country  (03:53 min)
uploaded on 04/22/11 @ 04:19 AM
viewed 487 times
category: Music
A track from the 'Wheels of Life' CD recorded live at the DV8 in Drayton Valley, Alberta Canada. David Evans lead guitar, TJE, Rob Ehman bass guitar, Rod Mochoruk drums.
Dirt Roads and Combine Dust  (04:31 min)
uploaded on 04/22/11 @ 04:24 AM
viewed 464 times
category: Music
A track from the 'Like Father; Like Son' CD. Recorded live at the Taste of Saskatchewan Festival in Saskatoon, summer 2009.
Like Father; Like Son  (03:52 min)
uploaded on 12/17/09 @ 02:15 PM
viewed 555 times
category: Entertainment
Acoustic version of Tommy's song Like Father; Like Son.
A Regular Girl  (03:23 min)
uploaded on 12/18/09 @ 01:49 PM
viewed 2,670 times
category: Music
A very early version of one of the songs being recorded for the new album. It's come a long way!