Accidental Voyeur Erotic Art Mix video expressio  (05:14 min)
uploaded on 05/25/17 @ 05:02 PM
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category: Entertainment
An expression of our voyeuristic nature, if it should dawn upon our eyes, yes......we watch. Some turn away, a result of insecurity of your own nature. But what are we really trying to prove to our self by turning away? It doesn't change the fact th
FLAVHER Erotic Art faded remix Expression video  (04:08 min)
uploaded on 06/17/17 @ 01:08 PM
viewed 66 times
category: Music
ISN'T THIS AN EXCITING TIME!! This song is about a fetish game I like to play with cold stuff! Particularly ice cream *giggle* This is the remix to the original version of 'Flavher' on my Erotic Play the Art Form CD.
Whimpering Babe remix Erotic Art mix Expression  (05:51 min)
uploaded on 07/18/17 @ 02:11 PM
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category: Music
ISN'T THIS AN EXCITING TIME!! The awareness of submission and dominance is curious. All about fetish games or scenario play/foreplay.
Wisdom Tooth Expression video  (05:42 min)
uploaded on 12/02/16 @ 06:28 PM
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category: Music
Sometimes I dream about the songs I produce, I hear the tune of a song I haven't written yet and then bang out the details of the song in the studio. This song however was the 1st time I have ever heard a tune with words. It was only to words at th
Default Assault Expression video  (03:60 min)
uploaded on 02/06/17 @ 03:16 AM
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category: Music
From the M.E volumes I CD, 'Default Assault' is a term I coined. I wrote this song from what I found of my own non-beneficial thought processes.
The Beneficial Perception expression video  (05:57 min)
uploaded on 09/11/16 @ 09:11 PM
viewed 91 times
category: Music
This song is about how I realized that I can alter the way I was taught to think. I can feel my thoughts vibrationally; that allows me to adjust my line of thought to something that feels better than the way I was taught to think.
Point of Attraction expression video  (06:10 min)
uploaded on 06/02/16 @ 03:42 PM
viewed 187 times
category: Music
An expression of how an emotionally triggered situation or circumstance in my life is a vibrational point of attraction; as such that I can identify hidden aspects of myself that require my undivided attention, integration or exposure to the light o
Cease To Be  (04:34 min)
uploaded on 04/17/16 @ 08:06 PM
viewed 156 times
category: Music
One of the new songs on the volume II album which is not on sale yet. This song is about an experience I had during a meditation session with a non-physical being. He helped me to understand awareness.
'Contrasting Core' objective expression video  (04:12 min)
uploaded on 05/05/16 @ 07:23 PM
viewed 118 times
category: Music
The objective version - what I actually experience of that contrast. This version of Contrasting Core is my external perception; how my conscious will seem unconscious while my habitual subconscious thoughts are the dominating dictators of what I ex
'Contrasting Core' subjective expression video  (05:17 min)
uploaded on 04/03/16 @ 03:40 AM
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category: Music
Contrasting Core is my perception of my awareness of some kind of internal contrast occurring in my life and my effort to come to terms with it. I share the frustration and discomfort of my internal battlefield with the edgy tones and static; a mus
Vibrationally Accurate 'the Charlie Brown mix'  (04:19 min)
uploaded on 03/27/16 @ 10:15 PM
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category: Music
I wrote this song to share a meditation experience that was so amazing. After coming into awareness of the other aspects of myself; my subconscious and my oversoul, I still questioned if I was just talking to myself or was i really talking WITH myse
Fund Mentally Evolved campaign  (06:12 min)
uploaded on 06/14/16 @ 04:35 PM
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category: Entertainment
Fund M.E campaign intimate concert request
Synchronicity expression video  (04:42 min)
uploaded on 02/22/16 @ 08:59 PM
viewed 133 times
category: Music
Off the M.E volumes I album 'Synchronicity' is a game I like to play that made for a fun and interesting song about the universe being mental.
Ignorantly Invisible  (04:31 min)
uploaded on 03/14/16 @ 09:07 PM
viewed 108 times
category: Music
A surprising expression of shadows I discovered suppressed in my subconscious via introspection and meditation. Aspects of myself that I question often go deeper than the first line of questioning, so this is an expression of my inner dialogue with
The M.E volumes II preview video  (06:32 min)
uploaded on 11/28/15 @ 03:39 PM
viewed 711 times
category: Music
Isn't this an exciting time.......Preview songs off ' The M.E volume II ' album coming soon!! Music videos coming too, songs from volume l and volume ll. ' The M.E volumes l ' is available now in digital download; hard copies to follow. Ayo~
Contrasting Core interpretation video  (03:23 min)
uploaded on 01/16/16 @ 05:25 PM
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category: Music
A visual interpretation video of the song off the M.E volumes I CD. Contrasting Core The subjective version - my awareness of contrast happening in my life. Contrasting Core is some kind of contrast occurring in my life and my effort to come to term