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Own Way Home  (03:34 min)
uploaded on 08/08/13 @ 06:47 AM
viewed 123 times
category: Music
South African artist John Ellis (Tree63) released his debut solo album 'Come Out Fighting' in June 2010. This is the music video for his first single 'Own Way Home'.
Maybe (Just Maybe)  (04:24 min)
uploaded on 08/08/13 @ 06:49 AM
viewed 113 times
category: Music
The second video from John Ellis's debut solo album 'Come Out Fighting' (2010). 'Maybe (Just Maybe)' was directed and produced by Fuller Film Productions in Durban, South Africa.
Rights All Wrong  (03:56 min)
uploaded on 08/08/13 @ 06:50 AM
viewed 89 times
category: Music
Director of Photography - Lee Jackson
Produced by Ashna Berkeley